#TeenWolf--Season 6A--Episode 7--Heartless

 "We are the wild hunt, we are forever. Those who hunt with us hunt forever. There is only not. No one resists, no one escapes."

In this episode, Theo's backstory from when he was imprisoned with his dead sister unfolds and it is truly horrible. One can only imagine what Kira and her family are capable of if they're capable of making someone suffer through this. But is Theo changed? An unofficial living room survey including not one but two of my cats says no. In fact, I think I heard a "hell no" from one of them.

Malia of course attacks Theo the first chance she gets and Scott and Liam stop her, citing the fact that Theo remembers Stiles. Every time Theo speaks up in this episode, he's shouted down by the pack (which by the way I love). Theo is an horrible person and deserves to either be punished or find redemption, maybe both, in fact probably both. We'll see how that plays out in the long haul.


Teen Wolf has been an absolute power house for the last couple of episodes and it shows in this episode. The actors gel really well and it's obvious that the team of actors working on the set enjoy working with Cody Christian again. I for one am glad to see Ian Bohen back as Peter. Peter is the consummate bad guy and can basically never be trusted. I wouldn't be surprised to see an ultimate showdown between Scott and Peter shape up for the season 6B finale/Teen Wolf finale.

This week, Sheriff Stilinski confronts the ghost of his son. He truly starts to feel Stiles' loss and conveniently, Lydia comes along not only to give him hope, but to take some away as she tells him that his wife, much like the woman in the ghost town of Canaan that the pack visited last week who was literally living with the ghost of her dead son who died thirty years ago. Noah Stilinski is living with the ghost of his dead wife. Although others can see her, she's not real. She's a figment of his imagination and an expression of his grief.

 Theo realizes he has to trust a Scott in order to come out of this situation alive  

Theo realizes he has to trust a Scott in order to come out of this situation alive  

The pack moves deep into the woods and sets up a transformer connected to a metal cage, covered by lightning as a way of trapping one of the ghost riders and it works. One is captured. Sadly, however, they still cannot talk to him, or if they can, he cannot or will not talk back. Once Parrish is called to come help with the situation, things escalate quickly. The ghost rider, after giving scant information (surprise, surprise) calls forth the hellhound in order to free him and while the pack is busy keeping the hellhound away from the cage and waiting for Parrish to reemerge, Mr. Douglas the zombie nazi werewolf (you knew I was going to say it) comes through and busts out the ghost rider, killing him and taking his whip. Poor Theo has been made complicit in the escape of the ghost rider as Mr. Douglas comes extremely close to ripping Theo in two unless he breaks the magical barrier surrounding the ghost rider's cage. The ghost rider seems scared of Mr. Douglas before being killed and having his pineal gland eaten. It seems that Mr. Douglas and the ghost rider have met before. One would imagine that might've happened in World War II era Germany. The ghost riders are likely drawn to war. Does this mean that The Pack has called them in? 

 An ode to the nameless ghost rider's pineal gland, which Mr. Douglas ate... 

An ode to the nameless ghost rider's pineal gland, which Mr. Douglas ate... 

But did the pack really get nothing from the ghost rider? I submit that the answer to that question is in fact no. The ghost rider gave them valuable information in the form of one simple sentence. This may not be the threat it seems to be, but a complaint about being stuck with the wild hunt. "We are the wild hunt, we are forever. Those who hunt with us hunt forever." Think about it. "There is only not. No one resists, no one escapes."

 Mr. Douglas being a complete douche as per usual

Mr. Douglas being a complete douche as per usual

Lydia gently convinces the sheriff that his wife is a figment of his imagination while examining Stiles' room. Sheriff Stilinski doesn't want to believe her at first, but eventually he does. Sheriff Stilinski's love for Stiles seems to be shining through. In an absolutely heartbreakingly charming display, Lydia throws Stiles' lacrosse jersey at Sheriff Stilinski, an object which he cannot see until he catches it. This small, powerful, heart-wrenching scene solidifies Stiles in Sheriff Stilinski's memory and it's all thanks to Lydia. 

 Sheriff Stilinski catching his first glimpse of Stiles' room

Sheriff Stilinski catching his first glimpse of Stiles' room

In the mean time, Mr. Douglas, having killed the ghost rider and taken his whip whips Corey out of existence, saying he's been wanting to do that for awhile. Is Corey the key to defeating Mr. Douglas or the ghost riders? What is the relationship between Mr. Douglas and The Ghost Riders? Does Theo know more than he's letting on about the whole thing? He alluded to the fact that he did in last week's episode. Mason can always see Corey, however, so we will see how long it takes Mason to find that Corey's gone. My guess is that it won't be long.

  While the rest of the action is taking place, Malia and Melissa save Peter's life by giving him a shot of the nine herbs that were used to save Chris Argent. Melissa is extremely wary of saving Peter. She is immune to his attempts to badger and flirt with her. Melissa usually has an excellent sense for people. Does she know a final battle is looming on the horizon? Peter, of course, rather than wanting to take Malia to rescue Stiles (that was her deal--she heals him, he helps her to rescue Stiles), wants to run away. He tries to convince Malia to do just that. She refuses and makes him come with her to the spot she found him in. Clearly if Peter had really only wanted to save his own life, he wouldn't have brought Stiles' keys back as promised. As they approach the site where Peter was found, the two hear the wild hunt. Peter saves Malia by convincing her to run while he renters the supernatural gateway to the wild hunt, the train station. What happens? We'll have to see next week. The last scene in the entire episode was that of Corey being disappeared by Mr. Zombie Nazi Werewolf Douglas. Ugh Mr. Douglas, not cool. Douche move.

One thing's for sure, we're all on the edges of our seats, waiting for next week's episode, Blitzkrieg.  


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