#TeenWolf--Season 6B Episode 16 "Werewolves Of London" Recap & Review

What's not to love.....

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This episode opens with Ethan calling his unnamed boyfriend from his London Suite. It appears his boyfriend has forgotten their anniversary, for which Ethan has gotten tickets to show they've wanted to see since they've been together. As Ethan hangs up on his final attempt to call said, mysterious boyfriend, some werewolf hunters burst through the door, attacking his boyfriend, who turns out to be... JACKSON! OMG!!  

The Wolfsbane poison darts the hunters are using don't have the same effect on Jackson as they do on Ethan because Jackson is part kanima. Jackson escapes and bests the werewolf hunters, but not before breaking some of Ethanol priceless antiques in the process. Many of us Teen Wolf fans had longed to see pack members from seasons 2 and three reunited before the show ended. The feelings are so real when two of our favorite pack members show up not only kicking ass and taking names but dating (awwz)!  


Back at the hospital, Melissa, Agent McCall, and Lydia are all said to be pulling through their various surgeries. Agent McCall has been transferred to another hospital, while Melissa and Lydia remain in Beacon Hills. Melissa has a message for Scott--don't run. Stand and fight. This is the Melissa we all know and love. Malia comforts Scott as the pack plans an attack on Gerard. They plan to take back their town! 


Back at Scott's house, Scott and Malia meet with Deucalion. Deucalion, now a pacifist, offers the McCall Pack help in a strictly advisory capacity. Speaking of help, Ethan and Jackson interrogate the hunter who attacked them, only to learn that Gerard is behind everything. Looks like they're headed to Beacon Hills. 


 The Sheriff interrogates the guidance counselor, showing her evidence of Gerard's previous escapades playing people against each other to their detriment and his gain. The guidance counselor seems bound and determined to be a support personality for Gerard, drawing false parallels and scapegoating the pack to support her argument that the Sheriff is ineffective and helping the pack is a mistake. Looks like her fate is sealed. Apparently all of the Sheriff's Deputies are on Gerard's side. The guidance counselor tells the Sheriff that its her station now. Sheriff Stilinksi's parting words are: I never said Gerard wouldn't beat me, I said he wouldn't beat Scott." 


 Lydia has a vision while laying in her hospital bed. She walks down the frozen and empty hospital corridor with an abandoned wheelchair in the hallway while Scott and Malia meet with Peter Hale at Eichen House. Peter doubts that Scott will win if he can't even kill the insane hunter Peter has captured and imprisoned there. Peter makes a good point. You can't reason with hate. Peter won't help Scott and Malia and Scott tells him that if he won't fight with them, Peter will end up fighting alone. Lydia finds a burning, fiery morgue drawer in her vision, which she opens. Peter and Malia talk. Malia tells Peter that something else is coming, showing him a vision of the inukite and the pure fear which accompanies it. Peter suggests that the only way for Scott and the Pack to fight is to surround Scott with killers. Malia goes back to Scott's house and suggests that they contact the pack called The Primal, which has given up everything human and try to get them on their side.  


At the school, the bullies test the shooting victims and the victims of the inukite. Apparently, Gabe the bully has been helping the inukite to find its other half, which just might happen to be one of the students at the high school. 


Malia and Scott nearly turn back as they feel the force of The Primal Pack, while approaching it's hideout. They find the pack murdered with their eyes cut out and Lydia in the pack's den. The dead hellhound led her there. 

They find another body that looks like the inukite. Lydia is there to find the inukite's other face. Peter shows up to help when hunters attack his cars. Peter rides home with Malia (another obligatory car commercial). Something in Malia's head convinced Peter to help. That something happens to be the fact that Malia loves Scott. Maybe Peter isn't a complete sociopath after all. Peter fears that Scott is going to get himself killed.  


Back at school, Ethan and Jackson show up to question the guidance counselor about where Scott McCall is, which alerts her to the fact that Jackson and Ethan are supernatural creatures. The guidance counselor chains them up and tortures them. Jackson and Ethan question the guidance counselor. Jackson talks, Ethan listens. They get the information they need. Jackson wishes Ethan Happy Anniversary. 


Here's a sneak peek at next weeks episode of Teen Wolf.

This writer's opinion: 

Season 6b Episode 19 was an A+ in my mind. The show did exactly what it needed to be done from the very beginning to bring as many plot points full circle as possible. They've revisited the right plot points and recalled the right actors from the phenomenal season three! Of course, we'd all like to see Isaac Lahey, but we will wait patiently. Great job, Jeff Davis, and team!