#TeenWolf Season 6A Ep 609 "Memory Found" Recap & Review

Stiles is back...or is he?


In this week's episode of Teen Wolf, leading up to the winter finale, the pack decides to throw Scott into the freezer (a chamber of sorts)--the very same chamber Parrish was in before Mr. Douglas woke him up. Lydia and Malia stand by to help regress Scott into a state of hypnosis in order to retrieve his memories of Stiles. Things don't go as planned, despite Lydia's enthusiastic assistance. Scott starts things off however by remembering his connection with Stiles as a brotherly one with Malia's assistance. 


Meanwhile, the Sheriff and Liam are forced to remove Theo from his cell so that he can help them to fight the ghost riders. In the mean time, the entire police force has been abducted by the riders. The Sheriff seems loathe to trust Theo and threatens him with physical violence should Theo engage in 'any behavior that is remotely suspicious,' telling Theo that he'll empty so many bullets into him that 'God won't even recognize him' if he missteps. Theo seems to take that threat seriously despite his snarky reply that he's an atheist. The three seem to think there are only five ghost riders waiting for them and decide to take them on. Sadly, they are mistaken. There are many, many more and the Sheriff is immediately taken by them (for those keeping track at home, Melissa McCall, Chris Argent, Corey and many others have been taken by the ghost riders). Now, the pack must rely on the help of Theo Raeken.


Scott, Lydia, and Malia are at a loss when the chamber doesn't achieve the desired results with Scott inside of it. Sadly, even Malia isn't able to bring Stiles back when she enters the chamber. Now, it's up to Lydia to find a way to bring Stiles back from the train station/ waypoint which the ghost riders have taken him to and that can only be done [while Stiles remains human, of course] by way of remembering every memory of Stiles which has subsequently been lost since his abduction by the wild hunt.


Liam and Theo steal a cop car and end up at the hospital, baiting the riders into a chase. Theo has some trouble with ptsd symptoms, remembering his sister killing him over and over again once he enters the hospital. Liam still doesn't trust him and Theo knows that. The wild hunt follow Liam and Theo to the hospital.

   Finally, Lydia writes and induction script, lights a candle (she can't enter the chamber since she's not a werewolf) and is hypnotized to recall her memories of Stiles. Malia's voice doesn't do it for her, so Scott gives it a try. She apparently makes contact with Stiles and there is a blinding flash of light with the silhouette of a man standing in it. It is assumed that Stiles has been rescued, though we don't technically catch a glimpse of him during this episode. Lydia remembers that she loved Stiles and that she has loved him ever since they first kissed. She recalls being the last person to see Stiles and remembers that she didn't say "I love you" back to Stiles when he said it to her, swearing she wouldn't forget him. This brings someone (ostensibly Stiles) back through the rift to our world.


After Liam saves Theo from the riders in the hospital, Theo saves Liam by locking him in the elevator while he attacks the ghost riders. Liam hears him shot and assumes he's been captured (which he probably has). Is it possible that Theo has actually done something selfless for once?


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