#TheFlash S3 Ep 16 "Into the Speed Force" Recap & Review

This week, Barry enters to Speedforce to rescue Wally. Much like last time, the Speedforce took the form places and people Barry is familiar will. But unlike last time, the Speedforce is not eager to assist The Scarlet Speedster. Taking the form of Eddie Thawne, it explains that Barry was only given his speed back because he said he came to terms with his mother's death. However, after defeating Zoom, Barry created Flashpoint after saving his mother form dying. The Speedforce tells Barry that he can't save Wally and that it will not help him. Barry refuses to leave without Wally, stop the Speedforce allows him to travel further into itself, but not without sending a time wraith after him.

Barry outruns the time wraith and meets up with the form of Ronnie Raymond. He helps Barry understand what there have been people who have sacrificed themselves and their futures because Barry couldn't do his job. Barry refuses to give up his search for Wally, so the Black Flash is sent after him. He manages to neutralize the creature but also loses his tether to the real world. 

With Barry going through his trial, the rest of the team can only wait. That is too much for Jesse, who decides to track down Savitar. Savitar starts to beat on her when H.R. suggests to her over the coms that Savitar would need armor only if he was vulnerable. She uses Savitar's broken blade to stab and wound him. H.R. and Jesse reveal this to the team, which brings up the big question. If Savitar is human, then who is he?

Barry makes his way to a hospital. By now it's obvious that the speedforce is trying to teach him something. Barry finds Wally locked in a room, reliving the death of his mother over and over, when the form of Leonard Snart appears and attacks Barry. Barry wants to take Wally's place in the Speedforce prison, but the Speedforce won't let him. Snart gets ready to finish Barry off, but Jay Garrick shows up and helps Barry defeat Snart. They manage to get in to Wally, but Jay confesses that he came to take Wally's place. Barry and Wally escape the Speedforce and vow to get Jay out after Savitar is defeated. 

This was a good episode. Like last season's though it wasn't as action-packed as other episodes. However, the various cameos were fun and added to the episode. It's always good to see Eddie, Leonard, and Ronnie. Seeing Jay was the icing on top of the cake. However, it was sad to see him left behind. 

It is good to see Savitar back in action. the writers are doing a good job in giving us bits of info on Savitar from week to week. Revealing that he is a man in a suit of armor provides more questions than answers, but I have high hopes for the big reveal. As a whole the episode was good and gets me excited for the rest of the season.

Overall Rating: 7.5


-With Jay in the Speedforce and Jesse on Earth 3, can Flash and Kid Flash beat Savitar alone?

-Will next week's crossover contribute to the Savitar arch?

-Who do you think Savitar is?