The 100 408 Recap "God Complex" #The100

Episode grade: 9

We open this week right where we left off: Baylis has been injected with the bone marrow treatment, and it's time to shove him in the radiation pressure cooker and see what happens. Our friends are all standing around awkwardly, acting like they are making a decision they've already made. Apparently, they are at least uncomfortable with the murder they're probably about to commit.

But Abby's all about moral theater, and it's suddenly easy to recall that she was complicit in all manner of cruelty and better-you-than-me sacrifice back when she served on the Ark council. Of course, they put him in the oven, and of course, the test is a failure. He dies in a spectacularly gross expulsion of Nightblood that they somehow get perfectly clean later, because what really matters is that they aren't surrounded by reminders of their actions.

Unfortunately, while they're cleaning up the corpse, they notice that the evidence points to his being not exactly who they thought he was. More to the point, not exactly who Emori told them he was. They realize they've killed a random dude rather than a cold-blooded torturer of children, and their emotional math goes straight to blaming Emori, because they are not prepared to accept this as their own moral black mark. 

Emori knows she's now the next test subject, and she and Murphy get locked up to prevent their interference in what's to come. Raven and Luna both object strenuously, but Luna's injured from her bone marrow extraction, so she can't get away, and Raven's objections are vocal (Raven's always injured).

They forcibly extract some more bone marrow for another test. "Welcome to Mount Weather," Raven snarls at Abby. Clarke is conflicted, but Roan assures her she's being a good leader.

Abby rationalizes, "First we survive, then we find our humanity again." Raven again invokes Mount Weather.

In a truly touching scene, Emori begs Murphy to pretend he's okay with this, so they won't automatically choose him for the next test. His love for her is the only thing that outweighs his survival instinct, though; he gives Clarke a blistering dose of reality about the line she's crossing.

It works, too. Clarke stops short of sticking Emori with the test injection, instead self-administering it. After they draw some blood to prove she's turned herself into a Nightblood, she's ready to go forward with the test, but Abby loses her mind and destroys the test chamber.

Roan realizing Clarke is now a Nightblood...and that if he were a Nightblood, he could have been a true Commander.

Roan realizing Clarke is now a Nightblood...and that if he were a Nightblood, he could have been a true Commander.

It turns out Abby has been having visions (the leftover ALIE in her brain), and she knew the test would fail. She was willing to keep play-acting that they had hope for a cure as long as someone else's life was on the line, but now that it's Clarke, she gives up the show. This is the moment when Abby loses her moral claim for all time, folks. Kane will have a hard time being with her if he hears this story.

Speaking of Kane, Jaha has convinced him to reach out to Indra for a meeting, because Jaha has renewed hope of finding the secret bunker that death cult built. Jaha says he's sure the previous bunker they found was a decoy to draw in the unworthy; he's sure of his theory because it's what he would have done. It's a wonderfully true-to-the-character moment. Jaha is totally a cult leader at heart.

They meet up with a pissed-off Indra, no longer Kane's BFF since Azgeda made peace with Skaikru and started murdering Trikru. But he convinces her to introduce Jaha to her daughter Gaia, and they find the bunker. In an awesome Lost callback moment, Henry Ian Cusick is once again in the hatch.

Meanwhile, back at Arkadia, Jasper's being Jasper. He goes to collect those hallucinogenic nuts everyone went crazy from in S1 because he's throwing an End of the World rave. Bellamy gets kind of sucked in because Bellamy loses his moral compass when he's away from Clarke and Octavia. 

This week was rough for our team. I'm beginning to think Abby will die this season because she's way too far gone. What do you think? Is the bunker the true solution? How many people can it possibly hold, and who do you think should be left out? Cough-Jasper-cough.