#TeenWolf: Season6A Episode 1 "Memory Lost" Recap


"Riders on the storm

Riders on the storm

Into this house we're born

Into this world we're thrown

Like a dog without a bone

An actor out on loan

Riders on the storm"

--Jim Morrison, "Riders On The Storm"


This season opens with Liam and Hayden, Liam's new-to-him car broken down on the side of the road. Hayden lifts up the car to change the tire and Liam doesn't have a spare. Somehow, they both decide that this is their "best date yet." Hayden and Liam are the most adorable couple ever and I am fully oblate with this coupling. A car pulls up next to the stranded teen wolves and runs into an old fence. No one is behind the wheel and a kid is left in the back seat. His parents, he says, have just disappeared. Young Alex's first words to Hayden and Liam are "don't let them take me--don't let them take me too!" Scared beyond belief, Alex seeks refuge with Liam and Hayden who turn to Sheriff Stilinski for help.


Malia, Lydia, Scott, and Stiles investigate the scene of the crime. Alex's parents aren't dead, but they are nowhere to be found. Their windshield has been fired through as if by a gun, but there are no bullets. The team moves the investigation Alex's house while Alex is being held in protective custody by the Beacon Hills Police.


In the mean time, Stiles ruins Malia's school pictures while waiting for his, but when he looks down at his school photo permission slip, he finds it to be blank. During science class, some of the pack members find that compasses and phones are pointing in the wrong direction. They're leading to Alex's house. While the boys investigate Alex's house, they find that the entire house is empty and things are disappearing from the house as they move through it. Stiles investigates Alex's bedroom, which has remained relatively intact, but is slowly starting to disappear as time goes by. Stiles sees one of the riders in Alex's room. After that rider shoots at him, he escapes, but bits of Stiles' life continue to disappear, like the writing on his permission slip paperwork. As the episode moves along, we see that someone else on the lacrosse team is wearing Stiles' jersey and the pack begins to forget him. In the end, the only one who remembers his is Lydia, who begins to forget after Stiles allows himself to be taken (he begins to realize that it's futile to fight and he knows he doesn't want the rest of the pack being taken).


Scott gets help from his science teacher with regard ballistics and what could've broken the glass in Alex's parents' car and what the bluish residue is that's left over on the shards of glass from the window pane. At the same time, the rest of the pack members who are also in science class with a different and decidedly hunky teacher steal a compass and bring it to Alex's house, where the compass is pointing. As the rider attacks Stiles, the glass of the compass breaks, shattering and turning blue like the glass of Alex's parents' car windshield.


Stiles and Lydia figure out that it's the ghost riders/riders on the storm/the wild hunt that are responsible for taking people after Lydia's banshee abilities lead her to sing the lyrics to "Riders On The Storm." Stiles tells Lydia that she's so smart, he could kiss her and he does. This is a nice moment for Stydia shippers and could foreshadow further relationship development. Sadly, they don't figure it out in time to save Alex, who the ghost riders steal from the police station. Thankfully, this allows the pack to figure out that the riders are erasing people. This could mean that the pack now have a chance to save Stiles...if they can remember that he's gone. Scott leaves Stiles after they return to the high school after the pack finds a body. People begin to forget who Stiles is, starting with Lydia's Mom, then the pack and finally Stiles' Dad and ending with Lydia.


It is shown in "scenes from the next episode of Teen Wolf" that Peter Hale has also been taken. Will Stiles and Peter work together to uncover the mystery? Will their friends/(enemies) remember them?

This is one of the most genuinely frightening episodes of Teen Wolf. We're definitely in for a wild ride (excuse the pun) this season.