#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 5 "Girls Night Out" Recap and Review


The episode starts with the boys in S.T.A.R. Labs. Joe, Cisco, and Barry are looking for Devoe while Dibney is showing off. Felicity walks in and is super pumped about Iris’s bachelorette party. I know Oliver is off helping Slade, but come on. He should have come with. Anyway, they make jokes about how S.T.A.R. labs have no security and Felicity gets freaked out by Dibney.

Caitlin’s booking a flight on Ferris air, hello Green Lantern reference. She minimizes the page when Iris and Felicity walk in. She tries to bow out of the bachelorette proceedings but is unsuccessful.


Cecile and her daughter are talking about her baby’s first picture aka her ultrasound.  They get kicked out by the boys. Cecile invites her daughter to the bachelorette party with her, but she already has plans.


Cisco made an adorable video of Barry complete with Cisco commentary.


Barry was such and adorable child y'all.






This gets interrupted when Dibney comes in and takes over.

At the girl’s dinner, Felicity makes a toast and strangely cryptic comments that would make me believe she was pregnant if she didn’t drink.


Speaking of which, Caitlin is drinking for both herself and Cecile. For a good reason too, because her friend from the bar is there. The rest of the girls think he’s a stripper, but then he takes out his eye. HIS EYE DOES FREAKY THINGS, AND I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THAT! AHHHHH! I am not going to relive that through pictures if you don’t mind, but you can always look it up if you didn’t watch it live. They freak as much as I did. Felicity hits him with a chair, and Iris hits him with a tray. Caitlin goes full Frost and blasts him.

The Flash 405.gif

Dibney has taken them to the most cliché place imaginable: a strip club called the Golden Booty. He’s the number #1 customer, and that cements just how slimy he is and how much I dislike him. Cisco has made Barry super alcohol so that he can get drunk.

Back at S.T.A.R labs, Killer Frost says that she’s going to kill eye guy, Norvak’s, boss and that Caitlin’s been hiding things from them. The other girls have a little pow-wow. Iris is Team Caitlin. Cecile and Felicity aren’t so much. They all agree to follow Killer Frost, and Iris continues to try to get the guys on the phone, which were confiscated at the strip club.

Dibney is using his superpower to steal, and Cisco’s concoction is much stronger than he thought.


Also, Cecile’s daughter is a stripper.


Killer Frost is in a club looking for Amunet. She’s British of course and very peppy. Killer Frost tries to quit and Amunet pretends not to understand.  She wants to show Killer Frost something.


The girls have followed her. A guy tries to give them drugs. They don’t take them.

Amunet shows Killer Frost a chained-up skin and bones meta she calls the Weeper. His tears are where the drugs are coming from.


Killer Frost again tries to quit and her and Amunet gear up to fight, she controls metal in a bucket. Iris steps in to stop them, and surprisingly doesn’t die.


Back at S.T.A.R. labs, it’s explaining time. Amunet is Amunet Black, the leader of a metahuman black market. Caitlin sought her out six months ago for some tech that could keep her in control. In exchange, she became Amunet’s muscle. Didn’t kill anyone though. There is another Hulk reference and Killer Frost bails. Iris delegates. Cecile is going to find info on Amunet and Felicity is going to look up the blueprints of the club.


Cecile’s daughter and Joe talk. She’s writing a book on the female experience and that somehow requires her to be a stripper. Joe is worried and Dibney is gross. Barry has now moved into the next phase of drunkenness: sad. He’s crying about chicken wings.


Iris and Killer Frost talk.


Barry is now crying about Titanic.


A stripper and a guy attack Dibney and the whole strip club gets in on it.


Killer Frost gets ambushed by Amunet. She can shape the metal in her bucket into whatever she wants. After thoroughly beating up Killer Frost, she shifts back into Caitlin. The cops show up, and Amunet kills them, giving time for Caitlin to get away.

She goes back to S.T.A.R. Labs to patch things up. Her and Iris talk. She doesn’t have any memory of her Killer Frost time. When Iris asks why she didn’t say anything, she mentions that she and Iris were only ever worked friends, which is true.

The boys are all in jail, except for Harry for some reason. Barry has moved on to puking. He and Joe talk about the baby. Joe’s terrified because he’s much older than he used to be.  Barry reminds him that he has so much more help than he did before and it’s really sweet. Harry bails them out because no one found it suspicious that Harrison Wells is alive and moving around.


Felicity analyzed the Weeper’s tear. It acts like a love drug. When Caitlin tells them what the metal is made out of, Felicity is able to track it. Caitlin doesn’t want to go and Iris says she doesn’t have to. Cecile is being Felicity and Iris and Felicity are in the field.


Amunet is selling the Weeper to an Asian man. Before Iris and Felicity can engage, they get caught. Caitlin shows up and says that if Amunet lets them go, she’ll come back. Amunet says it’s too late and tries to kill all of them. Caitlin shifts into Killer Frost and defends them from the metal.  Felicity and Iris get the idea to use the factory’s magnets against Amunet. Cecile just has to turn them on. She does, and it works, well enough that Killer Frost goes in to make her name. Iris convinces her not to, and Amunet gets away. They should have at least knocked her out or something, right? Anyway, after Amunet gets away, they undo the Weeper’s chains, but he doesn’t want a thing to do with them and runs out.


The guys and Iris are back at the lab. They see Killer Frost and she begins to explain.


Joe and Cecile’s daughter talk. She’s not going to be a stripper anymore and he’s not going to tell Cecile. She leaves and Cecile and Joe talk. They're both scared, but they are in this together.


Iris and Caitlin talk. Iris asks her to be her maid of honor to prove that they aren't just working friends. She accepts.

Now for the dun dun dun. The Weeper is running, and then the Thinker appears, still in his chair that now flies and shoots lasers. I know he’s a supervillain, but I want one. He tells the Weeper that he can’t run until he’s fulfilled his part of the plan. Is this the first time he’s interacted with a bus meta directly and the first time he’s been without his sidekick?

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This episode reminded of the Leverage episodes “The Girls/Boy Night Out Job” and that’s a good thing. Despite a few lingering questions, it was great. 8/10.