#TheFlash S3 Ep 17 "Duet" Recap & Review

This week's episode of the Flash continues where Supergirl leaves off. A mysterious alien has put Kara into a coma on Earth 38 and is now on Earth 1 to find Barry. He does the same to Barry, but instead of being comatose, he and Kara are in a musical storyline created by their own minds. The alien explains to them that they need to finish the plot of the story to escape. 

Versions of arrow verse characters appear as characters and performers including Winn, Cisco, Merlyn, Stein, Joe, Mon-El, and Iris. As Barry and Kara move through the story in their minds, the team tries to capture Music Meister. Cisco, Wally, and Jonn manage to capture him and put him in the pipeline. Mon-El and Iris visit the alien, who explains to them that they can only save Kara and Barry if they truly love them.

In the dream, Barry and Kara finish the story but are shot in a shootout between two gangs, run by Merlyn and Joe. Dying from the wounds, Cisco manages to Vibe Mon-El and Iris into the dream and reconcile. Barry and Kara awaken from the dream as Music Meister enters the lab and congratulates the heroes on delivering a great story. He explains that he was there to teach the two couples (Kara/Mon-El and Barry/Iris) a lesson about love and is moving on to help someone else. Upon being asked who he is, Music Meister implies that they wouldn't understand and leaves. 

With both heroes saved, the Earth 38 heroes return home. Barry meets with Iris at their apartment and sings her a song. He re-proposes to her, this time doing it for the right reasons and she accepts as the episode comes to an end.


This was an amusing episode. I want rag on the plot much, because it was obviously tailored to go with the songs that they wrote for the episode. I also won't rag on the characters, because the Arrowverse has no shortage of musically gifted actors. This was just a fun episode and complete and total fan service. But in this instance it worked. The dream's story was corny and cheesy and everything that goes along with it, but it worked for the tone of the episode. Having all be a part of a dream made it fit better. All ill say is that musicals are for some people, but not for others, so I can understand if people loved it and i can understand if people didn't like it.

On the comic book side of the episode, it was great to see Vibe, Martian Manhunter, and Kid Flash all fight Music Meister. Darren Criss did a great job portraying the care free and mischievous alien. It was also fun to see Jesse Martin, Victor Garber, and John Barrowman all sing in the episode. I'm not confident that an annual musical crossover is needed (or wanted), but it was fun as a one time thing.

Overal Rating: 7.0


-How did you like the episode?

-Which song was your favorite?

-What kind of being do you think Music Meister is? (Alien, New God, Inter-dimensional Being, Supernatural force?)