#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 2 "Mixed Signals" Recap and Review


The episode starts with a jerk buying an apartment that looks like it belongs on Arrow. He gets thrashed around the elevator by a program called Kilgore and dies. A guy in a hoodie with glowing purple eyes leaves the scene.

Barry pulls a Tom Cruise in his apartment, makes breakfast, and then watches tv the way the rest of us all do, but at 1000 times the speed. I missed adorkable Barry, so yay!

The Flash 402 12.gif

Iris comes in and talks about going through the wedding binder. Barry’s already done it.

Barry shows up to the elevator crime scene with Joe and Captain Singh. The man has been identified as Kurt Weaver, a billionaire.


Cisco shows up, throws his badge around like it isn’t plastic, and then checks out the elevator. It was hacked.

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At S.T.A.R labs, while the computer is decrypting the code, Cisco shows Barry the new suit. He even gives him an instruction manual.

The Flash 402.gif

With that in mind, Barry invites Iris to dinner, having canceled training and then he leaves. Random question, does Iris still have a job? She used to be a reporter, but we haven’t really seen her outside of S.T.A.R. labs and the apartment, so did she quit? Theories are appreciated.

After Barry leaves, Caitlin walks in and Caitlin tells that she and Ronnie went into couple’s therapy when they started working together. Iris brushes it off and then the breach alarm goes off. Caitlin almost changes but manages to contain it.


The girls and Wally are there with guns when Cisco walks in and tells them not to shoot. It’s just Gypsy. She’s here for a date that Cisco has to postpone.


There is an Asian guy in his car listening to Top 40 on the radio. It gets hacked and the car starts speeding down the road. Iris gets an alert and tells both Wally and Barry to go, but Barry says he can handle it. Poor Wally doesn’t do much this week, and something’s off about his hair.

Barry gets to the car and realizes that the driver isn’t in control. Iris tells him to go left and there’s a runoff that they can stop the car at. Barry decides to go right because he thinks the street’s empty. What he doesn’t know is that construction started on it three months earlier. He has to deconstruct the car in seconds so that the guy skids to a stop.


Barry apologizes for not listening while Cisco mourns the car. Iris gets off the phone with Joe and tells the team that the guy’s name is Tim Kwan and Joe is going to talk to him. After they figure out that the code is the same from the elevator, Caitlin recognizes that it looks like an organic virus.  The hacker is a meta. The names start to sound familiar to Cisco, from tech magazines he used to collect.

Barry and Iris talk in the hallway and Iris brings up couple’s therapy, which she’s scheduled for them in 30 minutes. This is a bad idea for several reasons. One, they do not need therapy. They need to talk, but it’s not as bad as therapy. Two, there are things about their relationship that they cannot talk about with a normal therapist, like the fact that Barry is the Flash. Three, girl you gotta give him some time to process. All these things aside though, these scenes were completely hilarious, so all is forgiven.


In the actual therapist’s office, there is an outed Oliver magazine, which is a great Easter egg to last week.

The Flash 402 3.gif

The therapist comes in and Barry’s super uncomfortable. Really, they both are and they start going into a list of all the funerals they’ve been to in the past few years, which shouldn’t be funny but it is.


Cisco and Caitlin are looking through Cisco’s tech magazines when Gypsy walks in. They find a picture of Weaver, Kwan, and two other people in the magazine.


The meta guy, who was in the picture, runs into Joe at the police station. Joe doesn’t think anything of it and goes to talk to Kwan. The meta activates a grenade robot in the armory. Joe sees it and distress signals Barry, who is ecstatic at getting out of therapy.


Cisco says it’s the same code as before and he found a connection between the victims. Four years ago, they all created an app called Kilgore and sold it to a big tech guy. Joe recognizes the mystery guy in the photo, Ramsey Deacon. Iris sends Joe and Wally to protect Sheila Agnani, the other person in the picture. 

Barry apologizes about therapy and Iris tells them that they have another appointment for the same day because apparently, this therapist has no one else to see.

Cisco can’t figure out the code because it keeps changing. Caitlin compares it to the mutations of an organic virus. Gypsy walks in and is ticked because obviously and Cisco has to cancel. Caitlin, who has become the relationship whisperer tells Cisco exactly how much trouble he’s in and freaks him out.


Back in therapy, we get to the real problem, which is Iris being mad at Barry for leaving. I have seen a lot of Iris hate about this, but she’s human y’all. Let up.

Joe and Wally are in a car outside of Agnani’s house, which Wally has bugged. Kwan shows up and warns her, says they should never have screwed him over and then he appears. Agnani refuses to apologize and Deacon hacks her insulin pump and takes Kwan.  Wally stabilizes her.


Caitlin and Cisco talk which makes Cisco realizes he needs to talk with Gypsy. Apparently, Earth 19 has a holiday called 111 day, which is super cheesy and sounds a lot like Valentine’s Day and they’ve missed it. She didn’t tell Cisco because she was embarrassed. They talk about how they need to communicate more.


Iris and Barry talk about what it was like when he was gone and how being married means that they share themselves completely.

Kwan is live streaming a confession, which Cisco is able to trace. He gives Barry the antibodies that Caitlin and him made and Barry and Wally go save Kwan from being pulled apart.


Barry’s new suit is super teched up and so Deacon can hack it. He Ironmans Wally, and then all kinds of things happen, like blowing up into a raft and destroying comms.


The most important is the Babel Protocol, which is a self-destruct sequence and a Batman Easter Egg. Iris tells Barry to lightning himself and he does, going unconscious.

Deacon shoots at Kwan because he’s tired. Barry stops it and injects Deacon. Wally wakes up.

Cisco and Gypsy finally have their date and it’s wonderful. Apparently Earth 19 doesn't have Santa.


Barry and Joe talk to Deacon in prison. He didn’t get his powers from the particle accelerator.

Now for the dun dun dun. The woman walks in on the Thinker finishing Schubert’s eighth symphony. They wanted him in Iron Heights and there are 11 others. He obviously doesn’t get his hands dirty.


I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, despite a couple lingering questions. 8/10