#TheFlash S3 Ep 19 "The Once and Future Flash" Recap & Review

On this week episode of The Flash, Barry decides to travel to the future to find out Savitar's identity and a way to stop him and save Iris. He arrives in an alternate 2024 to find that the team has fallen apart. He is attacked by Top and Mirror Master, who have free reign in Central City. Flash manages to escape them and finds Cisco, who leads him to future Barry. Future Cisco and Barry explain the situation. Iris is killed by Savitar, who is eventually defeated by the Flash. But the technology he uses to defeat the speed god isn't invented until years after Iris is killed. Julian works at Iron Heights and tends to Caitlin who is incarcerated there after joined Savitar. H.R. quit the team to become a full-time fiction author, and Joe is estranged from, Barry. Barry learns that Wally went after Savitar after Iris's death. They found him in a catatonic state, which he hasn't recovered from. Cisco lost his hands in a fight with Killer Frost years before, leaving him powerless. 

Barry attempts to return to his time, but when he is unable to do so, he decides to help his friends. Barry and Cisco manage to convince Joe, H.R., and Julian to restart the team and go after Top and Mirror Master. Future Barry joins his past self and the two defeat the two Rogues. After the fight, Barry returns to the present with some data to help him find a physicist named Tracy Brand. She is the one who helped future Barry defeat Savitar. Barry returns and tells his team they are going to rescue Caitlin before Savitar gets to her. The episode ends with Caitlin meeting with Savitar, who reveals his identity to Caitlin, who joins him immediately after seeing his face. 

This was a good episode. It had a different feel to it than most Flash episodes. Seeing future versions of the team, instead of alternate versions, was a nice change. Seeing how broken they all where and how far they had fallen (accept H.R.) made the stakes of the season much higher. It was fun to see Mirror Master and Top again. The new Flash suit was really cool. Hopefully the show will swap out suits very soon (with Barry's suit looking more and more bland next to the other character's). There isn't much to say other than. well done!

Overall Rating: 9.0


-Who do you think Savitar is?

-Will the team be able to save Iris?

-When will Flash get that new suit?!?!?!