#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 6 "When Harry Met Harry" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Barry and Dibney getting coffee and then getting mugged. Barry decides to use this as a lesson, but they take too long formulating a plan and the mugger shoots Dibney. The bullet ricochets off Dibney and hits the mugger. Barry gets him to the hospital.


In the Thinker lab, the mechanic is mad because events are aligning far quicker than they anticipated. The Thinker shrugs her off.

Cisco, Caitlin, and Harry still haven’t found Devoe yet. Harry says that he has friends that he could call. It takes everyone a while to grasp the concept, but they are eventually really excited. Barry says that in the meantime they should do something about the bus Metas. He suggests that Cisco vibe them. Cisco tried but ended up vibing himself, which is a whole other level of an identity crisis. Caitlin suggests that Dibney is hypnotized.


Barry and Iris take him to their marriage counselor, which is hilarious. I never thought we were going to see her again. Ralph sees the Weeper and a bison jacket. He also identifies the women he can’t see by their measurements. Ew!! I don’t even know my measurements. Some creepo guy should not automatically do my measurements. I did mention I don’t like this guy, right?


A woman attacks a guy outside a warehouse. When Barry and Joe get there, they come to the conclusion that an animal must have killed him, but that size of animal doesn’t exist. They then see the panther statue, which has blood in its teeth.

Cisco has brought food for Harry’s friends, who all turn out to be other Wells’: The snobby German Harrison Wolfgang, H. Lothario Wells whose name tells you all you need to know, and cyborg Wells 2.0. There is a LOTR reference, but Gandalf doesn’t stay. Cisco points out how weird it is that Harry’s friends are himself and dubs them the Council of Wells. None of them like Cisco, so he has to leave.


Caitlin’s analyzed the stone statue. There is dark matter in it, which means that the meta is able to bring inanimate objects to life. Dibney does the measurement thing on Caitlin, and it’s still creepy. Have we learned nothing from all the men accused of sexual harassment/assault in the past few weeks? Creepy!

Joe comes in and says that victim is Joe Fox and that he was transporting Native American artifacts, including part of a bison necklace. Barry and Iris remember the bison part from Dibney and zero in on that. It exists in three parts, and one of them is in a private collection.  Barry and Dibney go to check it out, with a detour for Ralph’s suit.


Ralph’s suit is basically a tarp, but it’s a tarp that can stretch as much as he can. Dibney isn’t impressed.


She’s already there. In trying to impress her, the collector offends her by using an artifact wrong and she brings a suit of armor alive to kill him. When Barry and Dibney show up, it knocks Dibney out and she runs. Barry phases through the suit instead of running after her.

200w_d (15).gif

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, they have an id. Her name is Mina Chayton. She used to be a teacher but was fired for being an activist. She’s doing the same stuff she was doing before the bus, but just more effectively.


Joe and Iris go research where the third piece is. Dibney’s ticked at Barry because he let her go. Barry tells him the same thing he keeps trying to tell him: saving people is more important, but Dibney doesn’t get it.


Cisco checks in on the Council of Wells. If you’ll pardon the pun, it isn’t going well. Harry sends them all away.

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The third piece of the necklace is being transferred by armored car to a secure location. The guy in the back gets killed by a statue, and so his the guy driving. The statue gives Mina the necklace and then Barry and Dibney show up.  She calls herself Black Bison and tries to get away in her car. Barry is preoccupied with the statue, so Dibney grabs her vehicle. The statue knocks Barry into a pole. Barry tells Dibney to get people away from the downed power lines. He won’t let go, and the pole falls on a little girl.


Barry takes her to the hospital. She has a mild concussion and a broken leg, but she’s lucky to be alive. Dibney’s obviously upset.


Cisco goes to Harry, who says that he hates the other Wells’. Cisco accuses him of not liking himself and then gives him a pep talk.


He even manages to put a Harry Potter reference in it.  Harry apologizes to the others and they start to mesh better.


Dibney is brooding in his office. Barry goes to talk to him and is his wonderful sweet self.


Black Bison’s in jail, but she uses the guard’s name badge to undo her handcuffs. At that precise unfortunate moment, there is a police demonstration going on. She uses the dummy to incapacitate the cops and get herself out.


She goes to the museum and gets the necklace. Barry and Dibney show up and Dibney makes an Indiana Jones reference. She animates a T-rex. Barry runs circles around until he gets caught by the tail. Ralph has a chance to catch her until a security guard shows up. Dibney chooses to save the security guard and gets caught in the T-rex’s mouth. Barry catches her. He throws up an offering bowl, that she tries to catch. He cuffs her and then catches the bowl.

The Flash 406.gif
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Back at S.T.A.R. labs, Barry and Dibney talk. Dibney sent the necklace back to the Sioux reservation. Then he goes to the hospital, in what I admit is the most adorable scene of the entire episode.


The Council of Wells found out which Devoe they’re looking for and where he is. His name is Clifford Devoe.

The Thinker and the Mechanic know that they’re coming and prepare for them.

When Barry and Joe get there, the Mechanic is in a dress and the Thinker is in a wheelchair. I don’t know why they’re so stunned, they’ve dealt with villains in wheelchairs before.


Is there any role that Tom Cavanaugh can’t play? Seriously, he was playing four people this episode. That and the fact that Barry seems to be rubbing off on Ralph are the major factors of me enjoying this episode. If that continues, he may stop being a sexual harassment lecture waiting to happen. Good episode, but not the right week. 7.5/10.