The 100 Ep 507 Recap “Acceptable Losses” #The100

The defectors from Polis are being shown around their new home, wearing the latest fashion in jewelry that can blow your head off. The injured girl whose bullet wound had briefly concealed Monty’s USB drive dies on Abby’s table, and Kane is pretty sure it’s because of the drugs Abby refuses to quit taking. He has a really fair point, especially considering they’re not even the same drugs she’d been initially hooked on; Diyoza’s now giving her stuff from the Eligius supply, and anyone who’s ever known an addict can tell you that it’s even scarier when the addict can’t get their first choice anymore but swallows whatever’s handy in its place. But Abby gets all righteous at him, which is just infuriating.

Speaking of people who are pretty much the worst, Cooper is up to something super shady, delivering a corpse to the farm…she’s Using it to cultivate sandworms for biological warfare! That’s just got to be the worst idea ever.

Clarke begs Madi to play weak in training so she won’t stand out and seem like a threat to Octavia, but you can see in Madi’s eyes that she hates the idea of not letting her personal hero see how cool she is.

Echo and Raven whisper amongst themselves in the prisoners’ cabin. It seems like Raven is entirely ready to give up on Kane as an untrustworthy traitor who has gone over to Diyoza’s side. But she is willing to trust Shaw.

She gets a chance to talk with him privately, and Shaw finally gives us some key information. It turns out he’d admired Diyoza’s heroics in the time of war because she stood up for the innocent casualties. Then on Eligius, the corporate leadership wanted to leave the sick workers behind to die, so Shaw helped lead the mutiny against them with Diyoza. It all makes more sense now, and I’m glad.

Back in Polis, our team is freaking out about the sandworms, and Monty deadpans, “Releasing an invasive species into the last arable land on Earth is a bad idea.” They take their concerns to Indra, who agrees that Cooper’s actions are horribly alarming and must be Cooper’s own terrible idea, and she will immediately inform Octavia…who of course already knew because if it’s the worst idea ever, you can bet Blodreina thinks it’s awesome.

Diyoza calls Echo in for an interview, and we see how good Echo is at being a spy. Unfortunately for Raven, Echo places the mission above all other concerns, so she offers up Shaw to Diyoza, ratting him out for the help he’s given our side along the way! Way not cool, Echo…but effective, as it does provide them with the chance to plant Monty’s virus in the Eligius system.

Madi is clearly pretending to be weak, and Gaia tells her to keep it up, but get much better at it. She confesses her allegiance to Madi, showing her the Flame, her birthright. She won’t say anything against Blodreina, but her true loyalty will always be to the legacy of the Commander.

Now that everyone who knows about the sandworms also knows that Octavia is on board with the plan, they confront her with all the obvious downsides. She is confident in Cooper’s analysis that the sandworms won’t survive long in a forested area. Okay, but what about our friends who are there? Raven, Murphy, Emori, Kane, Abby, Echo? Octavia blithely describes them as “acceptable losses.”

Desperate to see something human in Octavia, our team challenges her on having allowed Cooper to experiment on human subjects. Octavia acknowledges that she didn’t know about that part per se, but she’s going to use the findings of the research regardless, which is pretty post-WWII of her.

This is all getting a little too dark for Monty, especially in combination with the suicide note Jasper had written a year before, which Clarke found in the ruins of Arkadia and brought to him. He’s now on board with Jasper’s outlook that humanity sucks and ruins everything. He grasps at some straws, wondering if he could convince Wonkru to stay in Polis rather than go to war if only they’d try his sweet, sweet algae.

Poor Kane confronts Abby with the ultimatum: the drugs or me. They’re interrupted by a patient’s arrival. It’s Diyoza, and she confides to Abby that she’s pregnant!

Octavia shows up to watch a training session, and Madi can’t bring herself to hold back. She shows off, and Octavia recruits her as her second, putting her directly on the War Council! Clarke won’t have it, of course, so she reaches out to Diyoza and offers to take down Octavia from the inside in exchange for an alliance.