#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 16 "Run Iris Run" Recap and Review

The episode starts in S.T.A.R. Labs at 1 in the morning. Cisco and Harry are trying to stop Devoe and are coming up with every 1 in the morning answers. Cisco wants to breach the remaining bus metas to Earth 2, and Harry wants to turn them into chickens. Cisco realizes how insane they sound and so decides to go to sleep. Harry doesn’t. He looks at pictures of Devoe and Thawne.


When everyone else comes in, he shows them the Thinking Cap.  He saw the security tape of Devoe getting his powers and wants to do the same thing. Cisco is the only one that has a problem with this. Everyone else wants to try it, especially Ralph.


He’s particularly freaked out because he’s still on a hit list. Iris tries to talk to him, but he roasts her on a spit.


Joe and Barry talk at Jitters. The mayor wants to talk to the Devoes. No one can find the Mechanic, so they need Ralph. Problem is, Ralph refuses to leave S.T.A.R. Labs.


There is a bank robber who can melt metal. Another man stands up to him, and the bank robber loses his powers upon touching him.


Cisco and Joe are at the crime scene. There’s tons of dark matter at the vault, but none on the bank robber, Erik Frye. Frye isn’t a bus meta either, he’s a particle accelerator meta.


Caitlin has a couple of theories, but none of them seem plausible. Ralph is super whiny and makes a Terminator reference, and the rest of them want to find the other guy at the bank. His name is Matthew Kim, and he’s an EMT. Iris wants to go with Joe into the field. Barry’s surprised but doesn’t have a problem with it. He’ll be there if they need him.


Ralph is helping Harry since Cisco refuses to. Harry’s test run is successful, his brain is working at 20x its normal rate, until the cap catches on fire.


Iris and Joe talk. What Ralph said to her earlier got to her. Kim is not cooperative and puts a knife to Iris’s throat. Joe puts on the distress signal, and Barry comes running. He touches Kim and Iris but can’t run after Kim. He lost his speed. Iris found it.


Iris trains while Caitlin explains. They’ve switched DNA. She doesn’t know if she can reverse the process. The good news is that Kim is a bus meta and he could potentially take away Devoe’s powers. Cisco dubs him Melting Point.


Cisco and Harry talk. It doesn’t go well.


Caitlin and Cisco talk. She points out that he’s going to build the thing anyway. He asks if she’s seen Spiderman 2, which is a good point. She says that he can make it safer if he helps Harry.


Iris is training on the treadmill and falls backward like Barry has done a million times. Barry is a little mopey, and they talk until an alarm goes off.


There’s a fire that Iris needs to put out. Thankfully, Cisco has a mask from Jesse. She goes, and Barry is on comms. Iris can get the people out of the building no problem, but she can’t put out the fire. They should have brought in Killer Frost at this point, but they don’t. Cisco has to breach Iris out of the building because she makes the fire worse and then gets pinned by concrete that she can’t phase through. Question, how did her clothes not burn?


Iris is fine, but Caitlin can’t reverse what Kim has done. They need Kim himself. Ralph dramatically exits.


Cisco and Harry talk. Cisco will help him on two conditions. One, no dark matter. Two, if he starts acting like a homicidal maniac, Cisco will breach him back to Earth 2.


Barry and Iris talk, and we finally figure out about Iris’s job. She quit after Barry got sucked into the speed force. Now she feels like she isn’t as fearless as she used to be and she wants to prove that she is just as useful as everyone else. Barry is super supportive and awesome as always when there’s another alert.


They found the guy that has Frye’s powers. Kim is there too. Iris wants to go in alone. Barry reminds her not to touch Kim. Cisco made her a suit.


It’s another guy from the bank. Iris puts Kim in cuffs but is at a loss for what to do with the other meta.


Barry suggests making a vortex around him, but Iris can’t get that close. Then the meta ups the ante and makes a thermal cyclone that could kill thousands of people. Harry puts on the thinking cap to help. She needs to make a tidal wave to drown the cyclone. Barry instructs her how to do it, and it works marvelously.


Kim is willing to reverse them. Barry makes sure Iris is first before he does. Iris is fine with it. Kim is extremely sorry and promises never to use his powers again. They want him to help though and he’s willing. Oh, and surprise, Barry doesn’t reveal himself this time!


Ralph and Iris talk. She says that Matthew will need a buddy and tells him about Savitar. Ralph apologizes and decides to go visit the mayor as Devoe.


Barry brings Iris pizza, and they talk. She’s working on her old website again because being a speedster reminded her of what her purpose is in the world. I’m so glad Iris has something actually to do again.


Now for the dun dun dun. Cisco and Harry are working with the Thinking Cap. Harry has the names of the other two bus metas. They are Jenna Petty and Edwin Gauss. He’s also acting very Thawne-like, which is creepy.


There were some minor annoyances in the forms of plot holes and Ralph, but this was a good episode over all. 8/10.