#The Flash S2 Ep22 "Invincible" Recap Meta-pocolypse

This week’s episode, titled “Invincible”, sees Central City under siege by Zoom’s metahuman army. The police are fighting in the streets, completely out matched by an army of super powered criminals. Captain Singh and Joe are at ground zero trying to lead the police in defense of the city. During the conflict, the Flash appears and defeats the metas that are part of the battle. Barry has developed an over confidence in himself and his abilities since his time in the Speedforce and it concerns the team. Throughout the episode they try to encourage him to be more cautious. A powerful metahuman destroys Mercury labs using powerful sonic attacks. The Flash shows up and saves Dr. Christina McGree from the collapsing building. She thanks him by using his real name, revealing she knows his identity. The Flash takes her to Star Labs. The powerful metahuman is revealed to be the Earth 2 version of Laurel Lance. This version of Laurel, called Black Siren, is a metahuman, possessing the canary cry powers of the comic book Black Canary. The team tries to come up with a way to defeat the army of metas that are still running free in the city. Cisco comes up with a plan to use a frequency pulse that is attuned only to Earth 2’s higher frequency to take down the metas. This device, with the Flash’s assistance, would render all Earth 2 citizens unconscious. Not able to be in two places at once, Barry allows Cisco and Caitlin to go and confront Black Siren. Dressed as Reverb and Killer Frost, Cisco and Caitlin go and try to distract Black Siren as the rest of the team ready the device. They are discovered to be fakes and attacked, but Barry and Wells use the device and knock out all of the Earth 2 metas, accept Zoom who opens a portal to Earth 2 and escapes. Barry rounds up the rest of Zoom’s army and the team regroups and celebrates the victory. They have a party at Joe’s house to celebrate their victory. The Wests, Barry, McGree, Henry, Wells, Jesse, Cisco, and Caitlin are all in attendance. After a victory toast, Cisco Vibes the destruction of Earth 2. Before anyone can react Zoom appears and takes Henry. Barry follows him back to his old house. Zoom tells Barry that he has to watch a parent die to be like him. He pushes his arm through Henry’s chest as Barry screams helpless and the episode ends.


This was an excellent episode. The writers are doing a good job pacing the story and adding meaningful twists. It’s funny that despite how much of a brighter show Flash is than Arrow, it can successfully kill of characters just as easily and make it just as, if not more, meaningful and important to the characters who remain. First, Eddie died to stop Reverse Flash, the Ronnie died saving the city from the Singularity, and now Henry at the hands of Zoom. Now with time travel and what not, he may still survive or be revived, but it would make more sense to the story if he were killed off, at least for now. This was the biggest event of the episode and though it made sense, it was still a shock to see.

The other big event of this episode was the guest appearance of Katie Cassidy as Zoom’s lieutenant, Black Siren. Many fans, myself included, were devastated at the loss of the Black Canary on Arrow and were excited to see the actress guest staring on the Flash. Black Siren was a good contrast to the Black Canary. She was confident, powerful, and evil. Seeing her canary cry as an ability and not just a device was really cool and the power of the ability was done justice.

There were plenty of little treats in this episode for fans. My personal favorite was when Cisco was able to use his shockwave powers against Black Siren, even though it was short lived. It was a fun tease of what, I hope, is to come for Vibe in season 3. Wally’s heroic antics and desire to do good were clearly shown in this episode as he took on a metahuman by himself. Joe showed concern for his son’s safety, but Barry explained that Wally wants to do good and that Joe shouldn’t try to stop him from becoming the hero he is turning into. We also get a short scene where Caitlin is testing Jesse to see if or how she has been altered by the particle accelerator explosion. It seems that season 3 of the Flash is on it’s way to giving us at least 3 new superheroes; Kid Flash, Vibe, and Jesse Quick.



-Who are you most excited to see in season 3? (Vibe, Kid Flash, or Jesse Quick)

-Do you think we'll se Black Siren again?

-Will Barry step into darkness to defeat Zoom and avenge his father?

-With so many unanswered questions, will this story continue on into season 3?