#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 12 "Honey I Shunk Team Flash" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Joe and Cecile talking about cribs. Then Cecile starts hearing things that Joe isn’t saying. She can read his thoughts.


According to Caitlin, there is no dark matter in the amniotic fluid, so the baby is not a meta. Baby is a girl though. Cisco doesn't believe her until she reads his mind. Caitlin thinks this is being caused by latent dark matter in her cells, like gestational diabetes. It’s temporary.


Caitlin, Harry, Iris, and Caitlin talk about Cecile and Barry’s appeal. Harry is even more grumpy this episode than normal. He doesn’t care that Cecile can read minds and he doesn’t think the appeal will go anywhere because they have no new evidence.

Barry’s playing poker and he’s good at it because he cheats. This is a bit out of character, but he cheats for Big Sir too, which makes more sense. The old mayor is playing cards with them and gets mad at Big Sir. He even alludes to what he’s in prison for.


Big Sir storms to his cell and Barry follows him. After some prompting, he hands Barry a police file. We find out the whole story through voiceover and flashback. 15 years ago, a security guard was shot. He was arrested because he had the same gun. In reality, he tried to save the guard when he heard gunshots. There was another guy there. Barry believes him.


The new mayor is in front of Kord Industries. She doesn’t like metas and has supposedly made a meta proof building. Right after she says this, the building disappears.  A bald guy that was at the scene picks it up after everyone leaves.


Cisco and Cecile meet Joe at the scene. Cecile wanted to help using her new powers, which she is super psyched about. Cisco and Joe aren’t so much, as she doesn’t read anything relevant. She does; however, read that Joe wants her to go.


After she leaves, Cisco goes through the security footage and sees the bald guy driving off. Joe gets a call from Barry.

He wants them to help Big Sir. Harry ends up being the one that does the convincing on this one. Everyone else thinks that they have their plate full enough, but Harry reminds them that this is the only thing that Barry has asked for and it’s not even for him.


While this is going on, they get a plate match to the car. It belongs to Sylbert Rundin. Iris makes a joke about all the villains names sounding like they come out of comics, haha they do, and the boys try to think of a nickname.


Barry gives Big Sir the update. He’s doesn’t want Barry’s help.  Hope is poisonous in prison.


Joe, Cisco, and Ralph go to see Rundin. He has a lot of figurines in his house, which Cisco proceeds to freak out over. He also used to be a boxer. It turns out that they aren’t figurines. When Joe starts to question him, he Ant-Man’s things back to their normal size. For, example the parachute he uses to jump out the window. Cisco vibes them out there, but Rundin shrinks Joe’s car. Then he shrinks Cisco and Ralph.


Caitlin, Harry, and Ralph talk to them, and it’s hilarious. I expected this to super groan worthy, but I laughed hard. Ralph can’t stretch back. Cisco’s having vibe issues. Everyone is trading insults. It’s great.


Iris comes in and tells them the source of Rundin’s powers. He stole some of Ray’s dwarfstar tech from Palmer Tech on the day of the bus incident.

Cecile brings Big Sir’s trial records. They think Rundin is the guy that framed Big Sir. Cisco names him Dwarfstar and Ralph gets stuck on the bottom of Iris’s shoe. Caitlin goes to put them in the hamster cage. Harry goes to fix them.


When it’s just Iris and Cecile, Iris suggests that Cecile and Joe get some help.

They go to the marriage counselor! I honestly love that this has become a running gag this season because all of these scenes are golden.


Barry tells Big Sir that his team found Rundin. Big Sir is still skeptical, so Barry tells reminds him that Henry got out after 17 years. He doesn’t mention that he died soon after, but that’s for the best.


Iris puts Cisco and Ralph in the Lego set they built last year. Having her explain that to Ralph is hilarious. Speaking of last year, Harry revamped the bazooka. It should make them big again. It actually makes it worse. It destabilized their cells and they have 10 hours to live.


Barry and Big Sir talk about how life isn’t a movie. Barry tells him about Iris and gets him to open up. After he gets out, there’s a little village in China that he wants to go where all the monks take a vow of silence.


The warden interrupts their conversation. He tells Barry to drop this case and semi kind of threatens him.


Cecile talks to Iris about Joe. Iris tells her to stop focusing on what Joe is thinking and to ask what he’s feeling.


Ralph needs to pee, and Caitlin has to take him. Cisco and Harry take this time to have a little talk. Cisco kicks Harry in the pants enough for him to get an idea. Dwarfstar needs to hit them again.


He’s at the Central City Weather Society looking at an airplane.


Iris finds him. Cisco and Ralph have 20 minutes before they explode.

Dwarfstar shrinks an airplane, Iris and Harry get there in a truck, and Cisco and Ralph fly in on a drone. Dwarfstar throws cars and helicopters at them. Ralph and Cisco have to jump off the drone.


They go to Plan B. Harry taunts Rundin, who shoots him. Ralph and Cisco were on Harry, so they get big again.  Iris then shoots a metahuman collar on Rundin and Joe arrests him. He won’t confess though.

200w_d (47).gif

Joe tells Barry, who tells Big Sir. He takes it really well. Barry reminded him what hope feels like. It feels good.

Nevertheless, this eats Barry up, so when the cameras turn away from his cell, he Flashes Big Sir to China.

200w_d (46).gif

Cecile and Joe talk. He doesn’t like her reading his mind because it makes him vulnerable and he doesn’t want her to see him that way. To remedy this, she tells him her stupid thoughts and makes herself vulnerable. They kiss and promise never to think less of each other.


Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, they all wonder what Devoe is planning. Nothing is a coincidence with him, so why? Harry vows to find out.


Barry’s busted. The warden installed extra cameras and caught him Flashing. He also drugged his pudding. Seriously with the pudding. This is the second time someone’s done something with the pudding.


Anyway, he puts Barry in the metahuman wing and then calls Amunet.


For a filler episode, this was good. Maybe Barry will get out of prison next episode? 8/10.