The Flash Season 5 Episode 22 "Legacy" Recap and Review

The episode starts with a Nora voice over and then goes back where we left off. Ralph jumps in front of the dagger and the mirror gun, and Cicada flies away.

He isn’t dead, surprisingly. His cells are all inverted, like they’re the reverse of themselves. None of them know why Ralph jumped in front of the dagger. Nora still wants to destroy it. Cisco gets a call from Camilla and Caitlin tells him that he should tell her about Vibe.

Joe and Cecile talk to Singh. They’ve got all the metas that didn’t take the cure to a safe location.

Barry and Nora are at the crime scene, actually working as CSI’s. They find wood, which doesn’t match anything else at the crime scene.

Cicada has a new plan. She’s going to fix the timesphere and take the virus back to where it all began: the particle accelerator explosion.

Sherloque figures out why Ralph jumped in front of the dagger. He tells them all about Thawne’s plan. Nora realizes that Barry was right all along, and this is all her fault. Iris tells her that isn’t true. Barry doesn’t think they have another option besides destroying the dagger. Caitlin tells Cisco to go see Camilla.

IMG_6866 (1).jpg

The guard puts a necklace with a ring on it around Thawne’s neck as a parting gift before they execute him.

Cisco tells Camilla everything. She’s read comic books. She understands, but she never would have expected him to tell her up front, and she would never get in the way of him being Vibe. She’s the best!

Barry and Nora talk. There isn’t always a do over for everything. Sometimes you have to live with the consequences.

Caitlin is still working on Ralph but can’t figure out how to fix him. Cisco says he hasn’t been like this since he first got his powers. Sherloque suggests that Cisco blast him to wake him up. It works, kind of. Ralph’s language is mixed up, which Sherloque says will fix itself eventually.


They found out where the wood is from. It’s Swiss ash and comes from the Kolin Woods, where Orlin Dwyer almost killed Cisco. Nora suggests that they use Cecile as an early warning system to find Cicada and little Grace, hereafter referred to as Grace. They want to use the cure on Grace, but they are still stuck on convincing her to take it. She is a child in a coma and her legal guardian has already given you permission. Just do it already!

Anyway, the early warning system works, but Cicada has one too. Joe extrapolates Cicada to the Thawne trap in S.T.A.R. Labs, while Nora connects with Grace. She tells her that Orlin was a meta and so is she. Then both the one she’s made up and the real Orlin battle in her head.

 Cicada breaks through the forcefield and knocks everyone out. Grace agrees to take the cure right before Cicada shows up. Unfortunately, the dark matter in the dagger is counteracting the cure. If they want to cure Grace, they have to destroy the dagger. Barry shoots the dagger after she incapacitates everyone, but before she kills Nora. Cicada grabs the dagger and disintegrates with it Thanos style.


Thawne escape about a second before he would have died. He kills all the guards but leaves the really awful one for last. The ring that the guard put around his neck contains his suit.


Then time goes backwards to before he kills all of the guards. Barry and Nora show up. Thawne gloats, saying it was Nora that gave him the idea in the first place, when she told him about Cicada during the 100th episode. Then they all run. Thawne uses a speed mirage to outsmart them and knock them down, proceeds to gloat some more, and then gets in the face by the time sphere that appears through a breach. Team Flash is together to take him down.


He gives another speech before the festivities begin. Eventually, Nora and Barry run through a breach and punch Thawne in the face. Nora intends to go further, almost killing him. Then something weird starts happening. Thawne tells them that a new timeline is setting in, one where Nora doesn’t exist. He tells Barry that there’s one way to save her, to go into the negative Speed Force. He uses the same phrase to talk about Nora as he did right before he killed Cisco. He has a wacky way of caring about people. He tells Barry that he’ll see him in the next crisis.

Barry and Nora do it for a second, but Nora pulls them out. If she does this, she’ll be part of the negative Speed Force forever. She quotes something Barry said earlier, “Sometimes you have to live with the consequences.” Barry and Iris hug her as she disintegrates. It’s really annoying that she died just when she was getting interesting, but I didn’t cry at this scene.


Sherloque leaves to go be with Renee. Joe, Cecile, and Barry are needed at the police station. Everyone leaves Iris all alone. She finds Nora’s journal.

Cisco and Caitlin are in the infirmary. Cisco wants the cure because Thawne took credit for him being extraordinary, and he doesn’t want his powers to be what makes him extraordinary. I saw this coming from a mile away, but if this is the way Cisco is going out, at least they didn’t kill him. Anyway, Cisco left something in the workshop. He smiles as he walks out.


Singh is going to be the new chief of police, and he wants Joe to replace him as Captain. He also knows Barry is the Flash.


Iris is in the future room. Barry joins her, and she gives him the journal. There’s a flash drive in it. It’s from Nora. It’s the voiceover from the beginning of the episode. She talks about being a hero and how much she loves them, as it pans from Cisco and Camilla to Joe and Cecile to Sherloque and Renee to Caitlin looking at her new suit to Ralph looking at a new file. The name on the file is Ralph’s wife in the comics, so that should be fun. This is where I cried, like a baby.


Dun. Dun. Dun. The year changes on the article in the future room. Crisis is coming!!!


This was a breathtaking finale from an inconsistent season. There were a few plot holes, but they were necessary to the flow of the episode. Y’all know I can’t stand Nora, but they managed to make her interesting enough that I didn’t outright cheer when she died. Poor Barry. Thawne is a mastermind and I want him to always be the Flash’s villain, but Barry doesn’t have enough family members for that. See y’all next season! 9/10.