#TeenWolf Season 6A Finale "Riders On The Storm" Recap

#TeenWolf--Season6A Finale--Riders On The Storm

Liam walks through a deserted hospital corridor, following some odd noises he's hearing only to see the "train station" arrivals board smack dab in the middle of Beacon Hills Hospital with Beacon Hills listed as it's next stop. Cut to the actual train station where Stiles and his Dad are reunited. Stiles tells his Dad that he can hear Lydia and he thinks she can get them out of there. The Sheriff instead decides to hold off the ghost riders while Stiles finds his way back. He has to insist that Stiles leave him, saying they will find each other again. When Stiles finally does leave, he hears Lydia's voice and follows it home.


Instead of popping out where Lydia, Scott, and Malia are waiting for him, however, he appears in his car, leaving Lydia to wonder if he made it through the breach and back into their world. Stiles immediately drives his jeep to Scott's house where he finds no one home. He drives to the police station where he finds it totally abandoned, radios on and all.

Liam tells Scott to come with him and Scott tells the girls to stay where they are in case Stiles comes back. The girls promptly leave and go looking for Stiles since Lydia can feel him out there somewhere. Liam brings Scott to the hospital where train station arrival and departure boards and train tracks cut through the halls, saying that the same thing is happening at the school and on the lacrosse field. Mr. Douglas appears in front of Scott and Liam with the hellhound to ambush them. Mr. Douglas promptly announces his evil plan, as villains often do, to make Scott and his pack part of the wild hunt which he thinks is under his command. Thankfully, Stiles and his trusty baseball bat fly out from around the corner and Stiles whops Mr. Douglas on the back of the head hard enough to knock him out cold, though just for a moment. Stiles also has the brilliant idea to spray the hellhound liquid nitrogen in order to get rid of the hellhound and bring back Parrish. Scott and Stiles hug, Stiles and Liam hug and Parrish is back on the side of the pack (for now, at least). Stiles is surely the brains of this particular operation. Parrish tells the pack that Douglas is merging the worlds so that the wild hunt can cross over into our world and tells them to divert the train when it comes through.

Lydia and Malia enter the school library to find the train station waiting area in the middle of the school library. Unfortunately, none of the people waiting in the station can hear them. Malia sees Peter and calls for him, but he won't wake up. She has to use her memories of him and call him in a meaningful way to get him to wake up, so she swallows her pride and her reservations and calls him "Dad." Peter wakes up and joins the pack (again, for now). Peter stays briefly to help fight off a ghost rider whose whip injuries Malia. He tells Malia to go with Lydia, but she stays to fight off the ghost rider with Peter.

Mason and Hayden search the waiting area in another part of the school (this train station probably has an infinite number of waiting areas) searching for Corey, but they have no luck. Hayden reminds Mason that his "power" is to find Corey wherever he is and from that point, it doesn't take Mason long to realize it's Corey's voice making announcements over the loudspeaker about when the train will arrive. Corey is hooked into a bunch of metal wires which cause him extreme pain whenever they're moved. Back in Beacon Hills, Liam suggests that Corey might be the key to stopping the worlds from merging and runs off to make his way through the barrier between worlds. Scott and Stiles decide to stick together as they search for a way to divert the train.

Liam finds Theo at the high school just after he is attacked by a ghost rider. Theo asks what his plan is and Liam says he's trying to steal one of the ghost riders' horses. Theo holds the ghost rider still so that it can't stop Liam and Liam, unable to ride a horse, vaults over the side of the school balcony onto the back of the horse (yowch!) and the horses don't move. Suddenly though, the horse takes off at a gallop, taking Liam with it. Liam and Hayden are reunited when Liam rides through the barrier, and they share a kiss. 

Scott and Stiles find the switch to change the track the train is running on. Scott says that it can't be this easy. Stiles says yes it can and urges Scott to go for it when suddenly Mr. Douglas steps out with a whip and whips Stiles back into the school locker room. (remember, the worlds are fading into one another) While Scott remains outside with Mr. Douglas and the switch to change the track the train is on. Mr. Douglas remarks that Scott is alone. Scott finds himself whipped back into the school as well, where he does some cool parkour in order to avoid being shot by the ghost riders in the high school hallway. Stiles finds himself in the girl's locker room once again with a ghost rider who attempts to shoot him in the head. That's when Lydia bursts in and uses her banshee powers to knock the ghost rider out. Lydia tells Stiles that she didn't say it back and he remarks that she doesn't have to and kisses her. Aww. All the feels.

Chris Argent and Melissa McCall still stuck in one of the train station waiting for areas (this place is like the D.C. Metro station at this point) fight off a ghost rider. Chris Argent steals its gun and shoots it, but another rider comes in. There is a Wild West style gun-slinging shootout, and Chris Argent wins. It is then that Melissa McCall kisses him, saying "that was so hot" when he asks her what the kiss was for. Aw.

Scott finds his way back to Mr. Douglas at the diverged who tells Scott that he would've been an excellent Nazi youth when he tells Mr. Douglas to move or he'd make him move. Mr. Douglas calls to the ghost riders who back him up. It looks like Scott is all alone in this one. Peter, Theo, and Malia show up behind Scott. Peter says that he's not in Scott's pack, but "no one likes a Nazi." They fight and Malia gets ahold of one of the ghost riders' whips. She throws it to Scott who then uses it to grab the diverter and switch the track that the train is running on. Scott calls to the rest of his pack, and they rescue Corey who promises Mason he will heal. The train station explodes as Corey is saved from the coil of wires he's attached.


As Stiles and Lydia are running out of the school, Stiles heard the voice of his Mom. He sees her, but quickly believes Lydia when she tells him that it's not really her. Soon, Stiles' Mom appears as a member of the wild hunt. It attacks Lydia, then attacks Stiles. Noah Stilinski shows up and shoots at the entity pretending to be his wife. With the help of Lydia's banshee powers, the bullet rips through her and destroys her completely.

Back at the train station, Liam suggests that they give Scott more time to divert the train before saving Corey. Mason doesn't like this idea, but Corey agrees.

Mr. Douglas tries to command the wild hunt to kill the McCall pack as they walk away. He proclaims himself their leader when Theo challenges him, and they come back, but far from killing the pack, they gather around Mr. Douglas, making him one of them. Peter tells him that riders don't bow. They have no leader. Mr. Douglas is now a member of the wild hunt. He is given a special Nazi armband. Yikes.

Last day of school ensues. Lydia is, of course, going to MIT, whereas Stiles is going to North Washington. Stiles plans to donate his baseball bat to Liam and friends and his Jeep to Scott, who's going to UC Davis to study veterinary medicine. Lydia is going to drive Stiles to North Washington and help him get set up in his dorm before heading on to MIT. Scott's Dad has made a call to the pre-FBI program in order to get Stiles set up as an FBI agent-in-training (y'all knew that was going to happen, cause what else would Stiles be beside someone who works in law enforcement like his Dad).

In an homage to season 1 (aw), Scott and Stiles drive off in the Jeep toward a police scene they heard about on their police radio where there is, apparently, a body in the woods (full circle!).