#TeenWolf Season 6 Episode 16 "Triggers" Recap

The war is on as the McCall Pack and Gerard's hunters vy for control of Beacon Hills.


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This week’s episode of Teen Wolf opens with kids being openly bullied at the high school. A young man walks through the halls in fear, only to retreat into the library while someone follows him. He’s hunted down by a group of kids who test him by cutting him with a knife. All the kids in school have been cut. The young man who was cut in the library happens to be a were coyote. The head bully happens to be a supernatural creature too. Scott’s Dad questions one of the bullies (Nolan) about when the last time was that he saw Jiang and Tierney, the two kids at the police station. The guidance counselor sits with them while Nolan is being questioned, protecting Nolan and the bullies. Scott’s Dad is questioning the guidance counselor who’s been arming the kids. Nolan runs to the showers and finds the were coyote they questioned before laying on the ground. He explodes into a bunch of bugs after being touched by the head bully (also a supernatural creature, as I mentioned before). The head bully is in search of other supernatural creatures like him who can ‘do more than just shift.’

Agent McCall questions Gerard. Gerard is [obviously] stockpiling weapons. Back in the showers, the guidance counselor tells the bullies, Nolan included, to “put [the were coyote] out of [its] misery,’ saying that “it” isn’t human. The guidance counselor tells Nolan to get rid of the body and he obliges.

Obligatory car ad as Mason drives a Prius on some major mission of some sort. Nolan tails Mason to wherever he’s going. Could it be that Nolan is going to ask Mason for help? Mason meets up with Liam and Theo who are camping out, while Scott, Lydia, and Malia drive off with Chris Argent to break into Gerard’s stronghold. Nolan meets up with a couple of hunters at the zoo where Liam and Theo are camping out. Theo pretends the whole pack is in the zoo with them so that the hunters hear him.

Chris and gang decide to use explosives to gain entry when Theo’s plan finally works and the rest of the hunters leave. Liam says the abandoned zoo is like Mykonos and that the hunters will get lost in the maze looking for them. The hunters show up in force and Liam and Theo lead them on a merry chase.


At the hospital, Melissa and Agent McCall discuss the situation the kids find themselves in. Melissa assures her ex-husband that she trusts Scott implicitly, telling him that Scott has a plan. Back at the hunters’ lair, Chris Argent sets some thermal charges, telling the kids to be clear when those charges detonate. The pack subdues the hunters. Lydia tells Chris Argent about the shell casings she hears drop and the fact that she sees Argent’s window shatter in one of her visions. Gerard tells the guidance counselor that he doesn’t care if Nolan gets himself killed chasing Theo and Liam. Chris Argent tells Lydia that their own lives are worth risking, in order to obtain the information they need. Quite a dichotomy between the two, wouldn’t you say?


Liam and Theo lead Nolan on a chase, Theo telling Liam that he won’t die for a kid that teased Liam in school. Liam finds that something in the zoo is triggering Liam’s IED. Liam tackles Nolan. Scott scents Jiang and Tierney as he and Malia are leaving, attempting to rescue them. The hunters are on their way back and Scott and Malia run the risk of setting off the explosive devices while they’re in the building. The sensors go off and the doors close, locking Scott and Malia in the lair with them. Gerard tells the guidance counselor that he’s looking to kill Scott’s beta, saying that the bond between alpha and beta is stronger than the bond between a parent and a child. I would be remiss not to point out that this appears to be either some serious foreshadowing or lamenting reference to Gerard’s now deceased granddaughter, Alison. Maybe it's both. I suspect that we shall soon find out as I am writing as I watch this episode. Gerard hopes that the death of Scott’s beta [Liam] will break the rest of the pack. Back at the hunters’ hideout, a fire suppression system has been set off in response to the attack launched by Scott, Malia, Lydia and Chris Argent. Chris does his best to counteract these defenses. Gerard is a true psychopath. Chris and Lydia can’t help Scott and Malia. They’re locked into the center of the hunters’ base with no way to get out, even with Chris’ and Lydia’s help. Scott and Malia must hold their breath as the fire suppressants are released. The scents Scott and Malia were picking up were skin samples, which were taken as trophies from the now dead Jiang and Tierney. Liam imagines that he sees Brett taunting him about making their old team lose a lacrosse match. Liam cowers as he has this vision. While Liam is imagining Brett yelling at him, he’s actually attacking Nolan (though he’s doing his best not to). Theo knocks Liam out and tells Nolan to run.


Chris Argent yells through the door at Scott and Malia not to trip the sensors. Malia and Scott have to lay flat against one another in order to avoid tripping the sensors. Malia plans to escape the sensors by pulling a Catherine-Zeta Jones (google it) while Chris and Lydia turn them off from the other side of the doors. Something falls from Malia’s pocket while she’s climbing through the room like a monkey and the gas is released. Scott and Malia hide in one of the safe rooms while Chris and Lydia fight their way through to save them. Lydia has another vision while they’re fighting (inconvenient, much?). Malia talks to Scott about how she won’t allow herself to die in that place. She wants to go to France and live her life. The two have a genuine moment of connection, which feels deep and real, moreso, dare I say than that of Scott and Kira. Lydia busts into the room to save Scott and Malia.

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Theo helps Liam to understand that his anger is related to the fear that’s being caused by the inugite after rescuing him. I see some excitement on behalf of Thiam shippers…

Gerard and the guidance counselor discover their impenetrable lair has been…well…penetrated, at which point Gerard puts the guidance counselor firmly in her place (that’s what happens when you question a psychopath’s methods), telling her not to make the mistake of thinking their connection is anything like that of Scott’s and Liam’s.

Malia kisses Scott, back at the McCall house, while the rest of the pack, Chris Argent included, hole up, trying to figure out Gerard’s endgame, which apparently includes distributing weapons to the entire town of Beacon Hills, a feat which he has already undertaken. Scott’s Dad comes in to tell Scott that he can no longer leave the house. He is a marked man with a target on his back! Lydia once again hears shell casings falling to the floor. Gerard is arming his army. Lydia sees an attack coming moments before it does. The citizens of Beacon Hills have taken up arms against the McCall Pack. It appears that one of that pack has been shot, possibly Malia.

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A cool preview of next week’s episode of Teen Wolf shows Deucalion once again allying with the McCall Pack against Gerard and his army. Woohoo! Stay tuned!

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This writer's thoughts: 

I like where Jeff Davis and the team are going with Scott and Malia and I like the deepening of Liam and Theo's relationship. It seems like the writers have set up a great series finale, which I know I speak for all of us when I say, I cannot WAIT to see!