#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 19 "Fury Rogue" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Harry talking to Gideon. He’s losing his intelligence and the Thinking Cap can’t reverse it.


Barry and Iris are with the marriage counselor talking about Ralph. Actually, it’s almost entirely Iris. Barry claims to be fine.


The Mechanic and the Thinker talk while she makes tea. He talks about how much Ralph’s body is helping him, and she wants some alone time. He says that they don’t have time for that.


Cisco is in his lab, looking at Ralph’s whoopie cushion. He tries to put on the Thinking Cap, but Harry insists that it’s broken. Cisco says that they should make another one. After all, two heads are better than one, right? Harry agrees.


Caitlin is re-watching the defrosting footage. She talks to Iris about it until they get a pocket dimension alert.


Three pocket dimensions open and then rapidly close in Keystone. Devoe is coming for Fallout. Barry tells Iris to call Lyla and see if A.R.G.U.S. can help.

Citizen Cold is hunting someone on Earth X. It’s Nazi-Laurel. Barry and Cisco get him out, but she cries open the breach and follows them.


The team tells Leo the situation. A.R.G.U.S. has a safehouse that they are going to move Fallout to, but they need his cold gun in case things heat up. He can only stay a day because he has a life to get back to.


Harry has completed Cisco’s thinking cap, but it doesn’t work. There is an essential component that they are missing, and Harry just gives up.


The Mechanic dressed up to impress her husband. It doesn’t work. He wants her focused. For this mission, she is his assistant. For a smart guy, Devoe is an idiot sometimes. Pay attention to your wife or she will turn on you!


Barry and Leo talk about the plan and grief. Barry still insists that he’s fine.


As they all get ready to leave, Laurel uses sonar to overhear their plan. She wants Fallout for herself.


Barry, Joe, Iris, Caitlin, and Leo explain the situation to Fallout. Iris is going to monitor from S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry going to run in front, Joe’s going to drive, Caitlin’s going to monitor him, and Leo is back up. Caitlin gives them all vaccines which should provide them with some protection from radiation.


Leo wants to make sure Barry has his head in the game.


Caitlin and Leo talk in the back of the truck about Killer Frost until Iris detects pocket dimension activity. Devoe shows up, absorbs the waves from the tuning fork, and mocks Barry about Ralph.


Barry starts seeing Ralph’s death over and over.

When they are interrupted by Nazi-Laurel, he freezes. Devoe gets away and she commandeers the truck, with Caitlin and Joe still inside.


According to Leo, her name is Siren X and she’s the last remnant of an elite taskforce. She hates all of them for killing Dark Oliver, and won’t stop until she exacts her revenge.


Gypsy sent Cisco the part he needed for the Thinking Cap. Harry breaks it and then explains to Cisco what happened. He says that his brain is the only part of him that matters and he’s losing it.


Devoe is mad. He can’t figure out why Barry didn’t beat Siren X. The Mechanic tells him that he can’t calculate how someone is feeling.


Barry and Leo talk again. Barry doesn’t want to grieve Ralph. Leo tells him that he can’t “outrun grief.”


Siren X is at CCPD. She makes Fallout take off the helmet of his hazmat suit and starts crying him. Team Flash is alerted to him the second this happen. They give Leo a prototype cold gun, and he and Barry leave. Siren X hears Barry coming and knocks him down. He’s frozen, reliving memories of Ralph until Leo manages to shake him out of it. Barry knocks out Siren X and Caitlin and Leo cool down Fallout and put his helmet back on.


Barry and Joe talk about Ralph in Barry’s old office while Caitlin and Leo listen.


A.R.G.U.S. has relocated Fallout to a super-secret black site where no one should be able to find him. Cisco gives Leo the same breach thing he gave Supergirl, and Leo gives everyone a personal goodbye.


Barry tells Iris that he called the counselor.

Iris and Caitlin talk about Killer Frost. Caitlin found a cryogenic anomaly in her DNA, which means Killer Frost is in there somewhere.


Cisco tells Harry that his brain is not the only part of him that matters. They can fix this, but they have to tell the team first. Harry can’t bring himself to do that yet.


Barry talks to the counselor about Ralph.


Fallout is in a simulation in the super-secret facility, which is precisely where Devoe wanted him. He makes this whole speech about how emotion is stupid and meaningless, and we see the look on the Mechanic’s face. He’s going down.


How do you defeat a Thinker? With feelings! While I was a tiny bit disappointed about which Snart we got, this episode did an excellent job of letting the characters grieve Ralph. 8/10