#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 9 "Don't Run" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Cisco and Harry arguing about how to decorate the tree. Ralph and Caitlin come and talk about Christmas, which Ralph spends conning his grandmother because he’s just the worst. Then, of course, he lets it slip that him Harry and Cisco have been hanging out with Killer Frost and that he likes her better. Caitlin of course leaves and then the tree falls over.


Barry and Iris are opening their wedding presents, specifically the Olicity one. Iris is super bitter about them co-opting the wedding, which she has every right to be. I love Olicity, but that was not written well. Then they get a weird gift. It’s one knife without a card or any identification. Then he starts cleaning up regular speed. This leads to a conversation about how Barry has not been using his powers a lot lately. He says he no longer needs that to be at peace.


Devoe is getting worse and there is some weird continuity error with the Mechanic’s hair. In this scene it’s short, but the rest of the episode it’s back to being long. Anyway, it’s his birthday and they’re planning something. Not that they aren’t always planning something, but something is going to specifically happen that day, which of course they’re super cryptic about because it would be no fun otherwise.


Caitlin is at Jitters drowning her sorrows in the Killer Frost drink. Harry comes and gives her a pep talk. After all these years, I’m still amazed that he can go outside as casually as he does.


Amunet comes in and ruins the moment and Harry’s gun. She puts a dampener on Caitlin and takes her.

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Barry and Iris have returned the 40 toasters that Mick got (stole) for them. Devoe kidnaps him in the middle of the street in his chair. Did nobody see that or is Central City just immune to weird?


Iris goes to S.T.A.R. to tell them about Barry when they’re already looking for Caitlin. Iris asks Cisco to vibe Barry, but he can’t. She doesn’t ask him to vibe Caitlin, but maybe she thought it would be the same result.

Barry’s in the Thinker Lab behind a force field.

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Amunet needs Caitlin’s medical expertise to save a meta she stabbed in the head. Caitlin says that she doesn’t have the right equipment and nothing’s sterile, but eventually agrees to help him. Amunet adds that if he dies, she dies. After Amunet leaves, the guy wakes up. I’m not a doctor, but should that be possible? Maybe telepaths live by different rules. That’s what he is, by the way. He’s a bus meta and worked for TSA.


Devoe and Barry talk. Devoe is super condescending and says that he’s going to teach Barry something. They get interrupted by Joe coming to the door.


Devoe and Joe talk. Devoe realizes Harry is with him and lets them search the house. He’s completely calm.


Barry and the Mechanic talk in the lab. She’s completely loyal to Devoe, which is actually really nice to see.


In S.T.A.R. labs the computers are overheating because they can’t track both of them. Cisco and Ralph fight and Iris mediates. After they leave, Harry tells Iris that she’s the problem. It’s not possible to track both of them and she needs to make that call.


Caitlin and Dominick use his powers to try and escape. It doesn’t work. Amunet asks to have a moment alone with Caitlin and gives her a pep talk. She used to be a flight attendant and is special now, but Caitlin’s always been special. Caitlin is kind of her hero?


Cisco tries to apologize, and Ralph stops him. He’s the one who should apologize because he’s horrible and has forgotten how to have friends. Agreed. Iris comes in and has decided to go after Caitlin, which is surprising, but her logic makes sense.


Caitlin has jerry-rigged an MRI machine to get the shrapnel out of Dominick’s head. She does and then he goes into shock.  Amunet and her minion pass out, and that’s how we learn Caitlin faked him going into shock and gave them inhalation anesthesia. Ralph and Cisco find them right as Amunet does. Cisco vibes them out of there.


Barry tricks Devoe into letting him out by making it look like he already did. Then Devoe takes them on a joyride around the city. Barry eventually sets the chair on fire and uses the flotation mode Cisco put in to not die. Devoe seemingly falls into the water with the chair.


At S.T.A.R. they decide that they still want to do Christmas even though Devoe is nowhere to be found. After everyone leaves, Barry and Iris talk. He’s proud of her for making the tough decision.

Ralph broke in and decorated Joe’s house, which is played off as sweet and I think he meant it that way. He also apologizes to Caitlin. Joe mentions that Wally is in Cambodia. So he just left after basically doing nothing in the crossover and we’re stuck with Ralph instead of him? Not cool. Anyway, Dominick shows up and Cisco gives him the name Brainstorm. Cisco gets a cube, but it’s not a breakup cube. He leaves to go watch it.


The alarm in Iris and Barry’s apartment goes off and Barry goes to check it out. Then Dominick calls him, or rather Devoe does. Amunet caught Dominick and sold him to the Mechanic. Devoe then somehow transferred his consciousness into Dominick and died. He then left the body in Barry’s apartment, stabbed with the knife he probably sent them. The police show up and BARRY DOESN’T DO ANYTHING! BARRY, CLEAN UP THE MESS. TAKE THE DEAD BODY SOMEWHERE AND CLEAN UP THE BLOOD THEN ANSWER THE DOOR. 


But no, because we have to have dramatic tension, and because it’s been predicted since season one, Barry lets himself get arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. Just like his dad!


Dominick Devoe leaves the party and meets up with the Mechanic.


This was a generally good episode, with a lot of little plot holes. I recognize many of them were necessary for narrative cohesion, but still plot holes and still annoying. 7/10.