#TeenWolf--Season 6A-- 6x04 Relics Recap

"I'm not the babysitting type. Coyotes eat their young." 

--Malia, #QOTD


As Chris Argent makes his way through the woods, hunting the brain eating zombie nazi werewolf ™ (you're welcome), Melissa McCall, wanting to take a more active role hunting the supernatural, does her best to sneak up on him. Her self-explanatory monolog however prevents Chris from hunting effectively. Just as Chris is [probably] about to kick Melissa to the curb, however, they stumble upon an overturned bike covered in blood, with two riders, one already dead and one who died shortly after being discovered. After making this gruesome discovery, Chris Argent spots Amalia running through the woods. Malia is also running from the nazi zombie werewolf. Argent clips her in the shoulder with a shot from his rifle in order to bring her down long enough to talk to her and hopefully work her out of her were coyote fervor.


Cut to Scott's house. Apparently the McCalls have a lightning damage problem in their home after having hosted the party at which one of the wild hunt's riders "rode the lightning" (google it) into their living room in order to kidnap a high school student. Good luck selling that house. But The Pack has bigger problems. The Wild hunt is now coming for every student at that party thanks to Corey. The pack vows to protect every kid on the wild hunt's list--a hefty job, seeing as their list has expanded quite a bit in the last 24 hours. The wild hunt can apparently bypass mountain ash to travel anywhere lightning can (whoops).


  Chris and Melissa work on Malia at the hospital in order to remove Chris' bullet from her shoulder. As previously thought, Malia was running from the nazi zombie werewolf/a.k.a. Mr. Douglas.


The rest of The Pack work on figuring out how to predict when the wild hunt is coming while protecting fellow students from harm. Mason comes up with a way to predict when the riders are on their way by predicting atmospheric changes that tell of incoming storms. Now that The Pack has a way to tell when the riders are coming, they have a little bit of time to hide the kids on their list. With 5,000 lightning strikes in Beacon Hills over the past month, The Pack finds it hard to predict where the wild hunt might hit next.


The Pack continues to find relics from those who were taken. Apparently the ghost riders cannot take items of a certain mass away. They decide that in order to hide the kids on their list from the wild hunt by putting them all underground in the vault underneath the school.


With time running out, Lydia approaches the sheriff once again to question him about Stiles and to beg him to search his house. The sheriff confides in Lydia that while he couldn't sleep the night before, he got up and stubbed his toe on an old baseball bat in the garage while looking for some work files. When he stubbed his toe, he yelled the name "Stiles." Seems like the sheriff is coming around and starting to realize that he's lost a son.


While in the vault, The Pack realizes Gwen is missing. Scott and Liam decide to go after her along with Corey. In the mean time, Lydia searches Stiles/Sheriff Stilinski's house. Of course, creepy Mrs. Stilinski is right there in her face the whole time. Lydia sees some banshee vision apparitions while faintly hearing the noise of a train in the background. A young man appears and tells her that she "didn't see 'it' and that "'it' is right in front of [her] face." Lydia starts peeling off the Stilinskis' wallpaper, seeing a hint of something beneath it, but before she gets a good look at what, Mrs. Stilinski very angrily steps up behind her and ushers her out of their house.

 "Animals lose control, Malia. You're not just an animal, you're a human. You stay that way by getting involved."


Back in the vault, Chris Argent asks Malia to babysit the kids on the wild hunt's hit list. He explains where he is coming from as well as discussing some of his life experiences and motivations with Malia, giving her a pep talk and telling her "animals lose control, Malia. You're not just an animal, you're a human. You stay that way by getting involved."

  In the main room of the vault down below the school, the kids become antsy, one in particular. Hayden talks to Gwen in the locker room, trying to convince her not to go or onto the field and play lacrosse while the wild hunt is looking for her. Apparently, however, Gwen wants to be taken. She wants to help her sister.

 Scott asks Mason to do some research in order to find some way to stop the ghost riders. While thinking it over, Mason comes to the conclusion that the ghost riders are afraid of the hellhound. With most of The Pack out on the lacrosse field, it's up to Chris, Malia, Mason and Lydia to do their best behind the scenes to ensure that the kids on the list aren't taken by the wild hunt. Lydia figures the "ghost" she saw in the Stilinskis' hall was trying to help her find something Stiles left behind. She starts searching for information on Mrs. Stilinski. Rather than helping her, her Mom tells her that she's operating under a confirmation bias (yowch). Finally, she offers to be Lydia's unbiased perspective. #smartmoms


With much of The Pack out on the field, Beacon Hills begins losing the game and losing badly. Malia and Chris keep the kids in the vault calm, but Nathan the douchy guy Malia was sleeping with sneaks out, opening the vault up to penetration by the ghost riders. Out on the field, kids are acting more aggressively. Apparently the wild hunt is affecting everyone. Before the game can be finished, a storm blows in, blowing the wild hunt with it. Mason tells Hayden to call her deputy sister and get Parrish to the school right away in order to protect the kids. Scott and Liam stand their ground on the field, protecting Gwen and the rest of the kids on their list of people to kidnap.

Chris and Malia chase down Nathan, but they don't find him in time. Nathan ruins it for everyone, opening up the vault to the wild hunt. Thanks, bro. On the field, the wild hunt drag kids off behind their horses, disappearing them into clouds of green dust/energy as they're taken away. Parrish arrived at the school and confronts the ghost riders, but not after they've taken more students. Some try to run and some try to hide, but the ghost riders find them. Corey hides the lacrosse players on the field so that the wild hunt can no longer see them. Thanks, Corey. Unfortunately it doesn't work for long and Gwen sacrifices herself to the riders as we knew she would. Liam bravely attacks a riders as does Scott. On a fun note, as the riders on foot walk away, we learn that they have spurs. Cool? Sources in my living room, possibly including both of my cats say yes. Like bow ties, spurs are always cool.


Lydia and her Mom make their way to the hospital, asking Melissa McCall for Mrs. Stilinski's medical records in order to prove not only that she has a son, by that she isn't supposed to be here. Melissa is against it at first, but after Lydia'a Mom tells her that lives are at stake, she grudgingly acquiesces.

At the school, Parrish confronts a ghost rider, who shoots him in his hell hound form. Parrish does not disappear, but the ghost rider does. Maybe Mason was into something. After more losses on the field and the vault being breached by douchy Nathan who is immediately taken by the wild hunt, the riders penetrate the vault, facing off against Christ and Malia who can't see them. Unfair fight? Sources say yes. With a crack of his whip, the ghost riders go to war against this very outnumbered Pack contingent.


At the hospital, Melissa finds that Mrs. Stilinski has no record of being pregnant, but that she does have a record of, well, being dead. Or rather, she has a record of medical conditions that should have killed her two times over.

Back in the locker room, coach berates the lacrosse team for losing while praising Liam for doing his best. Apparently Liam is the new team captain. Liam is too upset, however, to celebrate this victory. The Pack lost a lot tonight.

Convinced that there never was a Stiles, The Pack gathers around Chris Argent's hospital bed, discussing strategy. The wild hunt took everyone in the vault thanks to Nathan. Lydia disagrees and vows to keep looking for Stiles. 


Liam sits despondently in the school locker rooms. Concerned, the rest of the junior members of The Pack find him. He wants to catch a ghost rider, he says. Liam tells The Pack to go home, but of course, they don't. They've got his back. The Pack ends this episode with a solid plan, walking past Stiles' abandoned jeep on their way to catch a ghost rider.


On scenes from the next Teen Wolf, we see that Stiles and Peter are stuck together in the realm of the wild hunt. Peter seems rather irked about this saying "it had to be you." Peter is despondent, while Stiles still holds out hope.

What will happen on the next Teen Wolf? Tune in and see next Tuesday.