#TeenWolf Season 6B EP 13 "After Images" Aka "Palinopsia" Recap & Review

"Three things cannot be long hidden; the sun, the moon and the truth."


This week's Teen Wolf opens with a dramatic scene. Shortly after the hunt, Brett has been injured by an arrow, shot by the guidance counselor and Gerard Argent. Brett leads the hunter on a chase after pushing the arrow through his chest. Meanwhile, Brett's sister approaches Scott to ask for his help in finding Brett. She's found Brett's blood near the woods and is concerned that he's in trouble.


Both Melissa McCall and Mason experience a creepy feeling about the body they found with no face. When Melissa goes to perform an amateur autopsy on the body, lights go out, the doors to the morgue lock and she escapes the morgue screaming. Does this body remind anyone else of Jennifer Blake/The Darach? Mason seems to be having Palin Ossian after seeing the body. Creepy, right?


Chris Argent comes to help Melissa with the autopsy, and he runs away in terror (Damn! This is Chris Argent we're talking about!!). Gerard and the guidance counselor track Brett. Gerard teaches his new talent in the creepiest, most sadistic way possible as per usual. But for real though, how many of you are so excited to see Michael Hogan back on the show? He's been busy with Fargo and lots of other work. This man can act.


Mason and Corey set out with Lydia to help find Brett. Lydia, Mason, and Corey start looking for Brett. Lydia keeps seeing the number 68. She looks at a locker, number 68 incidentally, and as she shuts the locker door, a kid studying in the library hears it a seemingly telepathic ally. Another young man approaches the first kid. They have both noticed how Corey appears and disappears, showing up out of nowhere. They begin watching Mason and Corey.


The rest of the pack fights in the woods about how to hunt for Brett while Brett runs out of time. They find that there are at least two hunters out there. The pack decides not to split up. The hunters have tracked Brett underground. Thankfully, Brett leaves a stacked rocks to let his sister know where he was going. Satomi taught them this technique (heck, I'd sure love to have a teacher like Satomi if I were a werewolf). The phrase: "Three things cannot be long hidden; the sun, the moon and the truth" has been trending on Google ever since season three of Teen Wolf.

Brett hides in the rafters as the hunters argue strategy beneath him in the underground tunnels. Gerard really has it out for Scott (surprise, surprise). Brett's sister steps into a trap. Scott takes the arrow and Malia waits while Scott heals. Brett's sister wants to charge ahead, despite the fact that Scott seems to think Gerard Argent or at least hunters he has trained must be involved.

Melissa and Chris work on the body. It begins moving. The two talk to distract each other while performing the autopsy. Argent points a gun at the body. Melissa explains to Argent how being around bodies can actually induce a sense of mortal terror (cool scientific explanation, Jeff Davis, and team!) This is one of the things I believe sets Teen Wolf apart. The writing team does some excellent research. They weave science, fact, logic, stories and urban legends into an incredible tapestry of storytelling genius!

Back in the underground tunnel, Malia calls Scott out on his martyr behavior. She wants with him while the rest of the pack goes ahead to find Brett. Melissa and Chris Argent view the slides from the tissue sample Melissa took from the body. Apparently, there is nothing there--no DNA, no cell structure, nothing. Darach, anyone? Liam convinces Brett's sister that Brett is going to be okay. Apparently, Brett started playing lacrosse for his sister, accepting a lacrosse scholarship to Davenport Prep on both of their behalfs. Liam and Brett's sister smell poison in the tunnels. Gerard Argent and the guidance counselor wait for Brett and find Liam and Brett's sister instead. Gerard plans to trap and kill the entire pack. Sociopathic much? This guy is a narcissistic sociopath of the highest [lowest] order.


The kid who witnessed Corey in the library approaches Corey. He seems pretty darned agitated. Mason talks to the boy about parrot fish and changing DNA and RNA, but apparently, the kid wants to know what Corey's deal is. He stabs Corey in his hand and shows everyone how Corey heals, creating an environment of panic and fear. Teen Wolf still doesn't shy away from the social and political commentary.

Meanwhile, back in the tunnels, Scott figures out for certain that Gerard is the one hunting the pack in the tunnels. I'll bet Scott is seriously reconsidering whether or not he should've left Argent alive. I'm sure Chris feeling the same way. Gerard Argent sure is a piece of work.

Lydia stops the kid who took video of Corey healing after he stabbed Corey with a pen in the library in the hall. He's wearing a hoodie with the number 68 on the back. She mistakenly asks him about Brett, thinking he has something to do with Brett's disappearance. This kid has also undergone some DNA/RNA changes since he appears to be having visions. This seems to be a plot device which equates homophobia and being gay to having intuitive visions and being disgusted by/afraid of others with similar abilities. This kid seems to be very afraid and very conflicted and wants to turn the spotlight on someone else. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Teen Wolf is not afraid of addressing the critical issues. When Lydia touches him, the kid has a feeling that Lydia is "one of them" and runs away in fear and anger.

The pack finds Brett and Gerard Argent and friend sneak up on them with weapons and aerosolized wolfsbane and weapons with lights and sounds operating on a higher frequency. The guidance counselor doesn't trust Argent's methods. Argent, of course, has a bigger plan. He wants an army to hunt down all of the werewolves and the entire McCall pack. I wonder whether former allies like Deucalion and Theo (assuming he's still alive) will be called upon to help.

Scott and Malia find that Scott isn't healing as he should be. Malia can't seem to take Scott's pain. Malia berates both Scott and herself for not having called Stiles right away. She suggests that their promise not to call Stiles was a stupid one. She says she's afraid of losing Scott. The two hold hands. Scott says that Stiles would be okay with him and Malia being together. She is finally able to take his pain. Aww. They would be super cute together. Apparently, Kira isn't going to be a featured character in season 6B, which leaves an opening in Scott's romantic life.


Melissa and Chris have an awkward goodbye as he gets ready to leave. The two have something going on and want to stay together due to the extreme fear they're still feeling. They're both awkward about their previous interactions and they finally let each other know that they're both still attracted to one another and things proceed... awkwardly.

Lydia says that what happened was a test--that Nolan, the boy in the library is trying to make everyone afraid of that pack, that he's encouraging everyone to turn on the pack. Brett's sister Lori tries to help him out of the tunnels while the high-frequency devices flash and beep. When they escape from the tunnel, they are both runs over by Gerard Argent's car, which kills Brett and leaves Lori injured. Lori tries to take Brett's pain, but she can't. He's dead. Lori dies in the street next to Brett. Liam rushes out of the tunnel and challenges the hunters, Scott and Malia are hot on his trail. Liam exposes himself to the people of the town. Gerard has set this up to build his army. As the camera pans out, the street name is shown above Liam. He stands on the corner of Muse Ave. Pretty clever.


In scenes from the next episode of Teen Wolf, the pack is seen trying to convince the guidance counselor to stop taking advice from Gerard Argent--probably a good piece of advice for anyone who wants to, you know, live to die another day. Gerard's advice to Scott via Chris Argent is to run.