The 100 Ep 411 Recap & Review "The Other Side" #The100

Episode Grade: 10

Wow, that was intense. From last week's action-packed thrills to this week's emotional journey, this season is everything we love about The 100. 

Right at the top, it's clear I was wrong about Abby; she knew Kane was observing the conclave, and she clearly knew Skaikru was stealing the bunker, but she apparently assumed that he'd be inside when the door closed. How that was supposed to be accomplished without compromising the entire plan is a mystery, but the most you could say is that she deluded herself into thinking no one she loved would suffer or be excluded from this underhanded scheme Clarke and Jaha cooked up. So, I apologize for thinking she'd accepted his death as a sacrifice to take the bunker.

I take notes as I watch, and my next note is just, "Jaha, you dick." Normally, little notes like these are sufficiently descriptive, because I would just think, Oh yeah, he was a dick right then for saying/doing X. But the fact is, Jaha was a dick throughout this entire episode. Every moment he was on screen could be summed up with this exact comment. 

On Becca's island, Raven is still working on her die-in-space plan, and Becca is full of helpful suggestions. "Don't listen," male voice whispers and a vague form appears in the background. This can be one of two people, and Finn wouldn't be remotely useful, which means, Yes! It's Sinclair! No matter what else happens, this episode rocks for bringing back Sinclair.

He challenges Raven to figure out a way to survive, rather than sacrificing her beautiful mind. Becca brags that Raven's brain is better with her in it, that Becca-enhanced Raven is like, "Davinci! Einstein! Mozart!"

Sinclair says, "I'd take Raven Reyes over those three hacks," and even though it's technically Raven's mind putting these words in his mouth, we all know it's how he truly felt. 

Outside the sealed bunker hatch, Octavia is playing it cool, keeping the clans at bay for now. Kane's with the people, helping them organize their groups of 100 per clan who will enter the bunker. 

Abby and Bellamy get Jaha and Clarke to let them use the radio to at least talk with Kane and Octavia. There's the big moment of Clarke, and you suck for not having faith in Octavia, who just won the conclave. 

Now that Bellamy knows Octavia is alive, there is zero chance he's going to accept Clarke and Jaha's plan, and everybody knows it. They knock him out and lock him away.

No one seems remotely concerned that Abby will take such steps to bring Kane inside, so she's free to wander around, unsupervised. I guess it's a benefit to be seen as basically heartless?

Speaking of heartless, Jaha expresses concern about who's guarding Bellamy, accurately noting that nearly everyone on the Guard is Bellamy's friend or admirer. He says they need "someone who wants to survive more than be liked." Clarke knows exactly who fits that description....

Murphy cheerfully confirms, "Need a selfish bastard? I'm your man." (I swear, this is the most quotable episode ever!) He and Emori are inside the bunker, and he's ready to do whatever it takes to keep them both there.

Meanwhile, back at Arkadia, the End of the World rave is getting pretty depressing as people start to die from the drugs. Monty's running around in a radiation suit, trying desperately to get these suicidal morons to rally. It's extra sad from the viewer's perspective, because, assuming these events are concurrent, it's already way too late to enter the bunker. But he's trying, poor guy.

Jasper, on the other hand, sees the first death as a good sign, because it means they've now got a recommended dosage for their final drink to ensure a peaceful death before the death wave comes.

Monty is doing his damnedest to inspire hope and a will to live, especially with Harper. He tells her he loves her, and she says miserably, "You're not enough to make me want to live, and I am not worth dying for."

At the bunker hatch, Octavia and Indra are still waiting for Bellamy to figure out how to get the door open. Echo sneaks her way in to challenge Octavia, pointing out that Skaikru clearly screwed everyone over. 

Fortunately, Octavia was there to see the fight Echo and Roan had in the conclave, and she throws it back in Echo's face. Your king banished you because you were cheating during the conclave, so how about you just thank me for letting Azgeda enter the bunker along with all the non-cheater-infested clans?

Echo thinks it over and finds something else to sneer about, asking if Octavia even has a plan for opening the bunker at all. Octavia acknowledges without a hint of embarrassment that her plan is to wait for Bellamy to find a way from the inside.

"Knowing how he feels about you," Echo says, "that's a good plan."

Abby casually goes to check on Bellamy's wounds, and Murphy snarks at her, "Try not to kill this one." Moments later, she calls out for Murphy, and they knock him out. It will take two people to open the bunker; Abby in the control room, Bellamy at the door. 

Abby sedates Jaha and takes over the control room, and Bellamy makes his way to the hatch. Clarke realizes what's up and goes after him with a gun. Did anyone actually think there was a chance she'd ever fire? But the fact that she held a gun on him at all should be a pretty big blow to the Bellarke shippers. (That and her crawling into bed with Nylah earlier, I guess.)

Just in time, Bellamy opens the hatch before the clans pour into the entryway in groups of 100 each. Octavia proudly welcomes them all in, except of course, Echo, because she's treacherous (and was presumably not part of Azgeda's 100, by virtue of being up here with Octavia rather than down where Kane was helping with the sorting).

Back on the island, Raven succeeds in rebooting her brain to clear away the deadly remnants of Becca/ALIE. She is ready to join her friends at the bunker... though it's a mystery how she intends to do so, as the boat already crossed the water when they left without her, not to mention there's no guaranteed spot in the bunker for her--they all thought she was dying.

In Arkadia, poor Monty is still being Mr. Brightside, and he finds Jasper watching the vibrant red sky. Jasper has taken his final dose, and he tries to say goodbye to Monty, who of course still wants to fight to keep him alive. It's a heartbreaking scene, and these actors do such beautiful work, and we've watched these two friends for so long, it all feels terribly real. Jasper was one of my favorite characters, mostly because Devon Bostick made him live so fully. This season, it was evident Jasper was over the struggle to survive. I'm glad they gave us this farewell scene, with these extraordinary actors. It was a good send-off.

Poor Monty is devastated and then terrified, quickly realizing that Jasper wasn't alone in taking the big dose of drugs. He frantically looks among the dead, calling out Harper's name, and hey, for a change, someone lived up to Monty's faith in them. She is now dressed in a radiation suit and ready to say she loves him. And I'm happy for him, even though as I already stated, I'm kind of skeptical that they're going to walk right into the bunker...

Especially since Octavia's now brought the other clans in, declaring to Clarke and Jaha that Skaikru also gets 100 beds, so they'll have to figure out which 99 people get to join Bellamy in surviving praimfaya. I'm not sure why she is giving them this power because it's going to be a trainwreck, but she's never had any interest in politics, and she doesn't consider them her people anymore.

What a terrific episode, right? What was your favorite line?