#TheFlash S3 Ep 13 "Attack on Gorilla City" Recap & Review

This week, on The Flash, the team encounters Jesse Quick, who appeared at the end of the last episode. She reports that her father, Harry Wells, has been taken and imprisoned by Grodd in Gorilla City. Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, and Adrian travel to Earth 2 to look for Harry. Shortly after they arrive outside of Gorilla City, they are ambushed and captured. They awake to find Harry being controlled by Grodd. Grodd explains that he took Harry to bring the Flash to him. he explains that Gorilla City is ruled by Solovar, an ape who wants to invade Earth 1. Grodd suggests that Barry get rid of Solovar and leave Gorilla City under Grodd's rule. In return, Grodd will keep the Gorilla's in the city and away from humanity.

Back on Earth 1, Wally tries to spend time with Jesse, but notices that something is wrong. At first she dismisses Wally's concern, but after they stop a robbery together, Jesse opens up. She is upset at Wally for not contacting her. She is also concerned that it is because of Wally's speed and that he only liked her because she had speed. Wally measures Jesse that he cares deeply about her and asks her to stay on Earth 1. She leaves Wally to be by herself. Later on, H.R. talks with Jesse and encourages her to do what makes her happy and what she believes to be right. 

Back on Earth 2, Barry fights Solovar in the arena and after a one sided battle, Barry resorts to using one of Reverse-Flash's moves to defeat his foe. Afterward, Barry refuses to kill Solovar which leads Grodd to lock him back up with he others. Later on, Barry figures out that Grodd was actually the one who wanted to attack Earth 1 and plans to use Cisco to make breach. He leaves Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, Julian, and Harry locked up. 

The team tries to figure out how to escape and come to the conclusion that one of them will have to die. Later, Grodd returns to find Barry dead in his sell. Grodd throws Barry's body on a pile of bones and leaves. Barry uses his speed to recover. It is revealed that Caitlin froze Barry to the point of him appearing dead. He and the others escape and manage to make it back to Earth 1.

The Flash battles Solovar

The Flash battles Solovar

Back on Earth 1, Jesse and Harry are reunited and the team celebrates their victory. Jesse also tells Wally that she wants to stay on Earth 1 with him. Caitlin tells Julian that she is dangerous and asks him to fear her. Julian is not detoured and asks her to dinner. Barry and Iris share a moment in there apartment as the episode closes.

The final scene show Grodd in full battle armor stating that he though ahead. The camera pans to reveal and entire Gorilla army ready for battle. Standing infant of Grodd is Gypsy, who appears to be under Grodd's control. 

This episode was great. there was a lot of hype for this storyline, even though it was not advertised too far in advance. This is one of the bigger comic stories that has been adapted for the show. This episode did a good job providing decent CGI, considering how much of the episode required it. It also gave good interactions between Caitlin and Julian, Wally and Jesse, and H.R. and Jesse. This is only the first half a the two-week arc, which will conclude with next week's episode. This is sure to be an exciting episode, three seasons in the making. Afterwards, the season will most likely return to Savitar as the focus. 


-What was your favorite part of the episode?

-Do you think Jesse with stay on Earth 1?

-How did Gypsy get on Earth 2?