#TheFlash 3X14 "Attack on Central City" Recap & Review

This week's episode of the Flash concludes the Gorilla City arc that began last week. With Grodd seeming defeated, the team rests and prepares to celebrate Valentine's Day. But, there is tension in the team. Harry is not thrilled to find out that Jesse wants to stay on Earth 1 and he also shows complete annoyed for H.R. and his lack of genius. Things only get more complicated when Gypsy comes through a breach and begins to attack Cisco and Barry. Harry manages to stun her with his rifle, and she wakes up in the pipeline.

It is revealed that she was captured by Grodd while hunting for a breaching on Earth 2. She was forced to help Grodd and his army reach Earth 1, and they're preparing to attack Central City. Cisco asks Gypsy to help them fight Grodd, but she refuses and returns to Earth 19. The team uses Cisco's powers to find out where Grodd will attack. But when the police and the speedsters reach the location, there is no Grodd. Grodd possesses Joe and states his intention to destroy everyone and everything in the city. He forces Joe to turn his gun on himself, but Barry manages to save him.

Back at Star Labs, they figure out that when Grodd takes over someone's mind, they can also see his. Harry makes a machine that allows Joe to tap into his memories of Grodd. He draws a picture of a General who has access to a nuclear facility. Barry races to the facility just in time to prevent a nuclear launch in Central City. With his original plan failed, Grodd marches on Central City.


Needing help for the fight, Barry, Jesse, and Wally, go and hold off Grodd's army while Cisco travels to Earth 19 to talk to Gypsy. We see Gypsy confirming the capture of her target on Earth 2 to Accelerated Man, who thanks her and runs off. After a conversation, Cisco manages to convince her to help.

Back on Earth one the battle isn't going well. Grodd has the speedsters on the ropes. When his is ready to finish the fight, Gypsy and Cisco return with Solivar. Solivar challenges Grodd to a fight and defeats him. The rest of the Gorilla's then submit to his rule once again. Barry makes a deal to spare Grodd's life and keep him on Earth 1. Argus collects Grodd and the city is safe.

Later, the team says goodbye to Harry and Gypsy, who return to their own Earths. Barry and Iris share a special night in their apartment, where Barry proposes to Iris. The scene moves to the West house, where Jesse and Wally are watching a movie. Wally leaves to get food, but when he arrives at Big Belly Burger, Savitar emerges charging at Wally and the episode ends.

This was a good conclusion to the Gorilla City arc. Naturally with CGI being expensive and difficult, we didn't see a massive and intricate battle between Central City and Grodd's army. There was a really good fight between Solivar and Grodd though and that was fun to watch. Like many of the episodes this week, we got to see a ton of character interaction and development. One of the biggest treats for me, as a comic reader, was the cameo of Accelerated Man (Earth 19's Flash). He seems like a great character and I hope the explore him more. It was also great to have Gypsy and Harry back. Harry is a fan favorite version of Wells, though H.R. is growing on me. 

Other than weaker CGI, i didn't really have any problems with this episode. I can understand why it wasn't as good as the S2 King Shark or Grodd episode, having to animate a ton more. But the story concluded well, we got some good character development, and we got a glimpse of Earth 19.

Overall Rating: 8/10


-With Grodd back on Earth 1, do you think he will appear again next season?

-Will the team ultimately have to recruit multiverse speedster to beat Savitar?

-With Savitar returning, will the teams plan to change events take a back seat?