#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 20 "Therefore She Is" Recap and Review

The episode started with a flashback to Oxford eight years ago. The Mechanic is talking about the real Enlightenment and how great it was. Devoe disagrees with her, proving that he’s always been crazy. Don’t blame the tool for what people do with it Thanos Jr.


In the present, they are going over their plan of attack.


Cisco gets a cube from Gypsy. Breacher’s still waiting on Cisco’s answer. This is not the first cube she’s sent him. Harry needs him in the speed lab.


He wants Cisco to vibe blast Caitlin until Killer Frost shows up. It doesn’t work, and Harry keeps forgetting things. The team is worried and asks if he is ok. Cisco says he’s not.

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Harry explains. They want to help fix it now, but Harry says that they have more pressing matter to worry about. Barry lets him know that he is still valuable.


The Thinker and the Mechanic are at Vandermeer Steel. They find Alloy 1771, which can harness power at 400% efficiency, and Devoe shrinks it down. They get caught by a security guard, who Devoe mind controls into pointing the gun at himself. The Mechanic tries to talk him down, and as they leave, it appears to have worked.


It’s only when Barry, Joe, Cisco, and Iris arrive at the crime scene that we realize it didn’t. Iris will go interview people. Cisco and Barry will figure out what was stolen. Barry hacks into the system and finds Alloy 1771. Iris explains that it’s a solar panel.  Barry wants Cisco to vibe the gun so that they can know more. He says no because Devoe is immune to it. Barry wants Gypsy to help. Cisco isn’t super psyched about that but doesn’t tell anyone why.


Joe needs Harry to distract Cecile for a little while. He can’t tell Harry why because then Cecile will read his mind.


Flashback to Devoe and the Mechanic’s first date. She likes being challenged.


Gypsy explains that in order to co-vibe, they have to be on the same wavelength. They see shipping container 16 on a dock.

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It’s the wrong one. Devoe took something from shipping container 18 right next to it. He transports Barry to Alaska, knocks Cisco and Gypsy down, and leaves. Cisco and Gypsy argue until Barry gets back.

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Cisco and Barry talk about Breachers’ job offer.

Flashback to the Thinker and the Mechanic moving in together. The Mechanic thinks sends the Thinker on a food run and finds one of his journals. They talk about it when he gets back. She says that it sounds like a radical manifesto against all technological philanthropist. He doesn’t deny it. He wants to reboot the masses brains to forget technology, and he wants her to help him. She gives him back the journal and leaves.


Cecile goes to see Harry. While Harry “fixes” her mental dampener, they talk about his brain. The more he thinks about something, the quicker it disappears.


Barry finds Gypsy at Jitters and tries to force her and Cisco to talk. There is an alert at two more manufacturers and Barry tries to get them to vibe some metal from the shipping container. They get blasted instead.


Iris wants Barry to back off Cisco and Gypsy. While they talk, Barry realizes what Devoe is doing. He’s not just building one thing. He’s building several.


Cecile can write down what Harry’s thinking before it disappears.


There is a flashback to the Mechanic in Kenya. She’s built a water purifier. Then she gets a call from Devoe. He says that he needs her and is nothing without her. She is in the middle of telling him that he’s crazy when she gets attacked.


Cisco and Gypsy talk. They both don’t want him to take the job. Gypsy doesn’t want anything to change, but Cisco is tired of long distance. He wants more, and she doesn’t.


Barry tells the team what Devoe is doing. He’s building satellites, but they’ll need a quantum computer in order to communicate. There are several currently at Mercury Labs. Cisco calls Devoe a Bond villain.

Devoe shrinks them down, and while the Mechanic collects them, Barry, Cisco, and Gypsy show up. Barry and Gypsy are in charge of knocking Devoe out while Cisco holds the Mechanic back. She knocks Cisco out. Devoe uses his powers to stop Barry and Gypsy. Caitlin tries to freeze him, and he decides to choke Gypsy to make a point. The Mechanic pleads with him to stop; this wasn’t part of their plan. He freezes her in place, but then changes his mind and lets Gypsy go. They leave.


Harry and Cecile tell Team Flash what Devoe’s planning. He wants to reboot everyone’s minds at a time without technology, making them all like Harry.


At Collector Headquarters on Earth 19 Cisco and Gypsy break up because he is too good for her. Break my heart why don’t you?

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Team Flash throws Cecile a baby shower. Barry and Cisco talk about Gypsy. Iris and Caitlin talk about Killer Frost.


Flashback to The Mechanic and the Thinker in Kenya. She agrees with him now and wants to help.


In the present, the Mechanic is in the chair. She announces that she’s leaving because Devoe was the Thinker’s first victim. She’s trapped him in the pocket dimension, and when he threatens her, she says that he is nothing without her. Yes! You go, girl! Ever since I stopped shipping them, I’ve been waiting for this to happen.

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The girl who may or may not be Dawn Allen gives Cecile a diaper bag. She doesn’t want Iris to see her for some reason and speeds away.


Cisco and Gypsy breaking up broke my heart because they are my favorite couple on this show, but I loved so much about this episode. 8/10.