The 100 406 Recap "We Will Rise" #The100

Episode grade: 8.

With Arkadia reduced to smoky ruins that can't keep out regular rain, let alone the radioactive variety, most of the Ice Nation contingent has bugged out. That's the good news. The bad news is...well, there's lots of bad news. Let's dig right in.

Azgeda is slaughtering Trikru and destroying their villages. Apparently, learning that everyone's on the verge of a fiery, melty death brings out the Azgeda in them. (I mean, let's be real--they were always basically Reavers. They barely held to the alliance when they weren't in charge.)

Bellamy dares to offer commentary on this bad behavior, and Roan shuts him down hard. Oh really, Bellamy? You want to talk about slaughtering Trikru in unprovoked surprise attacks? Would you also like to offer your thoughts on the value of hydroelectric generators, or perhaps on the ethics of having someone wiretap their boyfriend? 

The hopeless Skaikru masses are razor-focused on the prisoner in the brig, Ilian. Everyone knows he's the reason they're all going to die. They're ready to at least vent their rage with blood vengeance on this fool. 

Kane, of course, jumps in and stops the beatdown. He's all about the rule of law, order, rationality, and Kane, you know I love you, I respect your rule of law jazz...but Ilian's not worth the effort. (I realize that eventually there may come a time when Ilian turns out to be worth the effort, because TV.)

On Becca's island, Raven is working the flight simulator program for the Vesta IV. She's trying to figure out how to get to space and back on exactly the amount of hydrazine Arkadia has left. She should probably have started with the worst-case scenario and based her calculations on getting it done with significantly less because there was never any chance of this mission going off without a hitch.

Meanwhile, her efforts are causing major side effects, such as extreme irritability, mood swings, violent behavior, migraines, and seizures--your basic spiel from any new drug ad. 

Clarke, Bellamy, Roan, and Roan's personal guards are transporting the hydrazine to Becca's island. It's a very dangerous journey with highly volatile cargo. 

Plus, the hydrazine might explode. 

Plus, the hydrazine might explode. 

Bellamy goes to see Octavia and say goodbye before his mission, and she wants nothing to do with him. Somehow, this is a surprise to him. Again. Bellamy, you need to stop assuming she's missed you enough to forgive you. Do something worthy of earning her forgiveness, and see if that helps. (Of course, she'd also have to know you did it, and I can see how that might be a challenge at the moment.)

Naturally, the journey is not a success. Roan's guards turn on him, except the one loyal guy who just gets killed for his loyalty. One barrel of hydrazine is punctured and leaks out along the way (yet somehow it never causes an explosion, which...I feel like Monty overstated the peril somewhat).

Back at Arkadia, Kane gets shocklashed by a mutinous Miller, Sr., because dude, even the leader of the Guard doesn't see Ilian's life or death as remotely his problem.

Monty correctly tells Jaha that Wells would be ashamed of him for being willing to sit by and let the people commit murder. This stuns Jaha into at least putting down his drink.

Octavia is totally on board with the murder, of course. Monty hilariously tells her she's not a murderer, and she's like, You have no idea.

Ultimately, Kane terrifies everyone back inside with the black rain drill, then emotionally terrorizes Octavia with memories of Lincoln. I really have to take issue with the comparison he makes between her and Pike, and Ilian and Lincoln. Pike murdered Lincoln to prove a point. Lincoln had even earned Pike's respect and proven he deserved to live, but Pike carried through because he had said he would, and he was determined to show his strength and punish any available scapegoat for the mutiny. 

Ilian is a dumb jerk who went on a rampage of wanton destruction and obliterated their home. Grounder justice would dictate that his death is correct. I know, I know, Lexa was making some updates to their code of law, but she hadn't gotten very far when she died, and tradition has largely reverted. 

More importantly, Octavia is not like Pike in this scenario. Ilian has done nothing to earn her mercy. You can point out that he carried her back to camp, but we know that he did that in order to get in and blow stuff up. All I'm saying is, Screw this guy. 

But whatever, Kane's strategy works. Octavia flee in misery, and Ilian flees to go be a jackass elsewhere.

This episode was solid but not extraordinary. Man, was it ever quotable, though! 

Octavia, responding to Ilian's mealy-mouthed, but-I-didn't-mean-it: "The sword doesn't care what you meant. It just cuts."

Murphy, trying to recreate the Grounder mantra Luna used to calm Raven: "I creep on myself...for the miracle of...a horny mistake."

What did you think of last night's episode? Would you have wanted to spare Ilian?