The 100 404 Recap "A Lie Guarded" #The100

This episode's opening reminds us how fun Jasper Jordan can be. Jaha awakens on a mattress that's floating in the middle of a pond. He looks around, groggily assessing his surroundings, and Jasper calls out to him that he's been floated. The crowd laughs, and so does Jaha, and for a moment, the world doesn't feel like it's ending. 

But don't let your guard down, because a moment later, everyone's running inside to escape a sudden rainstorm, just in case this is "black rain," which carries radiation. Jasper still doesn't care about his life, though; he doesn't run with everyone else. While they watch in horror, he play-acts extreme radiation sickness, then laughs--it's just regular old rain. No one else thinks this is very funny.

Eager to follow up on the potential for Nightblood to save everyone, Abby is leading a mission to the island where ALIE was created. This is great, because it gives Murphy and Emori a way to make themselves useful to the group, piloting Emori's old smuggler boat and leading the way. Emori's still not sold on this whole joiner mentality, though; she quickly suggests to Murphy that they go hole up in the bunker where he used to be a wine-wasting captive.

Luna is along for the ride, of course, but she's really not into her role as Nightblood donor/reluctant savior/test subject. Nyko tells her to trust these people and let them try to save the world, but she acts like the potential outcome is irrelevant--it's the principle of the thing. I kind of hate her, because her selfish idealism is far more important to her than even trying to help others. 

As they reach the treeline on the island, ALIE's automated defenses kick in. Nyko is killed, Luna runs off, and our heroes have to split up to track her down. Raven's left behind because of her injuries, which gives her some quality time with the downed defense drone. She'll hack it so well she could use it as a teakettle.

Back in Polis, Kane has asked Octavia to sit down for a serious talk. This won't go well. He wants to reason with her and engage in a discussion of the difference between vengeance and justice. She's Skairipa, to whom vengeance is justice, and no one is innocent. Kane's real mistake is to bring up Pike. Sorry, Kane, you know I love you, but you're just never going to get Octavia to feel bad about killing Pike.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter what Kane thinks about Octavia's Batman-esque behavior, because Kane's being stripped of his official position. Echo has indeed discovered how little effort is being expended toward saving anyone other than skaikru, and Roan is not interested in any more excuses. What's worse, they've also learned of the plan to manufacture Nightblood, and they see that as blasphemy within their belief system, not to mention a threat to their political standing.

Kane's under arrest, as is Bellamy, but at least they only go to jail for now; Echo slits a skaikru redshirt's throat, throwing Bellamy a glance that says, See how I'm sparing you? Remember this later.

Back in Arkadia, Monty and Jasper are trying to reconnect by breaking into the chancellor's office to prank Clarke. It's juvenile, and definitely beneath Monty, but totally within Jasper's wheelhouse these days. Of course, the dumbass prank is not the real story here--Jasper sees the list of 100 people Clarke has selected to survive, and he immediately knows what he's looking at. 

Clarke walks in on them, and Jasper's already trying to spread the word to the whole population, so she has him arrested. It's a perfect callback to how her father got floated for trying to tell the truth about the Ark, and Clarke knows this isn't a good look for her. 

She makes the mistake of not immediately confining Monty along with Jasper, though, perhaps because Monty's not known to be unstable. Monty runs for a microphone to finish Jasper's work.

Now, the truth is out. Everyone knows they're working to save some, but not all, of their population. Worse, they know the decision of who survives has already been made. Clarke is surrounded by an angry mob, demanding explanations for her choices.

Clarke's ability to coldly evaluate worth for the future is impressive, to be fair. She didn't just choose all her friends, all the people she trusts and relies on. (We saw how hard it was for her to admit to herself she wouldn't leave Bellamy off because she was afraid it was a selfish choice!) Her evaluations were made on very clear criteria, such as including more women than men, because the future of the human race depends on bringing babies into the world. Challenged to explain why she omitted Harper's name, she was able to point to the hereditary medical condition in Harper's family line. She did her homework, that's for damn sure.

Of course, the bitter climax for this mob is raging at her for including herself and Bellamy. That's when Jaha shocks us all by helping out. "Of course she and Bellamy are on the list. The future needs strong, capable leaders." 

After validating the list, Jaha then nullifies it immediately by declaring that there will instead be a lottery. Every day that you show up and help prepare the shelter, your name goes in the lottery. The more days you put in work, the more chances you have to be picked when the time comes. It works to disperse the crowd and renew their willingness to contribute. 

Clarke points out that the lottery's randomness could ultimately hurt their chances for survival, but Jaha has solved the immediate problem, leaving the long-term planning for later. Rather like how Bellamy blew up the hydrogenerator to save a few people from captivity, acting as if it was unquestionable that Raven and Clarke would figure out a way to make it all okay later. I'm sensing a trend.

Speaking of Raven, she's managed to convince Luna not to steal the boat and abandon them all there. Also, I mean, has Luna not given any thought to the fact that if she doesn't help them, or if it doesn't work anyway, she will literally be the last living person on Earth in a few months? Is Luna crazy enough to want to be the sole survivor of the human race?

But I digress. Raven hacked the drone and got Luna to calm the hell down for a minute. They reach the underground complex where Becca did all her mad genius work back in the day. Time to start saving the world, Abby and Raven. 

Finally, Echo leads a team to hunt down Octavia, and our favorite badass manages to kill both Echo's comrades before getting stabbed and falling off a cliff. Echo presents Octavia's broken blade as proof of death, and Bellamy is utterly destroyed. (Notably, Echo was clearly reluctant to let Bellamy know what had happened or that she'd been involved. It's weird what having a crush looks like in warring clans!)

Of course, I was prepared to willfully disbelieve Octavia's death until I saw her dead body. I'm glad the show isn't going to leave us with that literal cliffhanger though! Her awesome horse finds her washed up along the riverside, and she struggles into the saddle to ride for Arkadia.

I'm giving this a 9. It beautifully dealt with Clarke's burdens and the uncomfortable similarities she's seeing more and more between herself and the old leadership she despised. It gave us back a little of fun Jasper, at long last. We got to enjoy Octavia's badassery and Raven's genius. The only knock on this episode for me is the untimely loss of Nyko. I think he deserved a better death.

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