#TeenWolf Season 6B Ep 12 "Raw Talent" Recap & Review

"When they're scared, people will do things you wouldn't believe." 

This week on Teen Wolf... 

The pack is being hunted through the spread of vitriol, hate mongering and fear. Teen Wolf appears to be unafraid of addressing tough political and social issues in its final season. 


This is honestly the first time that I as a viewer have felt badly for Theo. Theo is homeless, living in his truck. He's being dogged by the police, a spider (radioactive, perhaps?) which bites him and he then has to remove surgically and finally by hunters. Before he can call Scott, Theo is savagely attacked by a group of hunters who shoot at him, leaving us wondering whether or not he's alive for a portion of the show. 

 Scott, Lydia, and Maria go hunting in the woods for the killer who killed the hellhound last week when they find themselves being hunted by a group of hunters wielding guns with laser targets, which they paint Scott with, only to find out that the supposed hunters are Sheriff Stilinski and his police officers. Something is clearly wrong with Scott. He appears to be having flashbacks of some kind. Scott wants to talk to Argent about the killer, the mythical creature, and the dead hellhound. 

 The pushy guidance counselor (who also happens to be the killer) harasses Liam and friends to meet and talk about basically every aspect of their lives. Weird much? And to top that off, she doesn't seem to be aware that she is the killer. Back in the locker room, one of the kids trying out for lacrosse is attacked by spiders. 

 Lydia continues to have visions, complete with spider webs. She had seen the closed ward at Eichen House, which Parrish proceeds to visit without her. The pack can't seem to find Argent when they need him, and Scott proposes he and Malia try to crack Argent's calendar password. They find that Argent is still in Beacon Hills...hunting. 

 At Eichen House, Parrish finds out from Tyler Posey's Dad, John Posey, i.e. the doctor in the locked ward that the hellhound was over one hundred twelve years old and that he'd built his room in the ward for himself. The two men hear a woman calling for help and go to investigate. Apparently, it's the doctor who's been experimenting on the patients at Eichen House (surprise, surprise...another Gabriel Valek?).  He locks Deputy Parrish up in the hellhound's old cell. Whoops...guess he should've taken Lydia up on her offer of help investigating Eichen House. 

The lacrosse team practices and there seems to be some major rivalry between Brett and the team. Brett has turned into an antagonistic jerk. Could it have something to do with his encounter with the killer?


 Argent is approached by guys pretending to be army. They're clearly hunters in disguise. Chris Argent refuses to sell weapons to them and they attack. Scott and Malia come to rescue Mr. Argent and things get weird. Now the hunters know about Scott and Malia if they didn't already.  One of the hunters escapes. The killer stabs Brett with silver and watches him heal. He attacks her and gets away. 

 The guidance counselor approaches Brett after practice and attacks him with wolf's bane. Brett collapses in the parking lot. Lydia sits at the station with the other deputies and police officers. She has a vision and gets a message through one of the walkie-talkies about Parrish. She hears the doctor talking to Parrish, threatening to freeze him solid. 

 Malia tells Chris Argent about the bullet with the fleur-de-lis that killed the hellhound, that was found in the woods. Mr. Argent says he hasn't stamped a bullet with the fleur-de-lis since before Allison died. 

Corey and Mason find Liam in the locker room and offer to help him study for a history test on the rise of Mussolini and his use of fear-baiting. They notice a blood trail behind Liam and follow it, only to find the boy who was trying out for the team murdered horribly and lying dead in the shower. The boys end up finding Eric, the kid who was trying out for lacrosse, in a classroom, leaving them wondering what happened in the locker room. 

 Lydia investigates Eichen House while Liam, Mason and Corey investigate the school. Lydia has a vision or Jordan Parrish being experimented on as she was. Lydia is trapped in a locked ward when she has another vision. She uses her power to stop the doctor from killing Parrish. 

 Malia confronts Scott about his freak out and opens up to him as a friend, saying she's worried about him. They bond over having been hunted by people they cared about. Argent shows up to help them investigate. They find another fleur-de-lis bullet in a maple tree at the scene of the crime. There is a new hunter in play who seems to think that a silver bullet can kill a werewolf. This hunter is trying to make everyone afraid of the pack. 

As the guidance counselor/hunter is being attacked (out of self defense) by Brett, Allison's Grandpa arrives, looking to recruit a new hunter. Now we know who's behind all of the fear mongering. Will Scott's mercy come back to bite him, so to speak?