#The Flash S3 Finale Ep 23 "Finish Line" Recap & Review

This season, The Flash delivered one fantastic Finale. Not only did it keep you guessing throughout, but it also sported a full cast of characters.

Last week, we were left with the death of Iris at the hands of Savitar. This week it is revealed that H.R. had snuck into Savitar's hideout and switched places with iris. H.R. sacrifices himself to save Iris. This was an emotional moment for the team and was painful to watch for any who liked the comedic Wells. H.R. provided heart and comic relief for the team this season, and it is sad to see him go. Naturally, Tracy takes it the hardest secludes herself for most of the episode.

With H.R. dead and Iris safe, the future changes and Savitar soon gain knowledge of this through new memories. But, having a plan B, he takes Cisco and the Speedforce Bazooka. At his hideout, Savitar explains that he wants Cisco to modify the bazooka in order to fragment Savitar throughout time, so that he may exist at every point in time. Cisco only agrees to help when Savitar threatens to kill Caitlin.

Back at Star Labs, the team tries to catch their breath as they process H.R.'s death and Cisco's disappearance. Though it is a happy fact that Iris is alive, H.R.'s death is kind of brushed off by most of the team until the end. They have more pressing matters, but they seem pushy toward Tracy who just lost her love. 

Remembering what Snart told him last week, Barry decides not to fight Savitar using hate, as he had done with Zoom and Thawne. He meets Savitar in an abandoned building. Once there, Barry appeals to Savitar's humanity and his happy memories as Barry Allen. Savitar is convinced to go back to Star Labs. Once there, the team responds aggressively toward the villain's presence. All accept Iris, who like Barry has a genuine interest in helping Savitar. During this scene, Savitar comments on how he hadn't been in Star Labs since he and the team created a device to fight Devoe. This is the second mentioning of an ultimate Flash villain. Clifford Devoe is a Flash villain who could very well be the big bad of Season 4. 

Negotiations with Savitar deteriorate as Savitar plants the Philosopher's Stone in the breached room. The stone detonates and causes massive damage to Star Labs. Thinking the team is dead, Savitar returns to Caitlin and Cisco, the latter of whom has finished modifying the Speedforce bazooka. Caitlin then tries to kill Cisco, but Gypsy shows up and takes Cisco. She takes him to the rest of the team where he learns of H.R.'s death. 

Savitar and Caitlin go outside of Central City to use the machine. Savitar explains to Caitlin that the Speedforce pushes back against speedsters who mess with time. Savitar creates a breach and lures in the Black Flash. Caitlin freezes and shatters the Black Flash, and Savitar prepares for his "ascension."  Caitlin uses the bazooka on Savitar and thought it seems to be working at first; it has an entirely different effect. Out of the breach jumps Jay Garrick who sucker punches Savitar. The rest of the team arrives, and Jay is given back his Helmet. Cisco explains that he modified the bazooka to bust out Jay instead of fragmenting Savitar. 

A season finale worthy scene occurs as Savitar is chased by Jay, Wally, and Barry. Meanwhile Gypsy and Cisco fight Caitlin. After a battle taking place all over the woodland landscape, Caitlin is defeated and manages to return to right mind.  Meanwhile, Barry faces off with Savitar. In one of the coolest scenes of the episode, Barry phases into Savitar's suit, pushing Savitar out. Barry then uses the suit to with the fight. Refusing to kill his time remnant, Barry destroys the Savitar armor.

As Barry walks away, Savitar takes one final swing at Barry but is shot and killed by Iris. With Savitar gone the team regroups. Julian and Caitlin share a moment where Caitlin refuses the cure, claiming that she needs to find out who she is now that she is neither Caitlin nor Killer Frost.

After the departure of Caitlin, the city begins to experience deviating earthquakes and lightning storms. They remember that, with Jay out of the Speedforce prison, the Speedforce needs an occupant. Barry knows that he is the one who has to enter the prison. He says goodbye to the team and to Iris and accompanies a projection of his mother into he Speedforce prison as the season ends. 

What can be said about this episode? After a season that was just as good as the previous two, The Flash managed to deliver its best season finale yet. Though like the previous seasons, ending on a cliffhanger, this finale gave us a more conclusive ending to the season arc. Having the larger cast that it did, added a lot of action and fun to the finale. 

Overall rating: 9.7