#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 8 "Crisis on Earth-X (3)"

The episode starts in the concentration camp, where they meet a guy who was sent there for being gay. I mention this for two reasons. One, this guy is important later. Two, this is a running theme that I may or may not touch on again.


Cisco wakes up in the pipeline and him and Harry provide some much-needed levity to this episode.


Kara’s strapped down on a table under red sunlight. Thawne rolls in his wheelchair and proceeds to taunt her. Evil Kara joins in. It’s almost time for them to cut her open.


Iris and Felicity overhear this in an air vent and Felicity brings up what we’re all thinking: how are they going to take evil Oliver down when they don’t have superpowers. Iris says that they don’t have to. They just have to get Cisco out. The rest will take care of itself. She even knows a way there. Felicity makes a Die Hard reference and follows her.


Lance is a nazi general and is in charge of rounding up the prisoners. When he sees Sarah, he asks her why she aligns herself with the prisoners. Sarah says it’s because she’s bi and Lance says that he killed his Sarah for that reason. This does bring up the interesting question of, where is Laurel? Is she good, bad, or dead on this Earth?


Round up” is a euphemism for about to execute and our heroes, plus the new guy, obviously try to get away before that happens. Unfortunately, the collars that were put on them in part 2 are electrified, like dog collars. They are saved from a firing squad and mass grave by none other than Leonard Snart. Captain Cold is my fave and seeing him as a good guy is just the best. On this earth, he likes to be called Leo. New guy shines and shoots sunlight from his hands?


Kara and Kara have a little talk. Evil Kara mocks anything she can think of about Kara up to and including the fact that she brought her sister as her date to a wedding. Real Kara remarks that at least she has a heart to give.


Iris and Felicity break out of the air duct. They get caught because they can’t open the door. Felicity sends an SOS to the rest of the Legends. They try using the gas line to overpower the Nazi soldiers.


The rest of the heroes are at the good guy base.  The new guy is from Earth 1 too and he knows how they got there.  There is a temporal gateway, but it’s guarded by a whole bunch of Nazis. Then Winn shows up! One of the things I have missed from not watching Supergirl is Winn and he’s a big general now. He wants to blow up the facility. Oh, and Evil Oliver isn’t just a Nazi, he’s the nazi. He’s Mr. Uber Bad Guy. So ya, there’s that.


Alex tries to talk to Winn about not blowing up their only way home. He won’t budge because they have a doomsday weapon.


Stein apologizes to Jefferson. He considers him to be his son. It’s super sweet and Jefferson forgives him.


Sarah tells Alex about Laurel and swears that Kara won’t suffer the same fate.


Snart convinces the new guy, whose name is Ray, like Ray of Sunshine, to talk to Winn by the fact that he truly is Wentworth Miller on this Earth.

It works though, kind of. Oliver comes up with a strategy, with the biggest obstacle being metahuman dampeners. Not for him of course, but I digress. Winn is only going to give them an hour.

IMG_3983 (1).jpg

Thawne is about to start operating on Kara. She throws a Superman threat at him and he counters. Apparently, he’s met Superman in the future, and Thawne is faster.


Felicity is able to shut down the power from the future room. Thawne figures that is the only place they could be hiding, but they’re gone before he gets there. They manage to get Kara out, but Metallo is in the elevator and prevents them from going any futher.


Snart and Oliver get in by Oliver being himself, at least of version of himself. Oliver talks to Lance, who asks if he wants to deploy “it.” It turns out to be a Waverider.


Then he brings in a girl for Oliver to execute. It’s Felicity. If there was any episode to remind us that Felicity is Jewish, this was it and boy did it hit me. Hard. Oliver, of course, chooses not to shoot her and gets into a gunfight with everyone else there. He handles it and then gives Felicity a machine gun.


They still have a lot of problems. For one, the controls to the breach are damaged, so they’ll have to override it manually. For another, Winn on this Earth has no patience and has launched Red Tornado to destroy the facility. Never thought we were gonna see him again. Nice touch.

LOT CE 4.gif

Felicity and Iris have been captured. Thawne threatens to kill Felicity unless she turns back on the power. Kara comes in and sacrifices herself. Felicity gives him the code.


Ray and Barry are in charge of taking out Red Tornado, which they eventually succeed at, but it takes a while.


Everyone else storms in to take the building.


Stein decides that he and Jefferson need to separate to take care of the manual override. This doesn’t go so well for him as he gets shot. Of course, that’s how the episode ends. If you want to know just how much and how long I cried, that’s for part four.


As I may have said, this episode emotionally wrecked me. But you really can’t do a cheery nazi earth, so it was good even it though it was gut-wrenching. 9/10.