#TheFlash S2 Finale "The Race of His Life" Recap

This week’s episode of The Flash began with the death of Barry’s father. After Zoom murdered Henry, Barry chases him through the city. During the chase, another Zoom appears. Barry catches Zoom who tells him the kill him. Barry hesitates and the second Zoom kills Zoom. The first Zoom, was another time remnant. The he tells Barry he is almost ready and runs off. The team attends Henry’s funeral. Barry swears that he is going to get his revenge on Zoom. Zoom appears at Joe’s house afterward and challenges Barry to a race, stating that his only motivation is to see which one of them is faster. At Star Labs, Wells finds out that Zoom stole a dangerous device form Mercury Labs, called a magnatar. Zoom planned on using the race to power the magnatar. The power would destroy every Earth in the multiverse. Barry refuses to back out of the race with Zoom, so the team locks him in the pipeline. They come up with a plan to beat Zoom. They use Caitlin as bait and manage to force Zoom back to Earth 2, but grabs Joe and takes him too. On Earth 2, Zoom tells Joe that the man in the mask is Jay Garrick from yet another Earth and he is there as a trophy. Zoom took on Jay’s hero persona on Earth 2, because he was bored of just being the villain. Back on Earth 1, Wally learns about what happened to je and releases Barry from the pipeline. The team decides to go with Zoom’s plan. At the location of the magnatar, Barry and Zoom race and Barry tries to stop Zoom before the end of the race. During the race a Flash time remnant appears and releases Joe. Zoom and Flash fight as the time remnant of Flash sacrifices himself to stop the machine. Flash beats Zoom, who tells Barry he won’t kill him. Barry tells Zoom he doesn’t have to. Using the time remnant causes time wraiths to appear and attack Zoom. Zoom is carried off as he goes through a grotesque transformation in the likeness of the comic’s Black Flash. With Zoom defeated and the Earth saved, the team releases the real Jay Garrick. When they take off the mask, Jay is revealed to be Henry’s Earth 3 doppelganger. Wells promises to get Jay home and Wells, Jay, and Jesse say their goodbyes and return to Earth 2. During the aftermath, Barry still feels broken and Iris tells him to go and do what he has to do and that she will be waiting for him. Barry travels back in time and stop Reverse-Flash from killing his mother. 


This was an episode worthy of the fantastic season The Flash has had this year.