#TheFlash S3 Ep 12 "Untouchable" Recap & Review


This week on The Flash, Barry is training Wally and helping him get faster. Though Wally is as fast as Barry, he doesn’t have some of the more advanced skills, like phasing through solid objects. After a race between the two speedsters, the team faces a meta-human with a touch of death. The Meta only needs to make physical contact with his victims, and they quickly decompose.

After examining both bodies, Barry tells the team that both victims were cops on Flashpoint. Julian is haunted by this news, knowing that it meant that the meat was one created by him when he was Dr. Alchemy. The Meta is targeting the cops who arrested him on flashpoint. Barry warns Joe that the Meta could target him next. Later on, Barry, the West’s, Joe’s girlfriend, and her daughter. The Meta attacks the group while they are at Jitters, but Wally can defeat the assailant, who runs off. Things boil over back at Star Labs when Iris tells Joe about her death at the hands of Savitar. Joe doesn’t take the news well and leaves.

Back at the apartment, Iris is attacked by the Meta. Wally comes to her rescue but can’t get to her before she is infected by Meta’s abilities. Wally takes her to Star Labs, where the team struggles to keep her alive, while they figure out a way to stop a villain that they can’t touch. Cisco and H.R. come up with a plan and use Barry to vibe back to Flashpoint to figure out who the other cop is.

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Joe goes and warns the cop that the Meta is after her. She is currently investigating someone and invites Joe along. The two get on a train while Joe explains the situation. The Meta knows that both cops are on the train and collapses a bridge over the rails. Barry and Wally arrive, but don’t have time to get everyone out of the train. Barry jumps on the train and vibrates it. This allows the train to phase through the rubble and stop safely. Cisco and Julian tell Wally that he has to phase his blood into the Meta. Speedster blood rapidly regenerates while Meta’s blood rapidly deteriorates blood. Wally’s blood negates Meta’s powers, allowing Wally to arrest him.

Back at Star labs, the team finds an antidote to save Iris. The episode closes with Iris and Barry sharing a moment in their apartment, Joe and his girlfriend sharing a moment at CCPD, and Caitlin and Julian going out for drinks. The Episode ends with Wally practicing his phasing. Suddenly, Jesse Quick pops through a breach begging for help. She tells Wally that Grodd has kidnapped her father and taken him to Gorilla City and the episode closes.

This episode was a good set up for the Gorilla City arc, a two week storyline coming up. The Meta felt like another weekly villain and wasn’t anything too special. Wally gains the ability to phase in this episode, which will be a very useful ability for him to have. Branching out from that, the writers show that Barry is still far more experienced than Wally by phasing a train through a pile of rubble. That was awesome scene and shows how powerful Barry is getting. 


This episode showed some good character moments for Julian and Caitlin. When Caitlin has to use her powers to keep the decay from spreading up Iris’s arm, Julian manages to keep Killer Frost from taking over. He tells her that she is stronger than him, that he let Alchemy take over, but she won't let Killer Frost do the same to her. To compliment this interaction, Caitlin later encourages Julian, telling him that he isn't weak. It's good that the show is allowing its ever growing cast to still have good character development throughout this season. I am super excited for the Gorilla City arc and hope to see more familiar stories form the comics pop up now and again. 


-Will Wally surpass Barry by the end of the season?

-Are you excited for Gorilla City?

-What other Flash stories should the show do?