#TheFlash S3 Ep 11 "Dead or Alive" Recap & Review

In this week's episode of The Flash, the team are given a break from crime fighting, in order to deal with a problem with their newest Harrison Wells. A meta-human "Collector", named Gypsy, has travelled from Earth 19 to find H.R., but her intensions are initially unknown. She has the same power set as Cisco, but is shown to have far more experience using them. After reviewing security footage of Gypsy breaking into Jitters, H.R. tells Barry and Cisco why she is on Earth 1. He reveals that inter-dimensional travel is a capital offense on his earth and was made illegal after a neighboring earth indeed and almost destroyed them.

Gypsy finds her way into Star labs and subdues Cisco and Wally, demanding that H.R. surrenders. H.R. prepares to leave with Gypsy when Cisco challenges her to a trial by combat for possession of their friend. Gypsy gives the team 24 hours to prepare and leaves. The team tried to help Cisco train, but he his no confidence in his abilities.

Meanwhile, Iris convinces Wally to help her track down weapons dealers, who are trafficking advanced rifles similar to the one that Plunder used in last week's episode. Iris wants to report on it, believing that, if she is going to die, writing successful articles is the only way she'll be remembered when she is gone. Iris tells Wally to keep it a secret from everyone else, which he begrudgingly does. H.R. and Barry, not confident in Cisco's abilities try to take down Gypsy on their own. This fails and H.R. is taken by Gypsy until the fight. 

The West siblings manage to find the warehouse where the dealers are held up, but Iris' knowledge of her own death in the future make her think she can't die until then. She confronts on of the dealers and is almost shot. Wally manages to save her and she gets her story. Joe and Barry find out and are understandably angry at Wally and Iris, though Wally seems to agree with them that it was a bad idea. Barry talks with Iris and manages to get through to her. Julian finds a way for Cisco to win the fight against Gypsy and "Vibe" prepares for the conflict.

Vibe Vs. Gypsy

Vibe Vs. Gypsy

Gypsy and Cisco fight throughout the multiverse, visiting Earth 2, Earth 38, and an unknown Earth , ending up back in Central City. Gypsy has the upper hand for most of the fight, but when she tries to perform her signature move, Cisco exploits a weakness and defeats her. Vibe refuses to kill his opponent and wins the freedom of H.R. Wells. Gypsy has one last encounter with the team before returning to Earth 19. Not wanting her perfect record broken, she tells H.R. that he has to say on Earth 1 forever. In return, she will tell her superiors that she killed him. H.R. agrees and Gypsy leaves.

Barry and Iris share a scene in their apartment, where Barry is reading over Iris's article. Barry is interested at her giving Kid Flash the forefront of her article. This gives Barry and idea. The episode ends with Barry training Wally, whose speed is increasing considerably faster than Barry's. Barry tells Wally that he is going to save Iris, suggesting that Wally will become faster than Barry.

This episode was a feature for Cisco and a bit of H.R. All season we have been shown tidbits of Cisco's alter ego Vibe, including parts of his suit. But this week, we are given the full package. Cisco and H.R.'s interactions strengthened their bond and made H.R. a more sympathetic character. The omission of a weekly villain was good choice for this episode. Gypsy isn't a villain, considering she was just doing her job and had good interactions with both Cisco and H.R. It's also good to see Wally as Kid Flash fighting alongside Barry. Julian has joined the team and his blunt outlook on things adds more heart and humor to the team's dynamic. The only downside to this episode has to be Iris. Her behavior made no sense this week and she came off as very selfish. This could simply be a weekly anomaly, considering characters in the Arrowverse can be victims of bad writing now and again.

One thing that is Flash related, though not on the show is the introduction of a new speedster on Legends. Black Flash is hunting Eobard Thawne and though it will most likely stay on Legends as Eobard's nightmare, the implications of its existence are severe. Black Flash is the Speedforce incarnation of Death, tracking down speedsters like the Grim Reaper would hunt his victims. It is deeply tied in with Barry Allen and Wally West, with its only appearances ever, involving them. During the Flash season finale last year, we saw time wraiths kill Hunter Zolomon (Zoom) and turn him into Black Flash. Now little more than a humanoid monster, who senses he speedforce, Black Flash can potentially appear anywhere in the multiverse.


-What other Earth's would you like to see appear on the Flash?

-Should Cisco suit up more often?

-Will Wally become, "The Fastest Man Alive"?