#TheFlash S3 Ep20 "I Know Who You Are" Recap & Review

Episode Grade: 7

We start with Barry facing off with Savitar telling him “I know who you are,” them just to 16 hours earlier.

We see Joe and Cecile coming in after a run and having a moment when she confesses her love for Joe who did not take it well but luckily got called away by the team. The team gathers, and Barry updated them on what he learned from his visit to the future. He tells them about Tracey Brand a scientist who is the key to helping them stop Savitar.

The problem is that she does it four years into the future, HR suggested that they go and find her as she may have started working on it, but Julian is concern that they are not paying enough attention to Caitlin and the fact that she joined forces with Savitar in the future. 

Barry, Cisco, and HR go to finds Tracey at the university she is attending and she is burning her work after failing her dissertation. She is discouraged and decide to quit, but Barry tells her that she can give up and they are interrupted by Killer Frost, who attempts to kill Tracy but is defeated before she escapes.

At CCPD Tracey gives the sketch artist a description of Killer Frost and Cecile confronts Joe about the tension between them since she told him that she loves him. Barry and Joe concluded that if Killer Frost is after Tracey then what he saw in the future have already started to come through.

Tracey doesn't want to stay at the precinct as she is not aware of the danger she is in, and Killer Frost is scolded by Savitar for not killing Tracey when she had the chance telling her that maybe there is still a little Caitlin inside of her and that they could be gods. 

HR meet Tracey to stay close to her as Cisco, and Julian watch from the van and Joe and Barry have a heart to heart while waiting for Killer Frost to make an appearance, Cisco express is frustration at Julian, and he questions his motive for not catching Caitlin when had a clear shot.

Tracey opened up to HR about her theory on the speed force and Killer Frost made and entrance and created an ice rink for the city. The Flash and Cisco make a plan to stop her, but when she comes face to face with Cisco, he hesitated almost getting himself killed but was save by the Flash. She tells Barry that Savitar said that she was not allowed to kill him, but Killer Frost stabs him in the leg with an ice weapon she made.

They bring Tracey back to Star Labs and updates her on the Savitar situation and showed her what she will accomplish in the future and how what she does could save someone they love which overwhelms her and she run out.  

Julian confronts Cisco again about not stopping Caitlin when she had a chance, and he tells him that he was afraid of killing his best friend or putting the team life in danger. Barry encourages Joe to come clean with Cecile about them and save if relationship. 

Tracey has left Star Labs and is nowhere to be found, but after checking her future hologram they track her to a spot she visits often, and HR goes to her. she expresses that she is afraid of failing her future self and HR encourages her to believe in herself and that she could beat Savitar.

Joe breaks up with Cecile and she gets captured by killer frost, who tells him to bring her Tracey or she would kill Cecile. The comes up with a plan to save Cecile, Julian tells Cisco that he will be able to control his power because it comes from love and if he could find it within him they could save her. 

The Flash and Killer Frost face off, and she tells him that Savitar knows his every move and is always one step ahead of him. Killer Frost tells him that he already knows where Cisco was hiding and she set off an expulsion in the location by vibe out but had a rough landing. 

The Flash is down after trying to save Tracey, and killer frost freezes him and was about to go after her again but is hit from the back with a vibe from Cisco. Joe freed Cecile as Tracey runs and Cisco and Killer face off power vs. power, and Cisco was the overpower her and could get a blood sample. Savitar swoops in and took her away but not before telling The Flash “as I rise you will fall.”

The Flash 320 3.gif

The team questions why Savitar was so willing to save Caitlin and count the small accomplishment of having blood from Killer Frost to reverse engineer a cure. Tracey tells HR of her idea to use Savitar own velocity to trap him. 

Wally is back from visiting and Joe tells Cecile works through their break up and Joe confesses his love for Cecile and the Barry figured out that Savitar was his future self and they meet face to face. 

It was a good episode, and we finally find out who Savitar is and why Caitlin join him.