#TheFlash S3 Ep 7 "Killer Frost" Recap & Review

This week on The Flash, we start with Savitar carrying Barry around Central City. The speed god is significantly faster than Barry and beats on the Scarlett Speedster. The speed difference is even greater than that of Zoom and Barry in S2. Cisco and Caitlin are forced to intervene in order to save Barry. Unfortunately, Caitlin unleashes Killer Frost in the process. 

Caitlin goes to CCPD, where the police have captured one of Alchemy's disciples. She interrogates him, but he refuses to give up Alchemy. She takes Julian and forces him to track down the other disciples of Alchemy.

At Star labs, the team tries to figure out the details of Wally's metamorphosis. Joe wants to take Wally out of the pod, but the rest of the team doesn't think that it's safe. Barry finds Caitlin and Julian in a warehouse. Julian tells Barry to take her out, but Barry instead knocks out Julian. She yells at Barry about Flashpoint and reveals that Dante was alive before Barry changed the timeline. Cisco hears this over the comes and is devastated at the news. Caitlin and Barry fight and after Caitlin almost kills Barry, he is able told defeat her.

Back at Star Labs, Barry tries to get through to Caitlin as, Joe and H.R. decide to cut Wally out of the cocoon. They succeed but due to the change not being complete, Wally is not in control of his speed and runs off. Barry lets Caitlin out of the pipeline and tells her that she can leave if she kills him. This provocation brings Caitlin back to sanity. She then helps the team find a way to help Wally. She develops a serum that should help him control his speed. They find him at his old home and Joe talks to Wally while Barry injects him with the serum. This fixes Wally's uncontrollable speed. They test Wally's speed in the speed lab, and it is commented that he is faster than Barry was when he started. Wally is eager to go out and begin helping Barry, but they convince him to take it slow. Cisco and Barry have a heart to heart which leaves their friendship in a rocky state.

At the hospital, Julian is recovering from the heavy hit that Barry dealt him. Barry tries to convince him not to tell the police what Caitlin did. He agrees, but only if Barry quits his job. Barry reluctantly agrees and later tells Joe and Iris that he is ok with the decision. The episode ends with Julian returning to CCPD and being contacted by Savitar. Savitar tells Julian to turn to his service and Julian opens a cabinet that reveals the Dr. Alchemy costume.

This week's episode was anticipated, with it's premiss and Kevin Smith directing it. This episode tease Caitlin becoming her comic counter part, while retaining the character that we know and love. There is potential to have her change again sometime in the season; with Cisco's vision and what the disciple said.

We see the speed of Savitar as well. He is many times faster than Zoom and can only be seen by speedsters. He seems to be able to enter the speedforce when he runs. Alchemy is shown to be one of his disciples. Savitar's plan is still a mystery, but hopefully it is more creative than gathering speed, which is getting old. Considering we don't know Savitar's origins, we could be in for a surprise.

We also have the first appearance Detective Tom Patterson, played by Greg Grunberg (Heroes). Detective Patterson is shown to have a bias against all meta-humans. He has an abrupt appearance, but is looking to be a reoccurring character similar to Captain Singh and Dr. McGee. We will have to see what the show does for this character.


-How did you like the episode?

-Are you excited for the crossover?

-Where do you think Savitar comes from?