#TheFlash S3 Ep 8 "Invasion" Recap & Review #DCWeek #CWCrossover

This week's episode of Flash was the first of a three-part crossover between the shows of the Arrowverse. Yes, three part. Supergirl had one scene, at the end of the episode, where Barry and Cisco appear. The scene is shown again on The Flash, so you wouldn't have to watch this week's Supergirl to understand her involvement.

Anyways, this week's episode had Barry investigating a meteor which crashed in downtown Central City. Upon arriving at the crash site, Barry immediate discovers that the meteor is actually an alien spaceship. Barry is blowing back by an energy blast, as the horde of aliens exit the craft and run off. The next day, Barry returns to the crash site to find several government agencies, including ARGUS, investigating the craft. He talks to Lyla Diggle, who informs him that the aliens have come to earth before and taken people. Barry shares this info with his team, who tells him that he can't go after the aliens on his own. 

We move to Star City, where we find Spartan and Green Arrow facing off against Vigilante. Barry grabs the pair and takes them to Felicity's apartment where he gives them the news. Thea arrives and wants to help, excited to be fighting aliens. The next scene takes both team Arrow and team Flash to an unused Star Labs facility. At this facility, the Legends show up, as Barry and Cisco go to Earth 38 to retrieve Supergirl. When they return, and introductions are made, Barry informs them what their up against. An alien race called the Dominators, has come to earth. Supergirl has prior knowledge of the Dominators, claiming that they invaded Krypton at some point. She affirms how dangerous they are. 

Oliver wants the combined team to train against Supergirl, while Stein and Jax show Barry and Oliver the message they found from Future Barry. The message, sent to Rip, warns about the alien invasion and informs them not to trust anyone, especially Barry. They all agree to keep this knowledge between them until they deal with the Dominators. Stein receives more visions of the girl in his memoirs and asks Caitlin to accompany him to his home. Upon arrival, he meets the girl, who turns out to be his daughter. He abruptly leaves with Caitlin and returns to the teams. 

The rest of the heroes are shown to be no match against Supergirl. As the team continues to prepare, Cisco finds the recording of Future Barry. He confronts Barry about it, who is forced to tell everyone about Flashpoint. Needless to say, they do not take the news well and proceed to go after the Dominators without Barry and Oliver, who refused to go without Barry. The Dominators had captured the President of the United States, but when the combined team arrived to save him, the Dominators immediately kill him, saying that he wasn't the one they wanted. 

Back at Star Labs, Wally has an argument with Joe and Iris about using his powers and being a hero. The building is attacked by unknown assailants. Barry and Oliver investigate and find that the team that went to save the president (Supergirl, White Canary, Heatwave, The Atom, Firestorm, Speedy, and Spartan) are under some sort mind control. The to try to find off their comrades, but can't handle them all. Wally rushes in to help but is knocked out by Supergirl. Barry draws Supergirl away, while Oliver carries Wally to safety. Barry lures Supergirl back to where the president was being held and tricks her into destroying the device that kept them under mind control.

Back at Star Labs, Wally has a more positive encounter with his family. Afterward, H.R. Wells approaches him and offers to train him. The rest of the heroes meet outside and agree to follow Barry as their leader. This moment is cut short as a Dominator ship appears and takes Sara, Diggle, Thea, Ray, and Oliver as the episode ends.

This episode was huge. What I mean by that is basically what I said. The cast, the scope, the fight scenes, the amount of character interaction. All of it huge. There is too much to say about how good this episode was, so I will just say that it needs to be watched and is a testament as to what can happen with a shared TV universe. With not enough time to sing this episode's praise, I will move on to the few things that weren't so praise worthy about this episode.

First of all, the idea that the characters were all so mad at Barry for Flashpoint seemed a little uncalled for. The only people who can legitimately be upset with Barry are Diggle, Cisco, and Caitlin. All three of them either lost someone do to Flashpoint or gained something dangerous. The Legends had no right to be upset with Barry, changing the timeline in almost every episode of their own so, sometimes of personal reasons. Sara was the worst offender to this, getting high and mighty on Barry, while she tried several times to kill Damian Darhk in the past, which would have changed history. She even told him his exact future, which he can now go and change, so she is the last, and i mean the last, person to legume anyone on changing timelines.

Attached to this is Cisco's mood this episode. Though it is understandable that he is upset, he is coming of a real jerk and it made him very unlikeable in this episode. It was hard to have any sympathy for him when he acted that way.

The last thing was something that wasn't necessarily a problem, but it could have been better. The teams all got together really fast. Considering that Supergirl's episode had nothing to do with the cross-over and only contained a tagged on scene at the end with Cisco and Barry, there could have been more build up to the teams meeting. We don't know the circumstances of the production aspect of the shows. Maybe they couldn't use SUpergirl's episode for whatever reason, but it would have been nice if the teams hadn't all come together in a two minute time span. 

Despite these relatively minor gripes, this episode was great and piles on the hype for the remaining two parts of the cross-over. This is tulle a one of a kind event for both TV and superhero shows. We can only hope this becomes an annual occurrence.


-How did you like the episode?

-What DC story would you like to see them do for next year's possible cross-over?