#TeenWolf Season 6 Ep 8 "Blitzkrieg" aka 1st Clue


This episode starts out on an ominous note as Mr. Douglas, a uniformed officer in what looks like the Waffen SS, pours scotch into an ice-filled swastika glass at a table with a group of other high-ranking Nazi officials. He addresses the group, saying, "imagine an army not burdened with the weakness of ordinary soldiers [referring to the wild hunt]" He believes that the dead of the wild hunt would be better, stronger, faster soldiers--that they would be an "unstoppable army with power [they] had never seen." When asked how he was going to pull such an army together, Mr. Douglas, who cuts an imposing figure clears the room--literally. Although the other officers at first titter, grumble, clear their throats and converse amongst themselves, they soon turn their attention to Mr. Douglas, only to be killed after expressing doubt and asking questions, their blood spilling across a map of Nazi territory in Europe, save one officer.


Cut to Stiles' bedroom where Sheriff Noah Stilinski lovingly touches Stiles' things, going across to his murder board and setting up pins with connecting threads, ostensibly in order to solve the mystery of Stiles' abduction by the wild hunt. I've said it before and I'll say it again--best. TV Dad. Ever. In a way, Sheriff Stilinski reminds me of my own late Father and that is that mark of a well written character. He reminds us of the people we love. Soon Stiles' room is set up and looking more like what it once did.


Lydia and Scott discuss "the plan," which includes, as Peter so succinctly puts it, rescuing Stiles so that Stiles can come up with a plan. Unfortunately, in order to rescue Stiles and get him through the rift (see my previous recaps and reviews), the pack must have an alpha turn him into a werewolf. There are several implications that must be explored if this is to be a possibility. Firstly, who will Stiles be once he's a wolf? We've already seen void Stiles and it wasn't pretty. Secondly, this will leave the pack dangerously low on humans to help them out with things only humans can do. Thirdly, this will put Stiles right in Peter's crosshairs, which will directly affect Peter's biological daughter, pack member, Malia as well as potentially leading to a situation wherein she never finds another anchor. This will drastically change the group dynamic. And as Peter points out, this is not a well considered plan. Scott is very brave and will do absolutely anything in this world to save his friend. That's admirable. I'm sure Stiles wants to be rescued too! But what will the final cost be? Lydia wants Scott to be rescued at any cost and won't let anyone get in her way. Peter is the main voice of dissent here and he's likely got a darn good point when he suggests that a better plan is "run like hell." Peter has promised to help Malia, but Peter fears that this anti-plan plan will in fact put Malia and himself in more danger. I wonder if Peter won't try to find Malia's Mom or adopted Dad to try and convince her of this one way or another to stop taking what he sees as unnecessary risks...


Melissa and Chris Argent investigate the dead ghost rider and are caught by Mr. Douglas who has no pretensions about being completely evil. He's looking for the hellhound and Chris Argent refuses to help him find Parrish. While Mr. Douglas is about to kill Argent, Melissa McCall volunteers him to help Mr. Douglas. It is clear Argent would rather have died.

  Poor Mason is missing Corey as Hayden drives him to help the pack find Stiles and Corey. Mason looks through Corey's phone to find only pictures of him and Corey within it. Corey loves Mason very much and Mr. Douglas did not want Corey around to mess up whatever Douglas' plans were for the wild hunt (and believe me, he has some). In the mean time, we can bet that Mr. Douglas is going to need some more fresh and tasty pineal glands. That could present a problem for the pack, though it could ultimately be Mr. Douglas' undoing.


The pack finds the rift and while they're keeping Theo prisoner, Theo tells them that Mr. Douglas has already figured out how to find and fight the ghost riders. Luckily for Theo, Theo knows all about Mr. Douglas the zombie Nazi werewolf. Covenient, right? Who's Theo more afraid of? The pack or Mr. Douglas? Mr. Douglas seems like the greater threat right now and the question remains: how much (if at all) did Theo change while he was locked away, being killed over and over and over again by his sister? How many times can someone have their heart ripped out before it changes them? Isn't that the philosophical question...


Theo insists that Liam break Kira's sword and that if he does so, he will share everything he knows about Mr. Douglas with the pack. When Liam finally does, the look in Theo's eyes suggests that he thinks he still has some measure of control over Liam (remember the incident between Liam and Scott when the moon was at its perigee last season?). Theo keeps his word. The moment Liam breaks the sword, Theo shares with the pack that Mr. Douglas is a Löwenmensch, part lion, part werewolf.

Flashback to when Mr. Douglas and the Nazis were searching for the wild hunt. Grenadier Abel, the soldier he spared in the officers' quarters is sent through the breach and into the wild hunt's den once he realizes he can't get in himself. Of course he can get in, but that doesn't work for long and the poor grenadier dies almost immediately, at which point the ghost riders show up and unleash their wrath on Douglas' attaching soldiers. Mr. Douglas really is one heck of a guy. Like Theo, he volunteers everyone else to die before him without a thought. While a case could be made that Theo is a bit of a narcissist or a narcissistic sociopath, Mr. Douglas is a true sociopath. When the rider whips Mr. Douglas, nothing happens. It simply pisses Douglas off. Bad move, ghost rider guy.

Theo says that Mr. Douglas kept looking for a way to make ghost riders into soldiers and that he found three scientists who he felt could help him. Three guesses who those scientists were (see what I did there?). Of course, they didn't help him. They experimented on Mr. Douglas. The cut he received from the ghost rider's whip mixed with the fluid in his tank and made him stronger, a side effect the dread doctors didn't expect. Mr. Douglas was sustained within his tank for all those years and became a werewolf/löwenmensch/ghost rider. Mr. Douglas is fairly unstoppable at this point, a fact that is unfortunate for Argent and Melissa McCall. Once they've found Parrish asleep in his tank, Mr. Douglas makes a move toward Mr. Argent and Melissa. Rather than allow him to kill them or allowing themselves to help him any further, Argent and Melissa whip themselves with the ghost rider's whip and disappear into the train station. Sadly, a ghost rider finds the junior pack members and takes Mason and Hayden too. Hayden sacrifices herself to save Liam, knowing that he will come for her (also, she's a werewolf, so she's got a good chance of being just fine). Liam tried valiantly to save Hayden, but Hayden knew he'd be better off if she sacrificed herself. The last thing Hayden says to Liam is "I believe in you," while Liam tells Hayden "I love you." Hayden instructs Liam to go find Scott so they can start working on the non-plan plan in order to save everyone who needs to be saved. How will Argent and Melissa be saved? We will have to find that out later.

While Lydia, Scott and Malia try to get through the supernatural rift and a wall of steel, Mr. Douglas comes up behind them...to "help." This Nazi zombie werewolf guy is a real piece of work. Sheriff Stilinski tries to explain to his figment wife that their son is real. She doesn't believe him (obviously) and it is now only a matter of time before she disappears. She won't even set foot in the room until the Sheriff convinces her to. Once she does, she tells Sheriff Stilinski that there's nothing there and so he sees nothing. Rather than it having the desired effect, I think Sheriff Stilinski might be coming to the realization that his wife Claudia is a figment of his imagination.

 Back to the pack waiting at the rift, Mr. Douglas and the hellhound wait to help the pack get into the rift. Liam runs up to Scott and tells him the truth about Mr. Douglas and Scott, being the hero that he is, stands in front of the rift to protect it from Mr. Douglas. When the pack tell Mr. Douglas that he is a bad guy and they won't help him, Mr. Douglas asks when things have ever been that black and white and Liam answers "World War II. He was a Nazi." One of the things I've always loved about Teen Wolf is the fact that real life lessons can be learned from the stories that play out here for those who pay enough attention. Parrish makes it to the rift and opens a door for himself and Mr. Douglas. They go through and two ghost riders come out, but are they there to hurt or help the pack?

 Sheriff Stilinski confronts wife, Claudia. He knows that she isn't real. He is ready to let her go. He shows her the last picture he took of her and Stiles together on her last good day before she died. His memories of Stiles are coming back and overpowering his projection of Claudia. He tells Claudia the story of how she died and she disappears. Noah Stilinski feels the loss so deeply that he cries while staring at the picture. As he cries, a light shines behind him. It appears that a rift is opening up. Did he bring Stiles back himself, simply by remembering him?


 As Malia and Scott fight the wild hunt, Peter jumps in and saves them. He is taken once again. Is Peter genuinely capable of being selfless or is this just a way for him to connect with Mr. Douglas and fall back into his old ways? Liam and Lydia realize that if Lydia is around, the wild hunt will not take her or those with her. The ghost riders are afraid of Lydia and her powers. Could Lydia be the way to defeat the wild hunt?


Scott sits at home with Malia, trying to reach his Mom on the phone over and over again, while still fully aware that his Mom is gone. She's been taken by the wild hunt. Malia comforts him while Liam and Lydia tell him how the ghost riders behaved around her. Lydia says they showed her reverence. While the pack is discussing what to do next as the last people left in Beacon Hills, Sheriff Stilinski comes in and tells the pack that he has a son and that his name is Mieczyslaw Stilinski and that he couldn't pronounce his name when he was a little boy. He tells them what he remembers, and he tells the pack that he is there to help because of Stiles, his goofball son, dragged Scott into the woods to see a dead body and started everything in so doing. Apparently, the Sheriff caught a glimpse of Stile's when the rift opened for a moment. He is now ready to do anything and everything within his power to get Stiles back. He has given the pack a way to open the rift anywhere and at any time by remembering Stiles--remembering everything. My question is where is Theo in all of this? 




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