#The Flash Season 4 Episode 17 "Null and Annoyed" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Barry and Ralph fighting Izzy-Devoe in the chai. It’s a simulation, and Ralph isn’t taking it seriously. Ralph was supposed to morph into Barry so that there are two Flashes. Instead, he sucks his head into his body like Rasputin in Anastasia.


Barry tries to tell him not to improvise, but he wants to be a stand-up comic. Barry and Iris talk about Ralph. Iris says that it’ll all work out.


The Thinking Cap is not helping Harry with his anger issues. Ralph makes it worse by putting a whoopie cushion under him. Harry can’t find the other two metas because they’ve both disappeared off the grid. Janet Petty is a criminal, but Edwin Gauss is just gone.

Just as Harry is yelling for some peace and quiet, Breacher shows up. Vampires attacked him, and his vibe blasts stopped working. He thinks that Cisco can fix him. Cisco agrees to try.

Devoe is sick again. He has one more week in this body. The Mechanic wants to make some adjustments to the chair. They’ve already been started on the computer. Devoe says that he started it, but he’s not as good at engineering as she is. She tells him to rest. He says that when she finishes, that they’ll track down the two remaining bus metas. She corrects him, thinking the Weeper is still at large.

Kevin James and Jason Mewes are bumbling security guards. Janet Petty shows up and levitates the crate while they go to get a dolly. It smashes to the ground, and she takes a tiara.

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Ralph and Barry show up while Joe interviews the security guards. Barry tells Ralph to be discreet. He’s not. Joe tells them about the crate and the crown. Ralph causes the security guards to drop an extremely expensive vase.

Caitlin and Cisco are doing tests with Breacher. They haven’t figured it out yet. What’s worse is that Breacher is being really nice. He goes to get donuts and then Caitlin tells Cisco the problem. Breacher is getting old and can’t produce the energy needed to vibe blast. Cisco does not want to tell him that.


The Mechanic is making adjustments to her chair and drops her tea. She sees the tears, but she doesn’t know what they are, so she runs a chemical analysis.

They have a hit on the meta, or rather 17, as that’s the amount of aliases she has. She calls herself Null. Barry and Ralph go find her.


They show up at Ralph’s “friend’s” apartment. Ralph shapeshifts into Joe and questions him. Null’s on the roof and she makes Barry float.

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They managed to get Barry back to S.T.A.R. Labs using a string. Harry tells him it should eventually wear off and then Barry crashes to the floor. He’s getting ready to kill Ralph, but he benches him instead.

The Mechanic has her results. She knows she’s being drugged with the Weeper’s tears.

Caitlin and Cisco are trying to figure out what to tell Breacher when he walks in. Cisco lies to him and tells him to take antihistamine. It works kind of?

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Barry and Iris talk about Ralph until she gets a notification of a robbery at a jewelry store. Harry tells that she can’t levitate what she can’t see, so he needs to run fast enough to be invisible.


He cuffs her, but she has a trick up her sleeve. She levitated a car with a man in it, and he’ll die if Barry doesn’t let her go. Barry saves the guy in the car, only for her to have picked the cuffs and gotten away.

Harry is having a breakdown because he didn’t see that coming. He storms out. Iris sticks up for Ralph, saying that they can’t plan for everything and Barry shouldn’t be taking it out on him.

Breacher is gone and going to die. Cisco saves him and tells him the truth. Breacher doesn’t take it well.


The Mechanic is trying to escape, but this is apparently not the first time. With a combination of the Weeper’s tears and Dominic’s powers, Devoe can change her memories. He then does it again. If there was every any question that Devoe is a monster, there isn’t now.

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Barry talks to Ralph in the pipeline. Ralph uses humor as a defense mechanism. His dad walked out him and his mom when he was ten, and jokes made his mom, and himself, less scared. He’s been doing it ever since. Iris then pages them that Null is at the Central City Museum and Barry unbenches him.

Null levitates a guest so that she can steal her jewelry. Barry and Ralph save her. Null touches the floor, attempting to levitate everyone. Barry gets them all out, but she levitates him. Ralph can’t reach him, and Barry tells him to improvise. He cuffs Null and then becomes a giant whoopie cushion.

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They put Null in the pipeline. Harry is working on the cap. Joe leaves to look for Gauss but first asks them about a weird phone call he got from Earl. Ralph denies any knowledge. Iris not so discreetly gives Barry and Ralph the room. They have a nice talk.


Cisco throws away the antihistamines and then Breacher comes through in retirement clothes. He now realizes he’s old and wants to go visit a dragon farm on Earth 47. He then offers Cisco his job. Raise your hand if you had a minor panic attack when that happened.


The first scene with the Thinker and the Mechanic replays again, with a few minor differences.

Harry is at the secret wall. He uses Reverse Flash stuff to power the cap and then turns on Gideon. Don’t go full Eobard Harry! You’re freaking me out!

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Solid episode, slightly disturbing but solid. I can’t wait to find out what’s going on with Harry and how the Mechanic gets out of this loop. 8/10