#TheFlash S3 Premiere "Flashpoint" Recap and Review

Season 3 is here, and it started off with an episode that was both highly entertaining and emotionally pulling. It starts off with Barry at Jitters, trying to work up the courage to talk to Iris for the first time. He is interrupted by a race between the Flash and the mysterious “Rival,” a speedster that is causing trouble in the city. Barry follows the speedsters and finds the Rival fighting The Flash. The Rival seems obsessed with being the fastest man alive and is shown to be more than a match for the Flash.

 After the encounter, Barry returns to Jitters and convinces Iris to go on a date with him. At CCPD Barry has a conversation with Captain Julio Mendez, played by Alex Desert who was in the original Flash series in the early 90’s. Barry seems to get along well with the Captain. Their conversation is interrupted by the Captain’s realization that Detective West is missing. This hints at the idea that, in this universe, the captain’s view of Barry and Joe is reversed.

Alex Desert in The Flash (1990-1991) and The Flash (2016)

Alex Desert in The Flash (1990-1991) and The Flash (2016)

Next, Barry visits Eobard Thawne, who he has imprisoned in a speedster cage in an abandoned warehouse. Barry gloats to Thawne that he now has his ideal life and everyone he cares about back. Thawne taunts Barry that the “Flashpoint” he created is a mirage and that it will eventually destroy him.

Barry visits Joe at his house to find him hung over on his couch. He uses his speed to bring the detective to the police station, in an attempt to bail Joe out of trouble. Iris meets Barry at the station where Joe expresses his disapproval. Iris and Joe seem to not be on good terms with one another.

On the way to their date, Barry notices that some of his old memories are disappearing. The date is interrupted another fight between The Flash and The Rival. Iris leaves and Barry follows the two speedsters once again. He rescues the new Flash, who loses the fight and realizes that it is Wally.

Wally West/Kid Flash

Wally West/Kid Flash

At Wally’s apartment, they find Iris who has been worried about him. It is revealed that Wally and Iris are working together to fight crime. Wally explains how he got his speed, being struck by lightning during a street race in a modified car.

The three go and visit Cisco Ramon, who in this timeline is a billionaire genius and selfish capitalist. Cisco made Wally’s Flash suit, under the condition that they leave him alone. Barry appeals to Cisco’s inner desire to help people but then loses more of his memory. He visits Thawne to get answers. Thawne explains that the new reality is overwriting the old one and replacing it. He also tells Barry that the more he uses his speed, the faster he will lose his old life.

Barry gathers Wally, Iris, and Cisco and explains what he did to create the Flashpoint. He also goes and finds Caitlin to help them, but discovers that she is an eye doctor. But she manages to help them track the Rival. So Wally and Barry go to confront him.

At an abandoned sawmill, the two find the Rival. The Rival reveals that his name is Edward Clariss and Wally tries to take him on alone. This results in him getting stabbed in the chest. Barry then fights the Rival alone. During the fight, Barry loses some of his memories of what he can do as The Flash. This gives the Rival the upper hand, but Iris gives Barry a pep talk that allows him to defeat his foe. After his defeat, the Rival tries to attack Barry while his back is turned, but is shot by Joe.

Barry takes Wally back to Ramon industries and discovers that he isn’t healing.

Barry is forced to release Thawne who drags Barry back to the time to the night his mother was murdered. He then proceeds to murder Barry’s mother Nora, fixing the timeline. He and Barry return to the present, where he departs from Barry after taunting him that things may not be the way they were.

Barry goes home to find Wally and Joe, and they drink to Henry Allen’s Memory. During this celebration, Barry asks about Iris, which sets Joe off. Wally explains that Joe and Iris don’t talk. This is when Barry discovers that things are not the same as they were.

The episode ends in the home of Edward Clariss, who is awoken by a voice. He approaches the mirror in his bedroom, which had a word “Alchemy” scratched into it.

This was a great episode. Season premieres are meant to get viewers excited about the rest of the season and that is what happened. I am super excited to she what happens next and what the repercussions are for Barry, after messing with the timeline. No doubt we are going to see some changes to the general Flash continuity we know; an expected side effect to altering the timeline.

The Rival was a really cool villain. After having the monstrous Zoom in S2 and the reoccurring Reverse-Flash, I feared that another speedster would be a bit tiring. This was not the case, as The Rival was a youthful and hotheaded villain who wasn’t out to take over the world or destroy Central City.

The Rival

The Rival

The return of Eobard Thawne always excites me. He is one of my favorite villains from the comics, and the version that they put on screen, though different, is just as fun. He was given some great dialogue that built his character up some more before he departs for Legends of Tomorrow. I especially loved how he was technically the hero of the episode. It was a fresh idea and shows that Flash is not ready to fall into a repetitive formula for resolving conflict.

"Flashpoint"- Eobard Thawne

"Flashpoint"- Eobard Thawne

I felt that the Flashpoint was resolved a little too quickly. We only had one episode to get to know these alternate characters, and the episode did feel a little crowded. I was hoping the flashpoint would last several more episodes and have the situation get more and more dire for Barry.

I have a couple of theories about the ending of the episode. It seems clear to me that Dr. Alchemy is going to be a big villain in this season, if not the main villain. Aside from my excitement that this season's big bad might not be a speedster, it also would require Barry get smarter, not just faster, to beat him. I believe that Alchemy may be building a team of villains, hopefully, a fully functioning team of Rogues. Another theory my friends suggested is that it was Mirror Master talking with Clariss at the end and that he is working with Dr. Alchemy and acting as a kind of recruiter.

Whether these theories are correct or not, I am super excited for what is in store for this season.


-How did you like the episode?

-What other changed do you think, or hope, were made to the timeline?

-Are you excited to see Dr. Alchemy and Mirror Master?

-Do you think Wally will be Kid Flash again in this season?