#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 14 "Subject 9" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Barry at CCPD. His reception is cold and, Singh explains to him why. Some people don’t believe that Barry is innocent or that Devoe is indeed alive. Barry is going to take an indefinite leave of absence by request of the mayor.


He tells Iris and Caitlin about it, and then they start talking about the bus metas. They still can’t figure out what the Thinker’s endgame is. Honestly, neither can I.

Cisco and Ralph come in with a lost and found box from the bus depot. Cisco has been on 24/7 Ralph duty, and he’s suffering. Barry takes over. They find a demo cd in the box. Cisco vibes it. It belongs to Izzie Bowen, who is a country singer about to perform at the Busted Saddle Saloon. Barry and Ralph find her. Ralph protests because country music is the worst, but the buddy system mandates it.


The song she’s singing at the Saloon is not original. It’s by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood.


The Thinker is not impressed. Nevertheless, he needs Izzie’s body. Becky’s is deteriorating more rapidly because of the extra meta abilities he’s absorbed. He needs to hurry because Barry and Ralph have found her.


They talk to her and tell her she’s in trouble. She’s not the kind to let others fight her battles, so she blasts them with sound waves, very Canary like.

The Flash 414.gif

If it had been anyone else, they would have been deaf for life, but Barry and Ralph are recovering just fine. Ralph even tries to name her, but Cisco rejects it.


Harry’s back from Earth-Two and at Jitters, where he runs into Cecile. Her doctor has said that a low amount of caffeine is fine for the baby and she needs it. She can hear Joe’s dreams, and they’re keeping her up. Harry offers to help.


The team hasn’t been able to find her until Ralph suggests that they look at her website. Come on; Y'all are smarter than this! Anyway, Cisco, Barry, and Ralph go to talk to her again, this time in costume.


They find her, but so does Devoe. Izzie zaps him and The Mechanic saves him. Barry’s impressed.

200w_d (59).gif

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team explains the situation, complete with Barry unmasking himself. What’s the use of him not revealing himself in court if he’s just going to reveal himself to every person he meets anyway? It doesn’t even work this time. Ralph makes a joke about the pep talk hallway and goes to talk to her. Weirdly enough, his pep talk works. It’s even good.


Izzie speeded up Becky’s deterioration. The Mechanic is trying to scan him, but he goes off on her.


Iris gives Izzie a violin to focus her power. She uses Ralph as a test dummy.

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Cecile brings Harry lunch, and then they start yelling at each other. The device he made is a 10-pound helmet that she’s supposed to wear when she goes to sleep and she can’t.


Six hours later, they are still training, and Izzie isn’t getting any better. Barry takes over and starts throwing things at her. She destroys most of them, but one injures her.


Barry is having a pity party, looking at all of the dead metas. Iris comes in and tells him that Izzie needs a few stitches, but she’ll be fine. Iris thinks he's too hard on her. He’s traumatized by what happened at the prison and doesn’t want it to happen again. She reminds him that he can’t use the same methods as the bad guys because it won’t work.


Harry visits Cecile at home. He made her a smaller version that she just has to put on her forehead. He also apologizes. He wants to be her friend, but he’s not very good at making friends. She forgives him and invites him in to talk. She reads that he has an idea and she tells him that it’s a good one.


Caitlin’s stitching Izzie up. After Caitlin leaves, Izzie tells Ralph that she’s going to leave. He tries to stop her, but she knocks him out.


Harry wants to use the device he made for Cecile against Devoe. It’s called, wait for it, THE CEREBRAL INHIBITOR. THEY FINALLY REMEMBER SAVITAR TALKING ABOUT IT! IT’S ABOUT TIME! The good feeling from this is interrupted when Ralph tells them that Izzie left. Cisco vibes her. She’s in an alley picking a fight with Devoe. Devoe injures Cisco, so Barry and Ralph go on their own.


Izzy tries to use her fiddle, but the strings break. Barry and Ralph try to put the inhibitor on Devoe. He gives Barry a brain aneurysm and slaps the inhibitor out of Ralph’s hand. She also throws a dumpster at Ralph. Izzie slaps the inhibitor on instead of running as Ralph told her to. Devoe uses Kilgore’s powers to hack the inhibitor, and it falls harmlessly to the ground. He traps Izzy in a forcefield and kills her while Ralph and Barry watch.


The team minus Ralph talk about why it didn’t work. The reason they come up with is a cop-out: Savitar said they would use it, but not that it would work. Harry leaves after that.

However, not all is lost. Cisco found out where the Thinker’s lair is. It’s in a pocket dimension.


Barry tells Iris that she was right.

Harry and Cecile talk at Jitters. He does the same thing that Devoe does when he fails; he lashes out. Cecile reads his mind and tells him to reach out to his daughter.


Devoe plays Izzie’s violin and is generally ominous.


Ralph is in his office listening to Izzie’s song. Barry talks to him. Ralph is determined to take Devoe down, and he has a solution to Barry’s unemployment problem. He wants Barry to be his partner. Even I said aww.


Ralph grew so much as a character this episode. I don’t think he was sleazy at all in this episode. This made it devastating when Izzie was possessed. There were obvious questions, but this was a good episode despite those. Now how are they going to stop Devoe? 8/10.