The Bold Type Binge Watch Recap #TheBoldTypeChat “A Must Watch Series.”

I have seen the commercial for this show, and I am like, should I watch, it does look impressive, and I never got around to watching. I am sitting down at 2 am this morning bore and so I said ok, I'd give it a try and 8 hours later I am all about “The Bold Type.” I got hooked the first episode and could not stop watching; it was refreshing, fun, excited, current, and inspirational. Now enough about me and my feeling let me tell you about the show and three gorgeous ladies that makes you think “Am I even living.

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Show Summary
The series is centered around three best friends who met and works for the same Magazine “Scarlet” for the past four years. Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens from Faking it) Kat (Aisha Dee from Chasing Life and Sweet/Vicious), and Sutton (Meghann Fahy from One Life to Live). Scarlet, a global women's magazine which is run by the powerful and fierce Jacqueline Carlyle (Melora Hardin from Transparent) The show will explore these three friends adventurous in New York City how will they make their voices heard as they explore their sexuality, identity, love, and fashion.

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Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens from Faking it) Aka The Meticulous

Jane loves her job at Scarlet and with her new promotion come writer her journey begins. Jane’s first assignment is not at all what she expected because I would consider her as meticulous and she had something else in mind for what her writing role at Scarlet would be, but it was not the case. Jane first assignment is very personal and unsettling mostly because it was about her ex-boyfriend who broke up with her and Jane has not gotten closer. Thanks to Jackie she now has to confront the situation, Jane meets Kat and Sutton in their usual spot “Scarlet’s clothes closet, that I wish to mine,” and they decided to help Jane confront her ex and not fail on her first writing assignment. “How to stalk your unstalkable ex-boyfriend.” She got closer after stalking him for a few days. By episode 2 we learn that page never had an orgasm. Kat tells her needs to see a sexologist, and Jane did, she was given a ball which got stuck in her vagina, and she hurry’s to work. When she got to work, she had Kat pull it out while Sutton provides moral support. Let us talk about the hottie sex writer Pinstripes who have seen Jane in some embarrassing situations. Jane kisses Pinstripes at Adena art show, to test herself which also help write her never had an orgasm article. By episode 3 Jane and Pinstripe get closer, but that was short lived as Jane had a misunderstanding about his new article. Jane next article was a senator who uses fashion as a mean to get attention. This got her some traction, and she was invited to a speaker as part of a panel. She and Pinstripe hook up a few times, and the finally had an orgasm twice the first time. Over the next four episode, Jane is sued for defamation after writing an article about a woman who left her finance job to become a stripper. Jane tells Pinstripes that she loves him while having sex in the bath tub, breaks up with him for not been the type to be in a monogamous relationship. Jane goes on a blind date for an article. Jane learns that she has the same gene that her mother has which makes Jane subsumable to have breast cancer in her life time. Jane and Jacquelin get closer after Jane outburst in front of everyone. 

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Kat Edison (Aisha Dee) aka The Persistent

Kat is the Director of social media, and after a board meeting in episode 1, she meets Adena an independent Muslim lesbian artist, who pulled her feature story from the August issue. After meeting her at Adena at the studio, they did not go as Kat had planned because they both misunderstand each other. Nonetheless, Kat is determined to get Adena to agree to let Scarlet run her story. After some time together packing sample dildo to smuggle back into her country she decides to let them run the article. In episode 2 Kat received a message that Adena is being held at the airport by custom for illegal smuggling. Kat asks Jackie for help, and with her help, Adena returns to New York safely. Adena invites Kat her friend to her art show, Kat finds herself questioning her sexual identity as her feelings for Adena continue to grow, and things are further complicated when Kat discovers that Adena has a girlfriend. At work, Kat has become the victim of internet trolling After posting a gender inequality article online. Jacqueline tells Kat that she will have to prevent her to the product to the board and to make sure that she is prepared. Jane and Sutton worries about Kat and the trolls are now sending a death threat, by Kat is optimistic and won’t let them stop her from speak up. On the day of her presentation to the board seconds before she goes in, she received a message from the trolls with a topless photo. This throughs Kat of her game and Kat end up walking out of the board meeting. By episode 4 Kat and Adena are getting closer, Adena asks Kat to write her a letter of recommendation so she can extend her work visa on a Scarlet letter head. Kat is feeling uneasy that Adena is asking her for such a personal favor and she has no idea what to write because she doesn’t know her well enough. Jane and Sutton encourage her Kat to spend time with Adena to find out more about her character. Kat agrees and goes on a walk with Adena, the night was going beautiful but end up with Kat been arrested after an altercation with a man made a racist remark towards Adena. Kat adamantly demands he apologizes to Adena and when he wouldn’t Kat slaps him in the face. The police arrived, but when Kat turns to ask Adena to tell them what happen, she was nowhere to be found. The next day she is bailed out by Jacqueline and confronts Adena for running. Adena tries to explain, but Kat could not see where she was coming from, but after a talk with Jacqueline, Kat had a better understanding of how she and Adena life differs. By the end of the episode, Kat and Adena reunite and share a kiss. Over the next four-episode, Kat breaks up with Adena after making her leave her girlfriend, with the intent to start a relationship with her. Then try to get back together with her after overcoming her fear of being in a relationship and run to Adena house but when to get their Adena discloses that she is leaving for Paris to reconcile with her girlfriend. At work, Kat faces controversy on a social media campaign to free the nipple and to raise breast cancer awareness and testing when Instagram took down her photo. Kat hired her first employed and had to fire her a few day later. Kat and Adena continue to keep in touch while she in Paris and by the end of episode 8 Kat and the girls celebrate Adena return.

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Sutton Brady (Meghann Fahy) Aka The Dreamer

Sutton, an assistant at Scarlet magazine but her dream is to be in fashion. Sutton is feeling pressured because she feels left behind as her friends achieve their career goals. Sutton is dating Richard Hunter, a member of the Scarlet board of directors and a lawyer for the magazine's, but she is keeping it a secret from Jane and Kat. After not being able to get in touch with Sutton, Jane and Kat track her phone and discover that she is involved with Richard. In episode 2 Sutton approaches her boss Lauren about the next step in her career, and base on Sutton realistic goal in Lauren's eyes she is supportive of Sutton move. Lauren sets Sutton up with Richard for an informational interview which later leads to a job offer in advertisement sales. However, after receiving the job offer Sutton release that even though the money is much more than she is making as an assistant, her dream is to go into fashion. Sutton turns the job down and goes after her dream job in the fashion department after talking with her friend and Richard. In episode 3 Sutton acts when she overheard Oliver saying that he needs help with a new project juggles preparation for the fashion show, while still being Lauren's assistant. In episode 4 Lauren gives Sutton a recommendation along with another candidate to Oliver, but Oliver mistake Sutton for the candidate with experience. Sutton struggled with whether to tell Oliver that he confused her with the other candidate with the experience, Jane thinks she should come clean, and Kat thinks she should keep it a secret and take the opportunity. Richard was trying to help Sutton by giving her a recommending to Oliver and out Sutton deception in the process. The truth is out, and Oliver is disappointed in Sutton for sharing their work relationship with a lie. After stressing a little Sutton decide that she will not just give up and puts everything she has into making one last impression, which earns her the fashion assistant job. Over the next 4-episodes Sutton receives her contract from Oliver. However, her salary is much lower than she initially expected. After taking to Alex and her BFF’s, she gained some confidence to confront Oliver and asks for some job perks in return for leaving her salary as is for now. Sutton attempts to prove her capabilities in the fashion department by obtaining a $5000 necklace for Oliver. However, she loses the necklace in a cab after running to Janes rescue. Sutton with the help of Alex searches for the necklace, and when they found it, they shared a hug and Richard walked in, on the way back to the office Alex confesses to Sutton that if she were single, he would kiss her. Sutton tries to combine her personal life and social life, but it goes wrong and ends spending most of the night in the bathtub after returning to Richard’s apartment high after a gathering to make a connection in the fashion industry. That evening Kat and Richard also got into over a work situation. After all that happen Sutton makes the difficult decision of breaking up with Richard due to the pressure of keeping their relationship a secret. Lastly, Sutton jumps at the opportunity to runs a photo shoot when Oliver is in Cuba. After not speaking up for herself when Oliver second tries to take credit for the shot Jacquelin give her a talk about never letting some take credit for her work.

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