#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 18 "Lose Yourself" Recap and Review

Ralph and Barry found the bus. They talk while scanning for dark matter. Ralph wants to kill Devoe. Barry doesn’t.

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They find a dark matter outline of a man, who Ralph remembers. Flashback to bus time, where a hippie pays Ralph’s bus fare. He disappeared from the bus.


Harry created an elaborate tuning fork called the sonic scepter to defeat Devoe. Since it’s not technologically based, it’s Kilgore proof. He also has a way to find Devoe.


Joe talks to Cisco about Harry. He’s worried.

Iris and Caitlin talk. Caitlin has begun to understand the science behind Killer Frost. The dark matter is in her adrenal gland. They also leave each other notes, so it’s more like having a pen pal than another personality.


There’s a Devoe alert and all four of the metas go to find him. It’s not him. It’s Gauss.


He has his own pocket dimension. Harry can even separate his and the Thinker’s pocket dimension activity. Now everyone is worried about him.


Joe talks to him. He thinks that Harry is addicted and sees him go into the Reverse Flash room.


Barry, Caitlin, and Ralph are in a hippie commune looking for Gauss. The hippies call him Folded man. They split up to find him. Barry and Ralph argue about killing Devoe. Caitlin finds Gauss and is subsequently stabbed by the samuroid. It can’t be the same one, as they have the head. Right? Anyway, Barry speeds Caitlin to S.T.A.R. Labs.


She’s fine. Because of Killer Frost, she healed fast. Ralph, on the other hand, is not fine. He yells at Barry and Iris. Iris tries to mediate, but it doesn’t go so well.


Ralph goes to the pipeline and talks to Gauss. He’s been to Devoe’s lair and he didn’t even know it. This gives Ralph a really bad idea.


Cisco is hot gluing the Enterprise. Harry bursts in and demands to know if Cisco took the Thinking Cap. He didn’t, but Joe did. Joe gives him a talking to but does give the Thinking Cap back.


Barry stops Ralph from leaving. Ralph puts the scepter inside himself and Barry knocks him out.

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They talk in the infirmary. Ralph isn’t worried about himself. He’s worried about the team, which is sweet.


Barry tells him that they like him too, as he is. Cold blooded murder does things to people.


Barry decides to follow the same bad plan that Ralph had. Everyone’s in.


Caitlin, Barry, and Cisco get Gauss to open the pocket dimension. They tell him to reopen it in 15 minutes. Devoe isn’t there.

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He’s at S.T.A.R. Labs and he’s locked them all out. Iris has an explosive that Cisco made for her and gets them out of the breach room.


Joe takes on the samuroid.


Ralph confronts Devoe. He makes him fight the T-Rex from the museum.


Harry takes the Thinking Cap to the Gideon room and electrocutes himself by turning up the power too far.

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The Mechanic and Iris fight.


Ralph breaks apart the T-Rex and then goes to look for the Thinker. He got all the bus metas. Ralph hits him with the tuning fork.


Iris gets herself stabbed so that she can bring Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin back. Joe beat the Samuroid.


Cisco’s been knocked out of wack, so Barry speeds over to Ralph. He cuffed Devoe instead of killing him. The problem is that they really need to fix those cuffs. Devoe breaks out, freezes Barry in place, and broadcasts himself killing Ralph.


Cisco is so mad that he breaches him and Caitlin there, but not without extreme pain. Devoe Ralph fights all of them. He defrosts Caitlin and knocks the rest of them out.

Everyone’s upset, and Barry speeds off. Iris thinks she knows where he went.


Cisco and Harry examine Caitlin and don’t find any dark matter in her. She’s herself again, and just when her and Killer Frost were starting to get along.


Barry’s clearing out Ralph’s office. He tells Iris he doesn’t want to talk. After she leaves, he does promise Ralph that he’ll keep them safe.


The Mechanic and Devoe celebrate and he turns back into himself. But they have more work to do. He got dark matter from when Harry overloaded the Thinking Cap.


When you’re going against a guy that outthinks everything, you have to stop and think sometimes. Could the team not have updated the handcuffs? Devoe is not the first person to break out of them. We still don’t know what his endgame is, but Captain Cold is coming back, so yay! 8/10.