#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 10 "The Trial of the Flash" Recap & Review

The episode starts with Barry’s mugshot and his voiceover. There is a funeral for Devoe’s body. Joe’s at it. Then we find out that Barry’s voiceover is an interrogation. He tells Singh that he didn’t do it.


The team is at S.T.A.R. Labs discussing a plan. Barry technically shouldn’t be there, but Barry’s hacked his ankle monitor. The key might be Barry’s babbling after he came out of the speed force. He said “I didn’t do this, your honor. I didn’t kill anyone.” Barry doesn’t remember saying that and Cisco has digitally scrubbed the footage.  He also thinks that Barry should run. Barry won’t, which I still think is dumb because he’s the Flash. Running is literally part of the job description.


Everyone else leaves and Barry and Iris talk. She’s worried, and he reassures her. He’s very calm for someone accused of murder.

Joe talks to Ralph. He needs Ralph’s sleazy private investigator skills.


Devoe is talking to the Mechanic. She’s still uncomfortable with him being Dominick and he knows that because he now has Dominick’s ability. He can read minds. They kiss and makeup.


Opening statements start at the courthouse. The prosecutor is John Scott from Fringe, so he’s already super sketchy. Cecile is Barry’s lawyer, as she’s taking a break from the DA’s office.


There is a guy opening a saving account. As he leaves, everyone in the bank passes out.


The prosecutor brings up the restraining order, Barry’s skin cells under his finger nails, and the wedding gift knife, and Cecile does nothing. She doesn’t question how Devoe got to Barry’s apartment without his wheelchair, the fact that the knife was from him, or the fact that Devoe died before Barry got there. To make matters worse, the team minus Iris has to leave because they get an alert about the bank.


Joe and Cisco go and check it out. Nothing was stolen, but they’re definitely dealing with a meta. Also, Singh is testifying as the prosecution’s witness.


Cecile brings up Barry’s hiring interview. He had half the experience of other candidates, but he had a heart. He’s “one of the good ones.” Of course, this gets twisted by the prosecution, which brings up Barry’s “sabbatical” and the fact that he’s been late 72 times. The conclusion the prosecutor makes is that Barry is selfish. It’s hard being a superhero. Not that he can say that.


Joe and Ralph are outside Devoe’s house. Ralph takes some pictures of the Mechanic kissing Dominic/Devoe.

The Flash 410.gif

Cecile is going over options with Barry and Iris. He can take a plea deal, plead insanity or testify. Barry rejects all those options because he’s so darn noble. I love you child, but I want you to stay out of prison.


Caitlin knows why the people in the bank passed out. They had radiation poisoning. His name is now fallout, which Harry comes up with.

The prosecution put the mechanic on the stand, and she’s brilliant. She makes up story after story, and everyone believes her because she can cry on command. She even has a story for Dominick when Ralph gives Cecile the photos. She says that she and Devoe met him at an ALS gala and encouraged her to turn to him to meet the “needs” he no longer could. If I didn’t know the real story, I would think that was bs, but the jury and the judge eat it up.


Iris follows her out and confronts her. The Mechanic asks what she is willing to do for her husband.


In S.T.A.R. Labs, they’ve tracked Fallout. This is the perfect situation for Wally to take care of, but he’s not there. Maybe it’s just me, but this is the perfect moment for Wally to step up. Barry’s a little busy at the moment.


Anyway, Cisco and Harry go to find the source of the radiation. It’s a nuclear waste disposal truck. They let it through, believing themselves to be mistaken, but Fallout is the driver.


Iris bursts into the courtroom and begins to say that Barry is the Flash. He superspeeds in front of her and they have a conversation suspended in time. Barry begs Iris not to tell because he is protecting the people he loves. Iris asks Barry where he gets his strength and Barry says from his dad. He superspeeds back to his seat, and she backtracks.

The Flash 410 1.gif

Ralph and Joe are back at the Devoe’s house. Joe wants to frame the Mechanic for the murder, but Ralph tells him not to. He gives this beautiful autobiographical speech but unlocks the door anyway. Ralph does occasionally have his moments. Joe closes the door and walks away.


At the courthouse, both sides rest. Come on Cecile. Try something! Would a CSI really leave such an obvious crime scene?

Fallout gets off the bus and we begin to realize that he doesn’t know that he’s doing this.


There is a radiation alert at S.T.A.R. Labs.  He’s reached 3,000 rads. Hiroshima was 10,000.

It’s time for closing arguments and time for Barry to save the day. Sadly, this means that Barry has to leave closing arguments to save the day, which is probably the worst thing he could have done.


To make things worse, he can’t even do anything. Cisco and Harry bring out Killer Frost and she gives it a go, but he defrosts and blasts her with radioactive energy.

The Flash 410 4.gif

The next idea is for Barry to create a vacuum. They still need somewhere for the energy to go. Harry suggests Earth 15, which he for some reason didn’t think of earlier.

200w_d (34).gif

It works, and Fallout is sent to Tracy for help, but that happy feeling doesn’t last for long. Barry finds out from the television that he’s been found guilty.


On his way in for sentencing, he sees Devoe. Devoe taunts him and reveals that he can read Barry’s thoughts.


Barry says the thing that he said after getting out the speed force verbatim. Then there’s this heartbreaking sequence where the judge talks to Barry while Captain Singh praises the Flash, giving the CCPD award for Valor. After the judge is finished with his tirade, he gives Barry life without parole.


And we have one final gut punch. In his cell, Barry finds the words “Henry Allen was here.”

The Flash 410 2.gif
The Flash 410 3.gif

I have the same general feeling as the last episode. I know that Barry being guilty was necessary for the plot to move forward, but I felt like they have just resigned to that fate all episode. At least try. And don’t make Wally into Thea. 7.5/10