#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 11 "The Elongated Knight Rises" Recap and Review

The episode starts with a prison riot. Barry’s in his cell, but after a few moments of contemplation flashes everyone back to their cells. He’s also written on the wall right under his father, but he has tally marks.


Joe is talking to a bomber. He wants a Prius, a plane, and a salad, which are by far the weirdest demands ever. Ralph stretches the hostages out of there and then confronts the bomber. He is still ticked that he doesn’t have a superhero name, which is a little funny, but he absorbs the bomb anyway.

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On tv, they are calling him Stretchy Man, which Ralph hates. Cisco says he’s working on the name and will get back to him. The girls, on the other hand, want him to be more cautious. Ralph thinks he’s indestructible. Then he finds some paperwork on Barry’s appeal. Iris grabs it and tells the team that Cecile and Joe are going to talk to a judge about Barry’s appeal. They haven’t found any evidence to help them yet, which is ridiculous because I outlined some last week, but I digress.

Barry’s in the prison yard with Axel Walker, son of Trickster. He’s eating pudding and asks Barry how he killed Devoe. He doesn’t believe Barry when he says he’s innocent, saying that everybody says they’re innocent, even the big guy on the other side of the yard, Big Sir. He wants to be murder buddies. Barry declines. Axel talks about how the pudding tastes funny and Barry trips. He apparently tripped over the wrong person, and he’s about to get beat up when a guard walks in. Barry has a visitor.

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It’s Iris. She tells him about the appeal and about the team. He tells her that he’s part of the janitorial staff. “Fastest mop alive!”


Axel is in the infirmary because of the pudding. A nurse incapacitates the guard with him and breaks him out. It’s his mom.

Joe comes to Iron Heights to talk about the escape attempt when he sees Barry. They can’t hug, but they can talk. Barry wants to help, but Joe says that that’s not a good idea. Joe then asks the guard what the nurse looked like and he identifies her as Zoe Clark.


He explains in S.T.A.R. Labs. She was Prank, Trickster’s partner in crime and heir to a non-existent toy fortune. She dropped off the grid to take care of Axel after he was born. Joe’s going to look in CCPD records for known associates, Cisco and Harry are going to track them via satellite, and Ralph and Caitlin are going to go get drunk, I mean get information from Ralph’s sleazy contacts.


Prank takes Axel to the old Clark Toys warehouse and they talk about the Trickster. He’s been out for a year and hasn’t looked for them. She has an inferiority complex because all Axel ever wants to be is his father. None of this has any effect on Axel, who decides that he’s going to win daddy’s approval by killing the Stretchy Man.

Barry’s approached in the gym by the same guys that tried to beat him up earlier. This time, he’s protected by Big Sir.

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Axel has hacked into the communication channels in Central City and shows off his new trick: a bouncy ball bomb. He wants Ralph. Cisco breaches him to where Axel is. At first, Ralph absorbs everything Axel throws at him until he gets shot with acid coming from a water gun. Cisco breaches him out.


It’s a superacid, but it only burned through his skin. He’ll get better, probably. Ralph doesn’t know what Kryptonite is and it’s annoying. Dude!


Barry approaches Big Sir and asks why he helped him. Big Sir says that Barry’s father helped him out once.


The prank is making more super acid and is off her meds, so now she’s genuinely Prank and not just Axel’s mother.

They make another broadcast, this time about a game show hosted by Prank. If Ralph doesn’t show up within an hour, they’ll melt their hostages with acid. They demonstrate on a Beebo doll.


Joe is going to establish a perimeter, Harry is working on a solvent, Cisco made Ralph a new suit, and Ralph’s not doing it. Now that he’s vulnerable, he falls back on his sleazebag self.

He goes to see Barry with the intent of breaking him out of prison. Barry explains to him why that’s a bad idea, Ralph shares that he’s scared, and Barry gives a grade A pep talk.

The team has found where the acid is being kept. Harry is going to neutralize the acid while Cisco and Caitlin rescue the hostages. Harry and Cisco bring out Killer Frost to do just that.


Barry talks to Big Sir. Henry got the warden to perform appendix surgery on him, saving his life. They’re even now. As they part ways, Big Sir gets cornered by the guys from earlier.

Cisco and Killer Frost get captured by Axel and Prank. Iris is about to go in after them when Ralph shows up.


Barry uses his super speed to fight and it works.

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Harry is on the roof, but he hasn’t neutralized the acid yet.

Prank and Axel hack in again and spin the wheel. Ralph shows up in his new suit and slingshots into Axel. Prank pulls the acid lever, and Ralph umbrellas over Caitlin and Cisco. Harry neutralizes the acid just in time.


Joe arrests them. His “I’m so done” is one of the great gifts of this show.

Ralph gets his name, and he hates it. I knew Elongated Man was not Cisco-approved.

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Barry and Big Sir talk. Barry didn’t help him for a favor. He wants to be friends. Big Sir says that Henry would be proud of him and that his name is Dave.


Iris comes and tells him about Ralph and how much she misses him. He phases his hand out so that she can touch it.


Now for the dun dun dun. Ralph and Cisco are getting coffee, but neither of them has any money. The waitress from the WestAllen wedding, the one who most people suspect is Westallen’s future baby, pays. She’s super awkward and then goes to write in a notebook, in the same language Barry was writing in when he came out of the speed force.


Ralph is not my favorite character, and this was never going to be my favorite episode, but now that Wally is going over to Legends, we’re stuck with him. 7/10.