#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 23 "We Are The Flash" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Singh calling Barry with some good news, but he never gets to deliver it because all electronics stop working.


They are freaking out about it at S.T.A.R. Labs, and freak out more when Cecile and Joe come in. She’s having contractions. Caitlin can deliver though.


Cisco finds out what Devoe did in the future room and that he used Harry as a guinea pig. Iris and the Mechanic come in with an idea.


They want to put Barry’s consciousness into Devoe’s mind so that his good parts can take over his bad parts. Barry suggests calling his superfriends, but it’s too late for that. They only have until the grid reaches 100%.


They want to use Cecile’s powers to transport Barry into Devoe’s mind. The Mechanic makes him a radio that he can use to talk to them while inside. She also wants him to get in the Scorpius chair. He does, and they place Cecile on a gurney on the other side of the room.


It works. Barry comes out of the same hole in the speed force that he did at the beginning of the season. He sees the Thinker in his chair and hides in the bus. Barry explains to the team the situation, and the Mechanic suggests that he go to their house. It’s empty.


Cecile is still having contractions, which interferes with her link with Barry. Also, they will disappear when she gives birth. Caitlin goes to get the inhaler, which can slow down contractions. Before she leaves, Cecile starts channeling Killer Frost?


Cisco notices that Harry is missing and find him in the lab. Harry can barely talk and needs the cap. Cisco turns it on for him. Harry tells Cisco to look for where the Thinker and Mechanic first fell in love. He hugs Cisco, and then Cisco turns the cap off.


They tell Barry, and he goes. There are several things there, but no Devoe. Ralph is though!!! Barry hugs him, apologizes, and then asks where they might find Devoe. Ralph says that the evil kind visits him all the time. This is, of course, the perfect moment for one of those visits to occur. Ralph has an idea, and Barry speeds them away.


Cecile read Devoe’s thoughts. He’s coming for them. When Devoe gets there, he explains why he needs Barry. He needs his connection to the speed force. But he can’t get to any of them. The Mechanic put up a forcefield and then takes them to Devoe’s pocket dimension.


Ralph and Barry find the good Devoe at Oxford. He’s dead. Ralph tells Barry to leave while he has the chance. Barry says no. He has an idea. If they get Ralph out, he can retake his body and Devoe will be gone.


Devoe is getting closer to Team Flash in the pocket dimension. Cecile’s contractions are getting worse, which makes Joe go off on the Mechanic. Iris talks him down.

Devoe shows up to stop Ralph and Barry from leaving. At first, he is winning because he can read their minds.


Ralph suggests that they think of things that they love. Barry thinks of Iris and Ralph thinks of food. Then a whole heck ton of Devoes show up.


Harry sounds like Barry did when he came out of the speed force. Devoe shows up and freezes everyone except Joe and Cecile. Joe points a gun at him, which they have a tug of war over for a bit. Devoe eventually knocks Joe out.


Barry is using Ralph to fight as many Devoes as possible. When they get through one wave another comes, so Barry starts running towards the portal.


Devoe freezes Cecile and starts choking her.


Barry and Ralph make it out. Everyone unfreezes, and Cecile starts breathing. Ralph retakes his body. The Mechanic overrides the satellites.


They go back upstairs as the electricity comes back on all over the city. Cecile’s water just broke, so her, Joe, and Caitlin goes to the infirmary.

The chair turns back on. Devoe has technologically reincarnated himself. He gives a speech, but then the Mechanic rips the guts out of the chair. This causes the satellite’s orbit to decay. They have three minutes.


It’s time for Cecile to push.


Cisco breaches satellite parts away, Ralph helps move people, and Barry starts to pick up speed to sonic punch the satellite. The Mechanic thinks that it might kill him.


Cecile’s baby is coming.

Right before Barry reaches the satellite, time rewinds to the point where he was winding up. This time there is another speedster with him. The satellite gets destroyed.


The baby is born and everyone gets back. The Mechanic gives Cisco something to fix Harry. She then leaves. She wants to help people again. Barry tells Iris about the other speedster.


Cisco puts the device on the Thinking Cap. Harry quotes Star Trek which Iris thinks is Star Wars. He isn’t quite fixed though. He’s balanced.


He’s also leaving. He wants to go see his daughter, but he hugs them all first.


They have a party for the baby, whose name is Jenna Marie West. Wally’s there and he talks to Joe about the Legends.


The Mystery girl crashes the party and says the house thing. Her name is Nora Allen and she’s wearing Iris’s jacket. She says that she’s made a big mistake.


So that was trippy. Any theories on what her big mistake was or why she doesn’t appear to like her mother that much? 8/10.