The 100 Ep 505 “Shifting Sands” #The100

The threat of being annihilated if they attempt to take the valley is not going to stop our conquering Bloodreina. She’s already got an incredibly foolhardy plan in place by morning. Clarke tries to point out the flaws in the plan, and anyone with a lick of sense would heed her warnings because Clarke has been living out here for years and knows the terrain as it is now. But not our Octavia. She’s in full-on authoritarian mode, and her today, the Cooper, dutifully agrees with every ill-conceived word she says. Oh yeah, that'll go well.

Diyoza walks through the valley and is immediately annoyed by her people. You can see her thinking, Ugh, the shitty taste in music alone reminds me why we left them in stasis all that time. She commands Shaw and McCreary to get the missiles back online, no matter what it takes.

Shaw manages to get McCreary out of the room so he can confide to Raven and Murphy that, d’uh, he was the one who shut the missiles down, because he’s the only non-sociopath on evilkru. He doesn’t know how to get them out of the situation he’s caused, though, so it’s a good thing Raven’s got a plan. He sets Murphy to lose, then announces that Raven gave up the codes in exchange for her friend’s release. Not much of a release, at that, because Murphy’s still got that shock collar on…but it at least gives Murphy a chance to find their friends and send a warning to Bellamy that the missiles are coming.

Back at camp, we finally meet Vinson! I’m a Mike Dopud fan (Stargate Universe, anyone?), so I’ve been looking forward to this. And it is good! He’s playing the creepiest character I’ve seen him portray yet, and his quiet intensity gets under your skin. He gets this Ben Linus/Hannibal Lecter introduction, and it’s fricking awesome. It also offers some insight on why McCreary killed his brother last week: Apparently, their illness causes violent impulses, so the trigger-happy jackass firing into the crowd probably indicated a relapse.

Abby is ordered to attempt to diagnose whatever’s wrong with this terrifying prisoner, and Diyoza casually suggests not letting his mouth get too near your hands or feet. Yikes. Abby asks for her pills, and Kane is quite rightly displeased with her addict bullshit. I’ve got to say; I’m about done with her my self. But I’d also really like to know how she managed to get addicted to drugs inside the bunker in the first damn place. How were there enough supplies of anything for a person to develop a drug addiction? I’m going to keep wondering about that until someone explains it.

Out in the desert, Clarke’s warnings that this was a dumbass idea have already borne fruit. Not the sandstorms she described, at least not yet, but a whole new terror: burrowing parasitic insects! Yup, The 100 finally does its homage to The Thing (every sci-fi series eventually does one). This one’s pretty subtle, just the burrowing creatures under the flesh, not the “who’s the monster,” but still.

Incidentally, Clarke saves Octavia's life, as does all of wonkru right after, but Octavia doesn't seem all that impressed. She has come to see herself as the queen in every way, taking for granted the devotion of others, and it's going to bring her down hard.

Diyoza’s crafty AF, Y'all. She spotted that the drugs were a wedge between Abby and Kane, so she suddenly gave Abby back the drugs after all, then invited (at gunpoint, natch) Kane for a drink! She admits he made a valid point earlier about how there aren’t many humans, so killing off the rest of the species was not a great plan. I think she’s ready to start the repopulation process right there with his fine self. Mainly when she works it into the conversation to find out if he and Abby are married. Smooth.

But she also admits that she’s concerned about Octavia and needs intel on her. She just sent a missile at the wonkru camp, then watched as wonkru formed a phalanx to protect Octavia, and that kind of loyalty and strength make O quite the formidable enemy…and wonkru quite the potential prize if she could overthrow their queen.

Out in the desert, they’ve barely survived the night, and there is a handful of the dead. Octavia gives the order to strip the bodies of armor and weaponry, then head out, leaving them unburied. This doesn’t sit well with Cooper, the first sign that she might be willing to break from Octavia.

The rover arrives, and Octavia can’t help smiling when she sees Monty and Harper, but ooh if looks could kill, Echo would already be a goner.

I’d heard we wouldn’t love O this season, but man, she’s gone full Pike. Threatening Bellamy with her “enemy of wonkru” speech? Holy crap. I kind of can’t wait to see her face when Gaia realizes there’s a true Nightblood around now and expects Octavia to hand over the throne.

Final thoughts:

Evilkru is, so far, the least worthy survivor group we’ve ever seen. And yes, I remember Mount Weather. At least the Mountain Men had decent people among them; evilkru has only Shaw, who’s effectively a hostage. Unless the tumors Abby’s trying to cure turn out to be the cause of their overall personalities, these people just fricking suck.

It’s nice that Emori stayed with Murphy when his shock collar turned out to limit his range of movement.