#TeenWolf: Season 6A, "Superposition" Recap & Review


"What if we're all missing the same person?" 

As the episode title suggests, to observe something, changes it simply through the act of observation itself. That is the essence of the theory of superposition. As hinted at in the opening episode of season six, "Memory Lost," when the pack sits in science class, studying Schrodinger's Cat, one cannot unsee that which has been seen and to view something changes it. The ghost riders cannot be unseen and once seen, they come for those who see them.

 Teen Wolf fans are loving the triumphant return of Coach Bobby Finstock

Teen Wolf fans are loving the triumphant return of Coach Bobby Finstock

As this week's episode opens, Scott is training Liam to take over as lacrosse team captain when he graduates. Scott tells Liam that his back shot needs some work, thinking inadvertently of Stiles. Liam is of course a werewolf, so all athletic pursuits come as second nature to him. Scott clearly misses Stiles even though he can't quite verbalize what exactly he's missing.

 Dude, you're a werewolf... 

Dude, you're a werewolf... 

 ...there's just no excuse for that  #selfsabotage

...there's just no excuse for that  #selfsabotage

Mason and Corey, who are participating in an extra credit project for science class witness the riders take one of their fellow students, though of course they cannot remember what they saw until they retrace their steps later on. Corey has the unique ability to see the ghost riders while invisible, without being seen in turn by the ghost riders. This may come in handy later.

 Corey and Mason are on the case

Corey and Mason are on the case

While practicing lacrosse, Scott and Liam hear Mason in trouble in the school and rush to his aid. They question Mason and Corey about what they've seen and the pack start to put together the clues and realize that something is missing; that some ONE is missing. The rest of the pack start to have feelings of missing someone or something as well, especially after Mason and Corey discover that they saw someone being tied up and drawn and quartered by the wild hunt, after which point their memories of the event were erased.

 Coach Bobby Finstock showing his...er...support...? 

Coach Bobby Finstock showing his...er...support...? 

Will Corey's unique ability to become invisible lead to the pack having a fighting chance against the wild hunt or will Corey end up being targeted too? Thus far, the hunt have been unable to see Corey watching them. Later on in the episode, Corey takes Liam with him as he goes undercover (literally) to search for clues about the missing student.


The pack struggles to come to terms with a loss they don't even fully really realize they've suffered in this episode. Before bed that night, Scott McCall sits on the edge of his bed, twirling his lacrosse stick and looking at the it makes on the wall where his cork board sits. For a moment, the head of his lacrosse stick looks like Stiles in profile. As Scott lays in bed that night, he looks up at the cork board he and Stiles used to solve mysteries. Seeing a picture on the floor, he gets up to pick it up and put it back on the board, but as he walks over to do that, he steps on a thumbtack, blood dripping from his foot as he pulls it out. Scott stares at the picture, realizing that someone else was in it.

In the mean time, other members of the pack are having similar experiences. Lying in her room, Lydia has waking dreams of a train rolling through her home, which are repeated at school. Later in the episode, Lydia is drawn out side of the school, into the courtyard where she has strong recollection of the events which took place the night she and Stiles were chased by the wild hunt. Lydia ends up in the street with cars coming her way and is saved by Malia.


Malia, while sleeping with a handsome guy, wants to spoon him the way she and Stiles used to spoon (Malia, playing the role of the "big spoon," of course), which seemingly horrifies the gentleman she's sleeping with, who of course ends up seeing her bag-o-chains and likely wondering what kind of kinky stuff Malia is into. This spurs Malia on to realize that she couldn't have chained herself up on the full moon without help, but who was helping her...?


As the pack comes together toward the end of the episode, Scott realizes that he's missing his best friend (awwwz), Lydia too and Malia realizes that she's missing someone she cares for a great deal--someone who was friend enough to chain her up and look after her on full moons.

 Adults be like

Adults be like

Unfortunately, Sheriff Stilinski and the other adults seem to be completely oblivious to what's going on, a theme very reminiscent of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. These shows are rife with parallels between one another. If you haven't yet watched Buffy (the tv show, not the movie), you might want to check it out as without Buffy, Teen Wolf likely would not exist. Sadly, Sheriff Stilinski is so busy living his happily ever after with his wife, who, surprise! Is back from the dead, he has no time to contemplate his missing son. Could the fact that Mrs. Stilinski is back from the dead only now that Stiles has been taken by the wild hunt be a hint that her death was much more connected to Stiles' existence than previously thought (and not just because of the whole post-parted depression/suicide thing)? 


Now that the pack has realized that the heart of their group is missing, what will they do to get it Stiles back? Thankfully, Dr. Deaton is back and on the job, ready and willing to help. With Lydia's automatic writing and Scott's unshakeable love for his bff, the pack is sure to get cracking on this unsolved case. 

Find out on the next episode of Teen Wolf.


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