#TheFlash S3 Ep. 2 "Paradox" Recap & Review

Last week we were given a glimpse into what the CW Flashpoint looked. By the end of the episode, Barry was forced to reset the timeline back to the way it was. He quickly realized that things weren’t the same. This week we see just how different things were. Barry discovers that Iris and Joe don’t talk because Joe didn’t tell Iris, the truth about her mother. Barry also learns that a drunk driver killed Cisco’s brother. He holds a grudge against Barry for not going back in time to save Dante. At the CCPD, Barry discovers Julian Albert, a CSI who focuses on meta-human crimes. Barry quickly learns how much he and Julian dislike one another.

Barry visits Felicity to explain the situation. Felicity acts as an audience proxy, in the sense that her questions force Barry to explain the situation in very clear and simple way. During his visit, he learns that he also changed things for Arrow as well, mainly that Diggle now has a son named John and baby Sara no longer exists.

Edward Clariss is having visions of the Flashpoint and visits the mysterious Alchemy for answers. Alchemy gives an ultimatum. He can either stop the visions or give Clariss back his speed. Clariss chooses the speed he had on Flashpoint and goes out to seek revenge on the Flash.

Back at home; Barry attempts to get the team back together by tricking them all into having dinner. This goes south, and they are interrupted by an alert that a speedster is running around Central City. He confronts Clariss who reveals that he remembers everything that happened on Flashpoint. He blames Barry for changing the timeline and ruining his life. Barry and Clariss race, but Clariss gets away. Back at Star Labs Iris realizes that Barry did something. Barry confesses to Iris that he messed up the timeline and goes to try to fix it again. 

On his way to try to fix the timeline, Barry is pulled out of the Speedforce by Jay Garrick, who lectures him about messing up the timeline. He admits to have been watching Barry and explains that he understands why Barry wanted to change the timeline.  He explains that even if Barry resets the timeline, it will never be exactly how it was. He tells Barry that instead of trying to take a do-over every time he makes a mistake, he should move forward instead.

At talks to Barry about the dangers of changing the Timeline

At talks to Barry about the dangers of changing the Timeline

Barry returns to Star Labs and confesses what he did to the timeline and to everyone. Cisco takes it hard and Barry has to explain to him that he needs to move on from it. Barry visits Julian Albert at CCPD to get evidence on Clariss. He discovered where Clariss was hiding and goes looking for him.

Barry finds out where the Clariss is and confronts him. Alchemy appears and defeats Barry, giving The Rival the opportunity to seriously beat Barry. Before he delivers the final blow, Cisco appears and he and Barry defeat The Rival. He and Barry make amends and return to Star Labs. 

There, they explain that they can’t find anything on Dr. Alchemy. The team reconciles with Barry and goes about their work. Barry explains to Caitlin that she essentially didn’t change at all by the timeline change. As he leaves, Caitlin observes that she is developing Killer Frost’s power.

Later at CCPD, Julian confronts Barry about things that he knows that he shouldn’t. Julian says he doesn’t like Barry because he doesn’t trust him. At Iron Heights, the voice (presumably Alchemy’s) tells Clariss that he failed. Clariss begs for another chance, but an armored figure appears in his cell and presumably kills him.

The premiere was a ton of fun, but this episode blew it away in terms of reveals and angst.  It kept me engaged form beginning to end and changed the Arrowverse as we know it. I’m hoping that they will reveal other changes as the season progresses. This is a great opportunity for the writers to change things that they don’t like or can do better.

We got our first look at Dr. Alchemy this week, who appears to be able to bestow powers. He appears to be amassing other villains for an unknown purpose. His first recruit for the season is The Rival. Edward Clariss’s return made for a fun fight scene. It’s nice having a speedster villain who isn’t the main villain of the season. The mysterious enforcer that is sent after Clariss at the end of the episode could be another one of Dr. Alchemy’s subordinates. I’m sure we will find out later on who it is.

The episode alluded to Cisco being active, and suited up, as Vibe during the fight with Zoom. It will be great to be able to see him suited up with the Flash. On the topic of changes to the main cast; we see that Caitlin either has or is developing the ice powers of her Earth 2 counterpart.

This episode also introduces Tom Felton's character, Julian Albert. Julian is a really cool addition to the cast because he interacts with Barry at his job and not as the Flash. He is that thorn in Barry's side at work. It is really exciting to see where the go with his character.


-How did you like the episode?

-Are you excited for Tom Felton?

-What else do you think is, or should be, changed by Flashpoint?