The 100 504 “Pandora’s Box” #The100

Ever since I saw Kane enter the arena, I was pretty much desperate to know what would happen next. I mean, I love The 100, and I always will keep watching; I’m not one of those fair-weather fans who’d bounce if my favorite character died. But that said, Kane, is my favorite character! I was not okay with seeing him in this kind of danger.

So the good news is, he didn’t die! The bad news: He wound up having to kill someone else because that’s how the arena works, and it was awful for him, of all people, to have to do that. The worse news is, that’s still not enough, because Octavia isn’t ready to accept his victory; she’ll make him fight again! And worst is why he was in the arena in the first place.

I don’t say this lightly, but the hell with Abby Griffin. She somehow got addicted to drugs in the bunker, which I don’t even have a guess how that could happen, but her addiction led to her becoming a thief, and Kane took the fall for her. Hey, anyone else remembers how Murphy’s father got floated for stealing medicine back on the Ark? To hell with Abby Griffin.

THe 100 504.png

I love the hell out of Indra, though. She’s an amazing friend to Kane. She thinks about as highly of Abby as I do, but Kane asked her to help him protect Abby, so she fricking does. Indra is solid gold.

Meanwhile, Bellamy’s using his leverage to get Diyoza and her mining crew to help excavate the bunker. Diyoza, of course, has her plans in motion. She’s got Shaw trying to hack Raven’s controls, for one thing, and she’s also got designs on Abby–turns out her crew of prisoners is in desperate need of a doctor.

Speaking of Shaw, he seems to not entirely suck, so like, WHY are you working with evilkru? I guess maybe eventually we’ll get a reason for that because it sure doesn’t seem like he’s got Stockholm syndrome or anything. They’re threatening his life to an extent, sure, but they need him, too.

But the most infuriating choice this week is made by Raven, who decides not to immediately alert Bellamy (as instructed) when she notices the counter-hacking attempts. Murphy tries to talk her out of this lousy decision, to no avail. He does take the burden of flipping the switch on the prisoners if it comes down to that. Murphy’s status of ultimate survivor comes in handy again.

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Down in the bunker, Kane’s about to be sacrificed to Octavia’s cult of death, but Deus ex Bellamy! He comes gliding down from a hole in the ceiling, and there’s a wistfully beautiful reunion between him and Octavia–wistful because we know the reverie is short-lived; he’s not going to be thrilled with what she’s become. Another questionably beautiful reunion is that Clarke is about to see Abby again, except that useless woman is on the verge of doing her damn drugs even then! I’m so done with her dumb ass.

THe 100 504 2.png

For some reason, Bellamy agreed to Diyoza’s demand that wonkru emerge from the bunker without weapons. I mean, as demands go, that one telegraphs your intentions. And sure enough, she wastes no time threatening wonkru: Evilkru gets the valley, plus the doctor. Abby’s only too happy to come along, as long as she can bring Kane, whose life is still forfeit under Octavia.

Things look bad enough for our friends, but then some trigger-happy jackass fires into the crowd. Diyoza is smart enough to know this guarantees wonkru will seek revenge, even without the draw of the valley. She orders Shaw to fire a missile, and he says he can’t, that Raven must have hacked those controls, too.

At least that means they have to go up and retrieve Raven and Murphy from orbit! I am seriously concerned for their safety now that they’ve had to awaken the prisoners to motivate Diyoza to stop venting the atmosphere. Man, Diyoza doesn’t play.

Neither, I suppose, does McCreary, who executes the trigger-happy jackass. No loss, that.

Final thoughts:

Octavia’s started believing her publicity, huh? She has lost perspective, humility, and humanity. But she still has that bad old habit of instantly blaming Bellamy for everything that goes wrong!

This episode made me feel immensely relieved that The 100 isn't on HBO, so we don't have to get a storyline where the awakened prisoners are all rapists.